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Any last-minute modification made by a passenger can land them in serious trouble. However, Spirit Airlines is not like this. Under the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, Airlines offers you free cancellation if your ticket is cancelled 60 days prior to the scheduled departure. On this page, we are providing you beneficial information about ticket cancellation, and here you will find the solution to “how to cancel a ticket without incurring extra charges.”  

Spirit Airlines 24-Hour Cancellations

Spirit Airlines' 24-hour cancellation policy allows you to cancel your flight within the 24-hour allotted period. If your departure date is later than a week from the day of ticket cancellation, you may be eligible for a full refund. The 24-hour Spirit Airlines cancellation rule applies to all types of tickets. However, if you cancel your ticket more than 24 hours after purchase, the Spirit Airlines will impose a cancellation fee. 

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Due to Weather

If Spirit Airlines cancels your flight due to out of airline control. Spirit Airlines will provide you with information to help you secure accommodation for yourself, but it will not provide accommodation by spending its own cost. However, you may request them for travel credits, if you do not wish to travel. 

Spirit Airlines Medical Emergency Cancellation

If you cancel your ticket due to a medical emergency, it will be subject to emergency cancellation terms and conditions. Spirits Airlines imposes a flight cancellation fee, if your ticket is non-refundable and you have not taken any medical insurance. Spirit Airlines waives the cancellation fee, if you cancel  your flight within 24 hours period or cancel your flight 60 days before the scheduled departure. 

What are Spirit Airlines cancellation charges? (Spirit Cancellation Fee )

At the time of ticket cancellation, Spirit Airlines charges you a flight cancellation fee, which is based on your ticket type. Let's look at the Spirit Airlines cancellation fee in the points below.

  • Standard Tickets:

The cancellation policy for standard tickets. If you cancel your Spirits Airlines booking within the risk free period or cancel it 60 days prior to departure, the airline will not deduct the cancellation charges. Whereas if you do not meet the 24 hours cancellation or 60 days prior to departure requirements, the cancellation charges will apply to you. 

  • Flight Flex Tickets:   

As per the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, if you purchased a flex ticket, you may make changes to your flight the first time free of charge, whereas the airline does not permit you to cancel your Spirit reservation free of charge. 

  • Award Tickets:

The award ticket is like a non-refundable/standard ticket. If you cancel after the 24-hour risk-free period, Spirit Airlines will charge you.  If you make any kind of changes to the award ticket or cancel it after the 24 hour window session, it will be subject to a penalty.    

How to Cancel a Spirit Airlines Flight?

The Spirit Airlines cancellation procedure is simple; with a few clicks, you may simply cancel your Spirit reservation. Your cancellation process may be easily completed online or offline. To finish your process, just follow the below options.  

Method 1: Online

  • First, open the Spirit Airlines website on your phone. 
  • Then finish the login or sign-in process by entering your required details. 
  • After that, click the “MY TRIP” option, which is available in the middle of the homepage website. 
  • When you click the “My Trip” option, you will be automatically redirected to form. 
  • Enter your details in the form, including, surname and six digit flight reservation code. 
  • After selecting the flight, you must click the “continue” button to process the cancellation steps.    
  • Select the check box to accept the terms and conditions.
  • When you pay the cancellation fee, you will get an update about your ticket cancellation on your email.  

Method 2: Over the phone

By contacting the customer support team, Spirit Airlines permits you to cancel your Spirit ticket. If you do not have their customer support number, you may take the help of Google or visit the website where you will get a number. After receiving your number, try to connect with the help support team and request a cancellation. They will determine the eligibility of your ticket, whether your reservation is eligible for cancellation/refund or not. The help support team will need your Spirit reservation details and your personal details. 

Method 3: At the Airport  

Spirit Airlines permits you to cancel your ticket at the airport. When you visit the Spirit Airport, find the help desk or ticket counter. After arriving at the airport, contact the available representative, and he/she will help you cancel your reservation. You will need to carry some essential documents, such as a ticket receipt and any government ID proof or passport, if you want to cancel your ticket by visiting the airport. 

Method 4: Text or WhatsApp

Spirit Airlines enables you to cancel your flight through chat or WhatsApp. The WhatsApp feature is awesome for ticket cancellation. With the help of prompts, you can easily cancel your ticket without facing any problems. If you want to cancel your flight through the chat process, you can visit the website and click the chat icon. 

Method 5: Direct messaging Through social media

With DMs on social media, you can cancel your flight. Spirit Airlines offers you a social media option for ticket cancellation. The Spirit Airlines team is active 24*7 hours on their social media. They arrange some predefined questions that may match your issue, or else you may send your query, and they will respond to your DM within minutes.     

