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      Are you planning a vacation trip? So there can be no better choice than Southwest Airlines. With the Southwest baggage policy, you may avoid excess baggage penalties and make your journey more hassle-free. Southwest Airlines provides baggage allowances to travellers based on their travel class and route type. This page will give an outline of the carry on luggage rules Southwest.

      Overview of Southwest Baggage Policy

      Southwest Airlines is one of the best airlines. With its southwest baggage policy, you may check up to two bags free of charge. However, you are allowed to carry one cabin luggage and personal items free of charge. To carry luggage free of charge, you must follow the size and weight restrictions. Here is an overview of carry on luggage rules Southwest.

      • The carry-on luggage size should not exceed 60.9cm x 40.6cm x 25.4cm, but there is no restriction on carrying on weight. It should fit comfortably under your seat.
      • Your personal item size should not be more than 18.5in x 8.5in x 13.5in. Under the personal items, you may carry a purse, briefcase, laptop and other small items.
      • You are entitled to carry your sports equipment or musical instruments, but it will be subject to Southwest's excess baggage fee.
      • As per the Southwest Airlines carry on weight limit, your first two check-in bags' weight should not be more than 23 kg.
      • Southwest Airlines will charge you if your luggage does not meet the free baggage requirements.

      Carry-On Baggage

      As per the Southwest carry on rules, there is no need to pay an excess baggage fee, Southwest Airlines allows you to bring your first bag and one personal belonging without incurring the excess luggage fee. Under the Southwest weight baggage limit, the airline does not assign a carry-on baggage weight restriction, but it should be adjusted under your seat. The carry-on baggage size is 60.9cm x 40.6cm x 25.4cm.

      Southwest Checked Baggage

      Southwest baggage policy allows you to check up two pieces of luggage without paying the Southwest excess baggage fee. As per the southwest carry on rules, you may check up to two bags free of cost; there is one condition that will apply to you that is your check weight should not exceed 23 kg. Checked baggage dimensions should not be more than 157 cm, including the wheels and handles of luggage.

      How Much Does Southwest Airlines Charge an Excess Baggage Fee?

      If your checked luggage weighs between 24-46 kg, Southwest Airlines will charge you an excess baggage fee, which is 75 dollars for each bag. The excess baggage fee will apply to you if you carry more than three bags and carry more weight and size than the free baggage allowance requirements. The excess baggage fee depends on your fare and route type.

      How many bags does Southwest allow for military personnel?

      Southwest Airlines does not charge an on-duty military officer who has a transfer letter from the military department. There is no check-in restriction; they can check bags without exceeding the maximum number of carry-on luggage limits. However, luggage weight should not exceed 100 pounds. As per the carry on luggage rules Southwest, the luggage size must be under 80 inches.

      Does Southwest Airlines allow sports equipment on the flight?

      Yes, as per the Southwest baggage policy, passengers can check their first sports equipment if the sports weight is less than 23 kg and the size is not more than 62 inches. Under the southwest weight baggage limit, you must pay the excess baggage fee if you travel with your sports equipment. The carry-on excess baggage fee will apply by Southwest Airlines if you check more than two pieces of sports equipment or if its weight is more than 23 kg. If you carry a large or solid sports item, it should be packed hard for all sides.

      Can I Travel with my musical instruments?

      Yes, Southwest Airlines permits its travellers to bring their musical instruments. If their musical item meets the cabin class requirements, the airline will not charge you an excess baggage fee. Under the southwest carry on rules,you may travel with your musical items as carry-on luggage or checked baggage. If your musical items do not adjust under the seat or overhead bin, Southwest Airlines allows you to purchase additional seats for your musical instruments. You will need to connect with a live agent if you carry special items.

      What is Southwest's Late check-in Baggage?

      Southwest Airlines will consider your luggage as a late check-in if you do not check your luggage at the airport within the allotted period. If your luggage is checked at the airport within 45 minutes or less prior to your scheduled departure, the late check-in policy will apply to your luggage.

      What is self tagging?

      With the help of self-tagging, your check-in process will speed up and allow you to print and tag your checked bags. You may tag your luggage through the kiosk service. The kiosk service is available at the airport. However, you may print your boarding pass and tag your luggage.


      According to Southwest Airlines baggage rules, all travellers are eligible to check up to two luggage for free. As per the carry on luggage rules southwest, you can carry one cabin bag and one personal item without paying the Southwest excess baggage charges. However, under the carry on luggage rules, Southwest, you will be charged an excess luggage cost based on your arrival destination and luggage weight and size.



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