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      Prevent needless charges or issues at the airport and comprehend Avianca Airlines baggage policies when booking a flight. This comprehensive article explains the rules and costs pertaining to personal belongings, checked baggage, and carry-on baggage. You will also discover how you can save costs on flights by using Avianca's elite status.

      Avianca airlines baggage policy

      Lets save money and purchase baggage allowances online at least 48 hours before departure. It is crucial to comprehend Avianca Airlines' baggage regulations in order to prevent unanticipated costs or problems when trying to check bags or get them onto the aircraft.

      Avianca airlines Personal item policy

      According to Avianca airlines baggage policy a personal item can be a small backpack, purse, diaper bag or laptop bag.

      No baggage fees for personal items on Avianca Airlines because they are included in all of the airline's rates as per Avianca Airlines baggage regulations. Your personal item, however, may not exceed the maximum dimensions of 18 x 14 x 10 inches (45 x 35 x 25 centimetres) and must fit beneath the seat in front of you.

      Avianca airlines Carry-on baggage policy

      According to Avianca airlines baggage policy, You can bring carry-on baggage with you in the aircraft cabin and place it in the overhead compartment.

      It has to be a tiny piece of baggage, which must fit in the aircraft's overhead compartments, has a maximum weight of 22 pounds and maximum measurements of 22 x 14 x 10 inches (height, length, and width), including wheels and handles.

      Avianca airlines Checked baggage policy

      Travelling on a classic, flex, or business price includes one checked bag. When buying online at Avianca.com, the checked baggage prices for Avianca Airlines are the lowest if you need to buy a checked bag.

      When purchasing your ticket, online reservation management, or online check-in, you have the option to add more baggage allowance. Paying is also possible at the airport. Before entering the boarding lounge, check it in at the airport desk.

      Avianca baggage dimensions

      According to Avianca airlines baggage regulations, the total length, breadth, and height of the checked bag cannot be greater than 62.2 inches (158 cm).

      Avianca baggage weight

      According to Avianca airlines baggage policy, the maximum weight of luggage that can be checked onto an Aviana Airlines flight is 50 pounds (23 kilograms) for economy class and 70 pounds (32 kilograms) for business class.

      Can I take Sports equipment on an Avianca flight?

      Sports equipment in-cabin

      For your sporting goods to fit inside the cabin, they must meet these dimensions: 115 linear centimetres and 10 kilograms in mass. You are allowed to carry sports equipment into the airplane cabin as long as it fits the requirements and is listed below.

      • Equipment for bowling: Shoes, bowling balls, and a bowling case are all transportable.
      • Tennis equipment: Pack your racquet in a bag specifically made for this use.
      • Equipment for archery: Bring a bow and arrows in the same case.
      • Fishing gear: Two fishing rods, a net, and a pair of boots will let you fly.

      Note that in Colombia, it is not permitted to bring fishing gear in the cabin on domestic flights.

      Sports equipment in hold

      If the sporting equipment fits the weight and dimension restrictions, passengers on Avianca will be able to replace their first checked bag allowance with it as of February 1, 2024. Your sporting equipment may be subject to an extra fee for overweight or oversized baggage or for special handling if it weighs more than this amount or is larger than this. Sports equipment can only weigh 32 kilogram (70 lb) maximum and have a maximum linear dimension of 230 cm (90") when transported in the hold.

      Items that qualify include:

      • Ski gear.
      • A hang glider.
      • Equipment for surfing.
      • diving gear.
      • Polo or golf clubs.
      • Bicycle.

      In the event that your sporting goods surpass the permitted weight or size, as per Avianca Airlines baggage fees, you will be charged according to the nature of the flight—domestic or international. When paying online as opposed to at the airport, there is also a discount.

      Buy itDomestic flights - in ColombiaDomestic flights - in EcuadorInternational flights
      Online on official website Avianca.com$17.81 (COP 70.000).$25.$100.
      Physically at the airport$22.90 (COP 90.000).$35.$120.


      What are Avianca airlines baggage fees?

      According to Avianca Airlines baggage policy, travellers who check bags that are too big or weigh more than the allowed amount must pay additional penalties. Depending on whether the flight is domestic (taking place in Ecuador or Colombia) or international, different fees and restrictions apply.

      Overweight or oversized Avianca baggage fees - Domestic flights

      If a bag weighs more than 50 pounds in economy or 70 pounds in business, it is deemed overweight. Your luggage is too large if it measures more than 62.2 linear inches (158 cm).

      If your bag weighs over 99 pounds or 90.5 linear inches (230 cm), it cannot be flown. If your bag exceeds the permitted dimensions, you should think about exporting it with Avianca Cargo.

      Destination countryOversized chargesOverweight charges
      Colombia$21.46 (COP 85.000) per piece.$21.46 (COP 85.000) per piece.
      Ecuador$30 per piece.$30 per piece.


      Overweight or oversized baggage fees for international flights

      The cost of checking a bag on an international flight with Avianca Airlines varies depending on the country of departure and the size and weight of the bag.

      Departing citiesOversized chargesOverweight charges
      From the United StatesFrom $80.From $80.
      From CanadaFrom $79.22 (CAD 107).From $79.22 (CAD 107).
      From MexicoFrom $95.From $95.
      From Central AmericaFrom $80.From $80.
      From the CaribbeanFrom $80.From $80.
      From South AmericaFrom $85.From $85.
      From SpainFrom $135.63 (EUR 125).From $135.63 (EUR 125).
      From Great BritainFrom $126.84 (GBP 100).From $126.84 (GBP 100).

      Checked bags policy for Avianca's elite members

      Regular Avianca Airlines passengers are eligible to acquire elite status, which entitles them to additional benefits depending on their status level. A few of these advantages do away with the costs or improve the quality of service related to Avianca Airlines' luggage regulations.


      1. What are the personal item dimensions limitations?

      Ans. According to Avianca airlines baggage policy, personal items may not exceed the maximum dimensions of 18 x 14 x 10 inches (45 x 35 x 25 centimetres).

      2. What are the rules for sporting equipment?

      Ans. According to Avianca airlines baggage policy, as per the size and weight of the equipment you can either take it as a carry-on or checked baggage.



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