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      Among the big airlines, Southwest Airlines boasts one of the strongest cancellation policies. You're at least in luck if all you want is your money back and you're not trying to fly again. In the past, Southwest's accommodating cancellation and change procedures set them apart from other airlines. Although other airlines have been more accommodating in regards to flight modifications as a result of the pandemic, Southwest's cancelation policy continues to be among the most accommodating.

      What Is Southwest Airlines flight cancellation policy?

      According to Southwest Airlines flight cancellation policy, customers can change their plans at any moment prior to departure without incurring fees. You will receive a full refund less a $75 administrative fee if you cancel after 24 hours and no one else wants to take the seat. Should someone else claim your seat, you will receive a complete reimbursement less a $150 cancellation charge.

      Southwest 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

      Southwest offers a 24-hour cancellation policy that allows you to cancel any ticket, even a non-refundable Wanna Get Away ticket, and get a full refund within that time frame.

      The ticket can be canceled over the phone, through the app, or online at Southwest.com. You can choose to have the value of your ticket converted into Travel Funds for use on subsequent trips, or you can obtain a refund in the original mode of payment.

      Within 24 hours of booking, you can also cancel a ticket that you paid for in full or in part with a Southwest Gift Card or a LUV Voucher. However, the only way to cancel these tickets is to get in touch with Southwest Customer Relations.

      How to cancel a southwest airline flight within 24 hours?

      Contact the airline agent at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA or +1-800-865-1848 (an additional OTA number) to cancel your Southwest ticket within 24 hours and receive a prompt response. Nevertheless, if you would like to cancel it on your own, just follow the online cancellation steps provided below.

      • Visit Southwest Airlines' official webpage.
      • Choose "Manage trip" by clicking on it.
      • Enter your travel details to get your flight back.
      • Choose the flight that you wish to avoid.
      • Press the "Cancel flight" button.

      How to cancel a Southwest Airline flight?

      You may easily cancel a Southwest flight. You can check the status of your reservation using the Southwest mobile app or by visiting southwest.com/cancel.

      Southwest Airlines ticket cancellation online

      Online ticket cancellation is the easiest and most efficient way to cancel a ticket. There are a few steps a traveler must follow to use it. The process for canceling a Southwest reservation on the website is as follows:

      Choose the Change/Cancel tab located on the upper right corner.

      To obtain your airline reservation: Put in the number for confirmation.

      • Initially named
      • Last name

      Choose the option to cancel the flight.

      • Select "Search."
      • Choose the flight that you wish to cancel.
      • Following the selection of your flight
      • Verify the cancellation.

      Should your ticket be completely refundable, you will be able to choose between keeping the money as a Travel Fund for later use or getting a refund back to the original payment method.

      If your ticket (Wanna Get Away) is non-refundable, you can ask to be issued a Travel Fund for later usage.

      Using the smartphone app, you can also cancel your Southwest Airlines flight or flights.

      Southwest Airlines ticket cancellation over the phone

      By giving the customer representative a call, the consumer can cancel the ticket. Passengers can use this offline technique whenever it's convenient for them.

      The following stages will be part of the calling method:

      • Dial +1-800-435-9792, the Southwest Airlines cancellation phone number.
      • Give the airline agent the passenger's name and booking reference number.
      • Request that the travel advisor cancel the reservation.
      • Pay special attention to the travel money or refundable amount.
      • It can take one to two billing cycles for the account statement to show the refund amount.

      Southwest Airlines ticket cancellation at the airport

      If a traveler requests cancellation at least ten minutes prior to the planned departure, they may do so at the airport. To cancel a ticket, the customer must go to the airport counter and speak with an airline agent. You need the passenger's name, booking reference number, and other required information in order to submit a request.

      The representative will inquire as to why you are canceling and assist you with the cancellation procedure. For Southwest's 24-hour cancellation policy, you must carefully follow the directions.

      How much does it cost to cancel a southwest flight?

      Southwest Airlines has a unique cancellation policy in which they do not charge passengers when their flights get canceled. This is compared to other major airlines, where the cancellation price ranges from 200 USD up depending on whether or not there was enough time left before your trip began. Furthermore, you can make changes to your Southwest flight without penalty until you check in for it. If you want to cancel your ticket after this, there will be a fee involved depending upon the kind of fare that you purchased.

      How to handle a canceled Southwest flight?

      It's critical to act swiftly in the event that your Southwest flight is canceled in order to minimize the disruption to your travel arrangements. To save your trip, adhere to following instructions:

      Recognize your refund rights

      Airline companies do not guarantee their timetables, but they are required to abide by a "bill of rights" issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Most airlines will rebook you on the next available flight in the event that your flight is canceled. That subsequent journey, though, might not be for a few days. Ask the airline whether they will rebook you on a different airline if that is the case.

