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Although nobody likes to miss a trip or a flight, unavoidable circumstances occasionally force flight cancellations. As a result, the airline created the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy. It makes it possible for passengers to alter their flight schedules without violating the law.

You can modify your arrangements without paying any charges, if you cancel a flight with Southwest Airlines. It offers the most trustworthy data for comprehending the Southwest notion of cancelled flights.

Southwest Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Customers may cancel a reservation with Southwest for free within 24 hours as long as the planned departure date is at least seven days away. Within 24 hours following a transaction, Southwest does not impose cancellation costs.

Southwest's 24-hour cancellation policy is subject to the following restrictions and conditions:

  • There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for reservations made via the Southwest mobile app, travel agency, or website.
  • If Southwest Airlines cancels a flight within a day, the complimentary tickets are refunded.
  • Reservations for Southwest Airlines must be made at least seven days in advance.
  • Call the Southwest reservation phone numbers to cancel a reservation within a day.
  • All reservations for flights are subject to the non-transferable and non-refundable nature of this service.
  • The Want Get Away prices are not subject to the 24-hour cancellation window that Southwest provides.
  • If a cancellation request is made more than 24 hours after making the reservation, Southwest cancellation costs may apply.

Southwest Airlines No-Show Policy

Ten minutes before the departure of the flight, the airline recommends consumers cancel their tickets.

If you don't show up, you risk being charged and being marked as a No-Show.
You are still eligible for a refund, which will be issued to you in the form of flight credits.
The advantages are available for businesses, choose flyers or at any time.
However, some customers may not be eligible for payments because of Southwest Airlines' no-show policy.

How to Cancel Southwest Airlines Flight?

Reservations for Southwest flights can be modified or cancelled online, over the phone, or in person at the airport ticket office. Let's examine the three ways to cancel your flights that are given below:


The following is a comprehensive guide on how to cancel a Southwest Airlines reservation online:

  • After accessing the Southwest Airlines mobile app or surfing through Southwest.com on a desktop computer, select "Look Up Reservation" from the menu.
  • Checking in and searching up their bookings in their accounts is how customers who made reservations through the program can cancel or change them, according to Southwest Airlines' quick rewards cancellation policy.
  • The six-digit confirmation number and the passenger's name must be entered in the designated space.
  • The amount of your Southwest Airlines flight refund, your available travel funds, and the booking confirmation you sent will all be shown.
  • If you are eligible for the Southwest cancel flight refund value, you can receive a refund or convert the airfare into travel money.
  • Press the "Cancel Flight" button to put the flight to an end. On Southwest Airlines, you can select which individual to cancel if the booking confirmation you have attached has multiple names.
  • Refunds for airfare may not appear on the account statement for one to two billing cycles, per Southwest Airlines' refund policy.


Passengers can ask for a Southwest Airlines cancellation at the airport counter by speaking with a customer service representative at least ten minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Fees

The best thing to do would be to contact customer service to find out the exact amount of cancellation costs based on your travel schedule and cost.

  • The "Wanna Get Away" trip costs $200 in price.
  • Pay the USD 150 "Anytime" travel fee.
  • The cost of the "Business Select" airline ticket is $125.

Southwest Airlines Refund Policy

The airline has set several rules for the return policy. Remember to take special note of the following:

Southwest provides two different kinds of tickets:

  •  Refundable flight tickets
  •  Non-refundable flight tickets

Refundable tickets

A traveller purchasing a non-refundable airline ticket is not eligible for a refund. However, they can still request travel credits for their next reservation.

Furthermore, you are unable to apply these travel credits toward a refund request. After that, the credit will be good for an additional year.
The fares for Business Select and Anytime are refundable. As a result, they are eligible for a complete refund using the original payment method.

Non-refundable tickets

Furthermore, Wanna Get Away and Want Go Away Plus do not provide refunds. There are travel credits accessible in the event of a flight cancellation.

According to Southwest's refund policy, processing your return will take seven to ten days.

How to Get a Refund from Southwest Airlines?

There are numerous easy options for travellers to receive a refund. Please review the details below to make a refund request:

Via Offline Website

On the website of the company, a refund request

  • Visit Southwest's official website first.
  • After that, choose "Cancel Flight" and complete the required fields.
  • After that, your booking details and travel credits will be displayed.
  • Next, choose "Refund" from the options.
  • Choose the real payment method at the end to receive your refund.

Via Customer Support

  • To begin, give Southwest customer service a call at 1814-387-8929.
  • Next, provide the details of your reservation, such as your name and number.
  • At this point, select "Do Not Pay" from the IVR menu.
  • Not to mention, a live agent will be in touch with you shortly.


Certainly, depending on the type of pricing and the time of cancellation, travellers can cancel their Southwest flights without paying penalties. Passengers should refer to Southwest Airlines' cancellation policy or call customer support at 1814-387-8929 for additional information on cancelling flights without incurring penalties.


1. If my flight is cancelled, will Southwest notify me?

Ans. You should receive an email or text message at the email address or phone number you gave when making your flight reservation in the event that it is cancelled for any reason. Should your flight be cancelled, they will assist you in making new reservations over the phone or at the airport. It's unlikely that your flight will be cancelled, though.

2. Is it possible to cancel Southwest at any time?

Ans. Returnable if you cancel your booking at least ten (10) minutes before your flight's planned departure time. In the event that you must cancel, you will be refunded 100% of the purchase price to the original payment method you used.

3. What is the change fee on Southwest?

Ans. If you book a Wanna Get Away Plus, Anytime, or Business Select fare and want to make a same-day modification, there is no additional cost. If a seat is available, you can use this option to switch to a different flight on the same day and same plans from Southwest at no additional cost.




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