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Every passenger is frustrated when their ticket is cancelled. But Qatar Airlines makes it simple: you can cancel your flight without worry. Qatar Airways cancellation policy allows you to cancel your flight and get reimbursement if you meet the refund requirements. This page will help you to how to cancel a flight without incurring cancellation costs.

What are Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy Guidelines?

When you plan to cancel your booking before departure due to an emergency or when Qatar Airlines cancels your ticket, you must comply with certain conditions under the Qatar Airways cancellation policy.  

  • You must cancel your flight up to 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure. 
  • If you cancel your Qatar Booking ticket within 24 hours of booking, Qatar Airways will fully refund you.
  • If Qatar Airways cancels your booking, it will provide you with full reimbursement without deducting the cancellation charge.  
  • The no-show fee will apply to you if you do not cancel your flight by the check-in deadline.   
  • Qatar Airlines waives the cancellation fee for 24-hour cancellations. 
  • As per the Qatar Airways flight cancellation policy, award tickets are not eligible for ticket cancellation.    

Qatar Airways Ticket Cancellation within 24 Hours

If your flight to/ from the United States, you may cancel your flight within 24 hours after booking without paying the cancellation fee. The 24-hour cancellation is applicable to all passengers. If a flight is canceled within 24 hours, every passenger is entitled to a reimbursement under the 24-hour ticket cancellation policy. The 24-hour cancellation policy applies to both refundable and non-refundable tickets; both qualify for full reimbursement. You may save on the cancellation fee if you cancel your flight within 24 hours after purchasing a ticket. Remember that the 24-hour rules will apply to you if you make a reservation at least one week before your departure. 

How to Cancel Qatar Airways Flights?

Under Qatar's cancellation policy, you can cancel your flight booking online or offline. Follow the steps below for Qatar Airways flight cancellations. 

Method 1: Visit the Official Website

  • When you click this link, "https://www.qatarairways.com/," you will be navigated to the website's homepage. 
  • The "My Trips" option will be displayed on the homepage; simply click it.
  • Fill out the column with your Qatar Airways booking reference code and last name.
  • Choose the flight and hit the "Cancel" button.
  • If you cancel your ticket after 24 hours of booking or if it is non-refundable, you will be required to pay cancellation or refund fees.
  • You will receive an email confirmation from the airline regarding the cancellation of your ticket.

Method 2: Use the Smartphone Application

  • Passengers must download the Qatar Airways from the Play Store. 
  • Enter your login details in the specific columns.   
  • Find the “Manage My Trip” option and enter the needed details, such as Qatar reservation number and last name. 
  • Choose which flight you want to cancel.
  • After going through the Qatar Airways cancellation policy, you must click the “Continue button.” 
  • When your reservation is canceled, the airline will send you an email regarding the cancellation of your Qatar booking. 

Method 3: Connect Over Call

Due to an emergency, you need to cancel your flight at the last minute before your flight schedule. In that situation, you should connect with a Qatar Airlines representative over the call. After visiting the website, go to the “get help” option, where you can get a customer support number. Over the phone, you must provide your Qatar reservation code and personal details.         

Method 4: Visit the Airline’s Ticket Office

You can cancel your ticket by going to the Qatar Airways ticket counter or a local registered office. Remember to bring the ticket and payment receipt when you visit the ticket sales counter. Provide them with the necessary details for processing the ticket cancellation. You can pay cancellation charges at the ticket counter, depending on your fare type.

Method 5: Connect with the Travel Agent

Qatar Airways allows you to cancel your flight booking through your travel agent, who makes your reservation with Qatar Airways. This is the best way to cancel your flight without going anywhere. Simply contact your travel agent and request them to cancel the ticket. You will need to transfer the cancellation fee to your travel agent account.

Method 6: Use Social Networking Sites

You may cancel your ticket through Qatar Airways networking sites. In the below points mention some of Qatar Airways' social networking sites, where you can cancel your booking or get help. 

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy Due to Severe Illness

Qatar Airways will waive a cancellation fee and transfer a full refund to your account if you cancel your flight due to severe illness. The flight was cancelled due to severe illness; it will be subject to terms and conditions. You must provide the health certificate; it should be issued by a certified doctor. If you do not rebook your flight and cancel it, you are entitled to get a refund.         

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy Due to Death

As per Qatar Airways' refund policy, if the flight is canceled due to death, co-passengers are entitled to claim a full refund. Certain conditions will apply to claiming a refund. Airlines representatives will require the deceased passenger's death certificate to process the refund. 

Qatar Airways Cancellation Fee

Under the Qatar Airways flight cancellation fee, if the ticket cancels over the 24 hours after booking with Qatar Airways,. The Qatar Airways cancellation fee will apply to you, depending on the nature of the ticket, including whether it is refundable or non-refundable. The cancellation fee between $75-150 will be charged depending on your fare type. You will have to pay more charges, if you cancel your ticket offline. 

What is Qatar Airways Refund Policy?

The Qatar Airways refund policy allows you to get a payback after cancelling the flight, it will subject to terms and conditions. The refundable ticket holders are entitled to get full money back without deducting the cancellation fee. However, Qatar Airways charge a cancellation fee, if you purchase non-refundable tickets. The refund fee will be based on your fare type and cancellation fee. You may send a refund request by online or offline.       

How to Get Qatar Airways Refunds?

Under the Travel and Voucher option, you may obtain a refund after cancellation. For the travel and voucher option, you will get the Qatar Airways website under the “Help” option. When you navigate the travel and voucher page, enter your booking reference number, last name, and other required details. Within seven working days, you will get a reimbursement.         

What is the Qatar Airways Cancelled Flight Policy?

Sometimes, an airline cancels your flight without your consent due to an emergency, security purposes, overbooking, or other reasons. In that situation, Qatar Airlines will reschedule or cancel your flight. However, you may ask for a refund from the airline if you do not want to get a rescheduled flight.    

Qatar Airways Compensation Policy Due to Flight Delays and Cancellations

 Qatar Airways offers you food, drinks, and hotel accommodations if your flight is delayed more than two hours. However, you will get a reimbursement if your flight delay more than 5 hours by Qatar Airways.If your flight is delayed by more than 2 hours within Europe, you will be entitled to compensation. You may get a upto 600 euro compensation, which depends on Check out the below table.


Flight Distance 


Within 1500 km

125 euro

Between 1500-3500 km

200 euro

More than 3500 km 

300 euro



If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather or other circumstances, you are entitled to a refund without deducting the cancellation fee. Qatar Airways' cancellation policy allows you to cancel your ticket whenever you want. The cancellation charges will apply to you if you do not meet the free cancellation requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

1. Does Qatar Airways allow flight cancellations after the booking?

Ans. Yes, as per Qatar Airways' cancellation policy, you may cancel your flight if you need to. If your ticket is not eligible for free cancellation, you must pay the cancellation charges.

2. Does Qatar Airways apply cancellation charges for ticket cancellations?

Ans. Qatar Airways imposes a cancellation charge if your Qatar ticket is cancelled after the 24-hour window. The cancellation charges will apply.

3. How Can I cancel my ticket?

Ans. You may cancel your ticket via the website or app or connect with representatives. However, you can also cancel your ticket through social media networking sites.



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