      Try to quickly reserve a different flight

      One method to deal with a canceled flight when traveling is to immediately arrange for a new one. Travelers can book another flight as a backup plan because airlines allow them to cancel tickets without incurring penalties for up to 24 hours. You can cancel this reservation if there's another flight Southwest can arrange for you to board.

      Speak with customer support or a gate agent

      The sooner you contact customer care or a gate attendant after your Southwest flight is canceled, the more likely it is that you will be able to find another trip. While you wait to speak with an agent, you might want to give customer service a call. You never know who you might click with right away.

      Revise your other travel itinerary

      Traveling is more than just taking flights. Your canceled flight may have an impact on reservations for hotels, rental cars, excursions, restaurants, and other activities.

      Make other plans for where to sleep

      You can spend more time than you anticipated in the departure city if your flight is canceled. Passengers are not obliged to get a hotel room, food coupons, or any other kind of compensation for expenses incurred outside of the aircraft. Regarding what it will do for passengers whose flights are canceled, each airline has its own regulations.

      Some airlines do offer coupons for meals and overnight accommodations for problems that are within their control. On the other hand, you're usually on your own when weather-related flight cancellations occur.

      How can a canceled flight be rescheduled?

      It will depend on what stage of your trip you are in as to how you rebook if southwest airlines flights cancels your flight:

      • Prior to the journey, the flight was canceled. Southwest often notifies travelers of schedule changes and places them on a different flight. You can modify the flight date and time by up to 14 days without incurring any additional fees if those flight schedules don't work for you.
      • On the way, the flight was canceled. The best course of action if Southwest cancels your flight in the middle of your journey is to engage with the gate agent or customer support to get a free rebooking on the next flight that is available.
      • Southwest has to reimburse the portion of your ticket that you did not use if you choose not to travel as a result of the cancellation. Any additional fees you paid for that flight, such as those for a checked bag and early bird check-in, are also refundable.

      How to request a refund from Southwest Airlines?

      There are various fare kinds available from Southwest, and each has specific policies regarding refunds, adjustments, and cancellations. All rates, including Business Select and Anytime, are refundable at any moment. Nevertheless, fares for Wanna Get Away and Wanna Get Away Plus are typically non-refundable.

      Nevertheless, even if you initially bought a nonrefundable ticket, the U.S. Department of Transportation states that the unused amount of your ticket is refundable when Southwest cancels your trip.

      Call 800-435-9792 to speak with a Southwest customer service representative about requesting a cash refund. The funds will be sent back to the original payment method you used.

      Enter the flight confirmation number from the canceled ticket to use the credit toward a future flight if you would rather have a voucher. Information on the amount, date of expiration, and condition of your unused trip credits can be found on the Southwest travel funds page.

      Ways to Utilize Travel Funds on Southwest Airlines

      You'll need the corresponding confirmation number in order to access your Travel Funds. Purchases of airline tickets, taxes, and fees may be made with travel funds. It is not possible to use them to buy someone else's ticket, though.

      See your travel fund balance and expiration dates by clicking here.

      • Select the "Check Travel Funds" option.
      • Put your first and last name here, along with your confirmation number.
      • To check your funds, click the button.


      1. What is the cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines?

      Ans. You can cancel Your Anytime and Business Select tickets with Southwest Airlines and get a full refund or turn them into a Travel Fund that you can use at a later time. But, you have to cancel your ticket at least ten minutes before the departure time.
      You can swap your Wanna Get Away tickets for Travel Funds if you need to cancel them (at least 10 minutes before departure) according to Southwest Airlines cancellation policy.

      2. Can I cancel my flight with Southwest Airlines?

      Ans. If you cancel at least ten minutes before the departure of your flight, you can cancel your Southwest Airlines ticket without incurring penalties. To cancel your flight online, visit Southwest.com, select the Cancel flight option under the Change/Cancel page, and then retrieve your flight by providing your travel information. Once your flight has been located, choose to cancel it.

      3. What is the non-refundable ticket cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines?

      Ans. Customers who purchase non-refundable tickets from Southwest Airlines may cancel their Wanna Get Away tickets as long as they do so at least ten minutes before departure. The value of the ticket will be converted into a Travel Fund for future use when you cancel it.
      What is the cancellation policy for Business Select tickets on Southwest Airlines?
      If you cancel your Business Select ticket with Southwest Airlines at least 10 minutes prior to departure, you will either receive a full refund in the original manner of payment or a Travel Fund that can be used for future travel.


      It's critical to understand your rights and take action in the event that a Southwest flight is canceled. Your flight may be canceled for a variety of reasons, but if you take immediate action, you can modify your plans and lessen the effect on the remainder of your journey. Numerous travel credit cards and travel insurance plans provide beneficial safeguards that pay for unforeseen costs and nonrefundable reservations due to a cancellation. Utilizing these safeguards can help you avoid irritation and incur no out-of-pocket costs in the event of a flight cancellation.



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