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      When planning your travel with Qatar Airways, it is important to understand the Qatar Airways baggage allowance policy, which plays an important role in ensuring a comfortable and stress-free travel experience. With Qatar excess baggage policy, you can check up to two bags with a maximum weight of 32 kg. The airline offers you to carry one hand bag and one personal item free of charge. In this article, you will get a comprehensive overview of Qatar Airways excess baggage policy including the specific allowances for carry-on and checked baggage. 

      What is Qatar Airways Baggage Policy?

      Qatar Airways baggage allowance policy follows the luggage piece system for flights to/from the United States and Africa. For rest flights, the airline follows the luggage weight system. Here are the terms and conditions of the Qatar excess baggage policy.

      Carry-on Baggage Allowance

      • In Economy class, you may carry one personal item and one carry-on luggage free of cost, without incurring the Qatar Airways baggage fee. As per the Qatar Airways excess baggage policy, the combined weight should not exceed 7 kg.  
      • However, in Business and First class, you may bring up to two carry-on bags and one personal item. The combined weight should be less than 15 kg.  
      • Qatar Airways does not accept carry-on bags for free if the carry-on luggage size is more than 50 x 37 x 25 cm.     

      Checked Baggage Allowance

      Piece concept (flight to/from America or Africa)

      • You checked up to two bags if you booked the Economy class. Qatar Airways economy baggage allowance allows you to carry up to 23 kg for each checked bag. 
      • In business class, you carry up to 2 bags, and its weight should not be more than 32 kg for each bag. 
      • First-class passengers are also eligible to check up to two bags, and the weight should not exceed 32 kg. 

      Weight concept (for other flights)

      • If you meet the weight concept requirements, you may carry up to 25 kg if you make your reservation under the Economy fare.     
      • Economy convenience fare allows you to bring up to 30 kg. If you choose the Economy comfort fares, you may carry up to 35 kg.  
      • As per Business class fares, you can carry up to 40 kg. 
      • If you book a first-class elite fare ticket, you are entitled to bring up to 50 kg.   

      Qatar Airways Infant Baggage Policy

      If you purchase a ticket for your infant (8 days to under two years old), which is usually 10% of the adult fare price, the infant will be entitled to the following baggage allowance:

      • You can carry one stroller or pushchair for your infant. 
      • If you fly to/from Brazil, Argentina, the US, and Canada, an infant carry-on piece should not be more than 23 kg. The carry-on piece size should not exceed 45 inches as per the Qatar Airways infant baggage policy.
      • Whereas, if your flight is for other routes except for the above-mentioned points, carry-on weight should not be more than 10 kg. However, the size of carry-on items can be the same.      

      How Much Charge Qatar Airways Baggage Fee?

      The Qatar Airways excess baggage fee is based on your flight route and fare type, which are under the Qatar excess baggage policy. The airline follows two ways to calculate your baggage fee: piece concept and weight concept, which depend on the flight route.

      If the weight concept system applies to you:

      From/ToEurope Pakistan & ISC South/East AsiaCentral AsiaKorea & JapanAustralasiaGCC
      Europe$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 40$ 25$ 20
      Pakistan & ISC $ 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$30$ 40$ 20
      South/East Asia$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 40$ 40$ 20
      Central Asia$ 30$ 30$ 30$30$ 40$40$ 30
      Korea & Japan$ 40$ 30$ 30$ 40$ 40$ 55$ 30
      Australasia$ 25$39$ 39$39$ 55$ 55$ 30
      GCC$20$ 20$ 20$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 10
      Levant$ 20$ 20$ 20$30$ 30$ 30$ 10


      If your flight route is the Middle East, Central & Southwest Asia, and Australia & New Zealand, you will have to pay 40-150 QAR. The excess baggage fee depends on your route type. This fee applies to all routes except America and Africa.

      How Can I Pay Baggage Fee? 

      Under the Qatar Airways baggage allowance policy, you may pay your excess baggage fee online or offline. If you do not pay the excess baggage fee at the time of making a reservation, however, you may pay the fee at the airport during check-in. Under the "My Trip" option, you can pay the luggage fee. The Qatar luggage fee depends on your route type.    

      Qatar Airways Sport Items Baggage Allowance 

      With Qatar Airways special baggage allowance, you may travel with your sports items. The sports items can be carried as checked baggage if you do not meet the cabin class requirements. The excess baggage fee will apply to your sports equipment, depending on its size, weight, and fare type. 

      • If you wish to bring a bicycle, you can carry it as checked baggage or cargo. 
      • Your sports equipment should be packed in a box.        
      • However, you may carry surfboards, windsurfing equipment, and kayaks if it is less than 3 metres. The airline will transfer it if its size is more than three metres. 
      • You will have to notify Qatar Airways if you wish to carry your sports equipment. 
      • If the sports items weigh under 23 kg, you will have to pay 180 dollars.      
      • The airline will charge you 250 dollars if the sports items weigh between 23 and 32 kg.

      How To Purchase Baggage With Qatar Airways?

      You may purchase baggage at the time of booking with the help of the "Manage Booking" tab. Don't worry! If you do not purchase the baggage allowance during the booking, you can purchase it at the airport 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure. Follow the steps to add the luggage. 

      • Firstly, go to the Qatar Airways official website. 
      • Click the "Manage or check-in option" and enter your Qatar booking reference code. 
      • Under the "Retrieve Booking" option, all bookings will display on your screen. 
      • Select your booking and add "Baggage.". 
      • After that, pay the baggage fee based on your flight route type.      

      What Are The Restricted Items On Qatar Airways Flights?

      Here are a few restrictions on items to carry in your luggage. 

      • All types of firearms
      • Hunting rifles
      • Axe
      • Sharp items 
      • Harmful sprays or Liquid
      • Soldering torches

      Qatar Airlines will deny your boarding if you carry restricted items in your luggage.    

      Travel With Musical Instruments on Qatar Airways Flights? 

      Qatar Airways excess baggage policy allows passengers to travel with their musical instruments. You may carry your musical items as a handbag or check bag or purchase an additional seat for your musical instruments. If you carry your musical instrument as a handbag, there is no need to pay an excess baggage fee.  The same cabin class terms and conditions will apply to you if your musical items meet the cabin class requirements. The musical instrument's weight should not be more than 7 kg, and its size should not exceed 120 cm. If your musical instruments do not meet the cabin class requirements, the Qatar Airways excess baggage fee will apply to you, which is based on your flight route type. 


      Qatar Airways baggage allowance allows you to carry one cabin and one personal free of charge. However, you can add baggage during the reservation. Qatar Airways will impose a flight change fee if you do not meet the cabin luggage requirements. Under the "My Trips" tab, you may pay the luggage fee or pay at the check-in counter if you did not add your luggage during flight booking.  



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