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

If you are planning to cancel your reservation due to any circumstances, it will be beneficial for you if you go through the Spirit Airlines refund policy. As per the Spirit Airlines refund policy, you can get a refund if your Spirit reservation is cancelled 60 days prior to scheduled departure or within the 24-hour window. One more thing: there is no need to pay a cancellation fee if your flight is cancelled by Spirit Airlines. Due to overbooking, sometimes airlines deny you boarding. In that case, the airline provides you with a full refund.    

Guidelines for Spirit Airlines Flight Ticket Refunds?

Yes, there are some guidelines for Spirit Airlines flight ticket refunds. Without meeting the refund policy requirements, you may not be eligible for a refund. Let’s examine the guidelines of Spirit Airlines' refund policy. 

  • Your cancellation request should be submitted 60 days before departure. 
  • Spirit Airlines offers you a full refund if your reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of purchase.   
  • However, if you hold the refundable tickets and wish to cancel it, the airline will transfer your refund to your bank account. 
  • You must send the refund request to Spirit Airlines after the reservation cancellation.         

When can I get the full refund?

Under the Spirit Airlines refund policy, there are certain conditions under which you will be entitled to a full refund after the ticket cancellation. Your reservation should be cancelled 60 days or more before the scheduled departure or within a risk free period. However, if your Spirits booking is cancelled by the airline, Spirits Airlines will provide you with a full refund without deducting the cancellation charges. 

Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit

Spirit Airlines provides you with reservation credit when you cancel your flight, and your reservation is eligible for a refund. You may use reservation credits for adding an extra service, upgrading meals & drinks, and baggage allowance, and you can book a vacation package.    

However, you can pay the additional fee by using the reservation credits. The airline will send you a reservation credit code to your email address during ticket cancellation. 

How to Redeem a Reservation Credit on Spirit Airlines?

At the time of making a reservation, Spirit Airlines allows you to use your credit points during payment. However, you can not redeem the reservation credit points through the app. You have two options to redeem the credit points: first, visit the website, and second, by phone. These points will be beneficial for you when adding extra amenities, including seat upgradation, purchasing extra baggage allowance, paying tax and much more. 

Cancelled Flight Compensation at Spirit Airlines

Under the Spirit flight cancellation policy, the airline will compensate you if you meet the compensation requirements. If the flight is delayed or cancelled by the airline, then Spirit Airlines will compensate you. Spirit Airlines provides compensation for some significant flights. If the airline arranges a new flight for you at the same time as the cancelled flight, in that case, you will not be eligible for compensation. If you meet the compensation requirement under the guidelines, the airline will compensate you. Check out the table below.    


Flight distance 

Compensation (EUR)

Less than 1500 KM

250 EUR per passengers 

If your flight is within Europe, and its distance is more than 1500 KM 

400 EUR per passengers

If your non-internal flight distance between 

1500-3500 KM

400 EUR per passenger, 

More than 3500 KM 

600 EUR per passengers 


You may cancel your reservation with Spirit Airlines under Spirit Airlines cancellation policy. There are a few conditions under which you will be entitled to a reimbursement. You will not need to pay a cancellation fee if you cancel your flight 60 days prior to departure or cancel within the allotted period. They provide you with reservation credit points. Through the points, you may manage your tickets, such as upgrade seats or meals, add an extra baggage allowance, pay extra charges and much more. 


Does Spirit Airlines allow free cancellations?

Ans. Yes, Spirit Airlines allows you free cancellation but it will be subject to terms and conditions. They do not apply a cancellation fee if your reservation is cancelled 60 days before your scheduled departure or cancelled by the airline.    

2. Can I get compensation after a flight cancellation?

Ans. Spirit Airlines compensates you when they are unable to reschedule your flight. Otherwise, if they arrange your flight, you will not be entitled to a refund. They will compensate you between 200-600 EUR, which is based on your flight distance. 

3. What is 24-hour Spirit Airlines cancellation?

Ans. Within the 24-hour risk-free period, if you cancel your flight, Spirit Airlines will not charge you a flight cancellation fee. After the risk-free period, a cancellation fee will be applied to you, which depends on your fare type. 

4. How can I cancel my flight with Spirit Airlines?

Ans. You have various options for ticket cancellation if you book your reservation with Spirit Airlines. You may cancel your Spirit flight online or offline. If your spirit reservation was made by any third party, you can connect with them for ticket cancellation.    




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