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      If you’re planning to fly with Ryanair on an upcoming flight, let's get you thorough with their baggage allowance, restrictions, fees and charges.

      Ryanair baggage policy

      On Ryanair you can take one small personal bag on board for free. However, you need to purchase a bigger in-cabin bag and checked baggage.

      Ryanair cabin baggage policy

      Ryanair baggage policy allows one small personal bag (40x20x25 cm), such as a purse or laptop bag. It must be able to fit under the seat in front of you. You have a number of options if you require more baggage allowance. The amount of luggage you can check in on Ryanair depends on the type of ticket you purchased as per Ryanair baggage policy.

      Ryanair baggage size for in-cabin

      • Non- Priority customers are allowed to bring one compact personal bag on board, but it must fit beneath the front seat. 
      • Priority passengers are allowed to bring one compact personal bag on board; it must fit beneath the front seat. Furthermore, a larger cabin bag of maximum weight of 10KG is allowed. Additionally, it enables you to use the Priority Boarding line at the gate to board the plane first.

      You may check duty-free bags into the cabin in addition to your hand luggage as per Ryanair baggage policy.

      What are the dimensions for Ryanair cabin baggage?

      The dimension of baggage allowed in the cabin according to Ryanair baggage policy are as follows:

      • Personal bag: no more than 40 x 20 x 25 cm.
      • Larger cabin bag : up to 55 x 40 x 20 cm 

      Ryanair checked baggage policy

      Ryanair baggage policy states that you can add a 10kg Check-in  bag to your reservation subject to the appropriate checked luggage fees being paid. Bags will be stored in the aircraft hold and must be dropped off at the airport check-in station prior to security. 

      You can also select a 20kg Check-in bag and make the reservation if you need more space for your luggage.You can add a to your reservation if On their booking, passengers are allowed to purchase up to three 20kg checked bags.

      Ryanair infant baggage policy 

      For your trip to be as easy as possible, which is why Ryanair let you bring two free pieces of baby gear per child. It is understandable that travelling with a baby can be stressful. Infants (ages 8 days to 23 months inclusive) are not permitted to check in with cabin bags. For infants riding on an adult's lap, they do, however, permit a baby bag weighing up to 5 kg (45 x 35 x 20 cm).

      What are the Ryanair baggage fees?

      Each flight's baggage allowance varies depending on the season. The usual low season is from January 5 to May 31 and from October 1 to December 20. The usual high seasons are from June 1 to September 30 and from December 21 to January 4.

      Ticket Acquired via Online

      • Low Season: $15–30 euros, $20–41 First bag, $40–45 euros, $55–61 Second bag
      • High Season: $25–45 euros, or $34–$61 First bag: $50–60 (68–81 euros) Second bag

      Ticket acquired through Manage My Bookings

      • Low Season: $20-35 euros, or $27-48 First bag, $40–45 euros, $55–61 Second bag
      • High Season: $30–50 euros, $41-68 First bag: $50–60 (68–81 euros) Second bag

      Ticket bought at the call centre or airport

      • Low Season: $143-163 (105-120 euros), $81-109 (60-80 euros for the first bag). Second bag
      • High Season: $100–140 (or $136–191) $184–218 (135–160 euros) for the first bag
      • Cost of Declaration of Value (at the contact centre or airport): $68 

      8 steps to modify an existing reservation to include more luggage or equipment.

      Any extra luggage should be added at the time of booking as it will be more economical. However, for a surcharge, you can add more luggage to your reservation at a later time using the Ryanair website or app, or in person at the airport as per baggage rules at Ryanair.

      1. On the Ryanair website, select "My Bookings"; on the mobile app, select "My trips."
      2. Open your myRyanair account and log in.
      3. To make changes to a booking, select 'Manage this booking'.
      4. Click on the "Add bags/equipment" link.
      5. Add any necessary gear or baggage.
      6. Proceed with the payment.
      7. After entering your payment information, select "Pay Now." After that, an amended email itinerary containing the additional luggage and gear will be sent to you.
      8. You'll be sent back to the page for the next trip once the modification has been approved.

      Excess baggage rules for Ryanair

      To make sure they are the right size (i.e as per Ryanair baggage size policy) cabin bags will also be put through a sizer at the airport.

      Any traveller who checks more bags above the 44 lb/20 kg personal baggage allowance will be assessed the current cost on the day of travel as per Ryanair baggage policy. Currently, the cost of an extra baggage fee is $27 (20 euros) per kilogram.

      Can I take my Sports equipment on Ryanair?

      Any sporting goods that fits inside your cabin bag allowance are allowed to be brought on board. If your sporting goods surpass the dimensions of our cabin luggage, you have the option to pay a surcharge for it. According to Ryanair baggage policy, you must buy an additional plane ticket and seat in order to accomplish this. The first name must be EXTRA, and the last name must be an item seat in order to reserve this additional seat. 

      According to Ryanair baggage policy, 

      • If you pay for your equipments online (Prepaid online) : $68 (50 euros)
      • If you pay at the airport (or Paid via call centre) : $82 (60 euros)

      Are musical instruments allowed on board?

      Any musical equipment that fits inside your allowed number of cabin bags is welcome to be brought on board. Smaller musical instruments, such as violins or guitars, that are larger (exceeding Ryanair baggage size allowed) than what can fit in your cabin luggage may be purchased for an additional seat fee. 

      You must buy an additional plane ticket and seat in order to accomplish this. The first name must be EXTRA, and the last name must be ITEM SEAT in order to reserve this additional seat. The purchase of an additional seat is not related with any baggage allowance, either checked or cabin.

      Special ItemRyanair baggage fees  (one way)
      Paying online£35 and £60 per item
      Paying at airport£40 and £75 per item

      The Ryanair baggage fees can vary as per the item in question. You can choose to check your equipment in for a cost if it doesn't fit in your allowed cabin bag and you don't want to buy an additional seat. Should your music gear over the 20kg limit, you will be billed at the relevant excess baggage fee amount per kilogram as per Ryanair baggage policy.

      How Ryanair handles Damaged, Lost or Delayed Bags?

      Reporting any delayed, misplaced, or damaged checked baggage is required to the Lost Property Desk at the airport upon arrival. A Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with a 10-character file reference will be provided to you there, enabling you to check on any updates about the tracking of your bag. The report's top has this reference (EG. STNFR12345). 

      Claims for lost or damaged baggage will be handled in 28 working days or when the entire tracing procedure is finished. Claims for damaged or delayed baggage will be handled in 15 working days. When there's news about your claim, Ryanair will get in touch with you by email or postal mail.


      1. What occurs if the size of my checked bag exceeds the limits set by the check-in desk?

      According to Ryanair baggage policy, you will need to check in your suitcase at the Oversize Baggage Desk and pay the applicable cost if it is larger than the permitted amount of luggage. 

      2. Can my baby and I sit in the Exit Row?

      Babies are not permitted on the Exit Row. In actuality, a passenger must be at least 15 years old to be on an exit row as per Ryanair baggage policy. 

      3. Is there a baby's airfare?

      Yes. Ryanair baggage fees for a child's ticket is $41 (30 euros) in addition to taxes as per Ryanair baggage policy.




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