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      If comfort is your priority on your journey to your desired destination, Aer Lingus will be the best choice for you. With Aer Lingus baggage policy, passengers may carry their luggage free of charge along with checked baggage. The baggage allowance depends on the fare and route type. This guide will cover all the essential Aer Lingus Airlines baggage policy information, including fees and restrictions.

      What Is Aer Lingus Baggage Policy?

      Aer Lingus provides flexibility with baggage allowances and allows you to purchase baggage in advance prior to your scheduled departure. However, you may purchase baggage online, which is less costly than offline methods. Here is an overview of the Aer Lingus baggage policy.

      Carry-on Baggage Allowance

      As per the Aer Lngus baggage policy carry on,. You can bring one carry-on bag and one personal item, like a purse or laptop bag for free. The carry-on baggage is subject to weight and size restrictions. Carry-on baggage should not be more than 55cm x 40cm x 24cm and weigh up to 10kg. Personal items should be longer than 25cm x 33cm x 20cm. 

      After June 29, 2021, within European routes, you need to buy the Carry-on bag for the priority boarding option to bring your bag on board. Otherwise, you can check it out for free at the counter. If you don't buy the option and bring your bag to the terminal or check-in gate, you will be charged €35. 

      Checked baggage allowance 

      All tickets are eligible for free baggage check-in except for the saver fare. The number of checked baggage allowances depends on your fare type and route. 

      • If you have Plus, Advantage, or AeroSpace fares, you can bring one checked bag free of charge. Its weight should be less than 20kg. However, if you need more weight or extra bags, you will have to pay extra charges.
      • If you book an Economy Saver fare, you will have to pay a checked luggage fee. The checked baggage fees are based on weight, route, and how you book (online or offline).
      • Business/Flex class passengers can check up to three bags with 23 kg each bags on a transatlantic flight. 
      • You can bring one stroller or buggy free of charge, along with a cot or car seat for lap infants or any other small items. The total weight should not exceed 10kg. 

      What Is The Cost of Excess Baggage on Aer Lingus Airlines?

      If you don't use the pre-checked baggage option prior to your planned departure, At the airport, if you need to check bags, you will have to pay an excess baggage fee for your first 20 kg check bag. After that, additional baggage charges per kg of weight will be applicable to you. 

      • Flight within Europe: The excess baggage fee will be approximately €10 - €20 per kilogramme. 
      • If you carry between 23-32 kg and your flight is transatlantic, you will have to pay 100 euros.

      Excess Baggage Fee (within Europe)

      Destination (within Europe )Booking option               First BagSecond BagExtra Baggage

      Small Bag


      Medium Bag


      Large Bag


      Extra Large Bag


      Near Routes


      (during booking)


      After booking

      (Manage Trip) 

      Over the phone€30€35€40€75€35
      AirportNil€35Not allowedNot allowed€35
      Mid Routes


      (during booking)


      After booking

      (Manage Trip)

      Over the phone€45€50€55€80€50
      At AirportNill€50Not allowedNot allowed€50
      Far Routes

      During booking



      (Manage Trip) 

      After booking

      Over the phone€60€65€70€95€65
      At AirportNill€65Not allowedNot allowed€65

      How Do I Pay Excess Baggage Fees on Aer Lingus Airlines?

      As per the Aer Lingus baggage policy carry on, you may pay the excess baggage fee, at the time of booking or at the airport. The excess baggage fee depends on whether you booked your ticket online or offline. 

      Let’s know how you may pay the Aer Lingus excess baggage fee. 

      Via Aer Lingus website: 

      • Firstly, navigate the official Aer Lingus website by using your web browser.
      • If you have already booked your flight. Then log in to your account to access your booking details.
      • After logging, go to the "Manage Booking" or "My Trips" option.
      • Submit your last name along with the Aer Lingus reservation code. 
      • Go to the “find flight booking” section and click on it to access your flight details. 
      • Under the “extra service” section, click the “add excess baggage” option and follow the prompts. 
      • Enter your luggage information, such as weight, number of luggage items you are carrying, and other required details. 
      • Review the “Aer Lingus baggage policy” before making a payment. 
      • Now, pay the excess baggage fee as per your baggage weight & size.  

      5 Tips to Avoid Aer Lingus Extra Baggage Fees

      Here are some tips to avoid extra baggage fees on Aer Lingus Airlines:

      • Use the Pre-Book baggage option to avoid last-minute hassle.
      • Travel with one or two bags within the Aer Lingus baggage allowance.
      • Purchase baggage allowance during the booking with the “Manage Booking” option.  
      • Make sure your luggage is within the maximum weight and size limits.
      • Purchase a first or business-class ticket to bring an extra bag with extra weight.  

      Snapshot— Sports Equipment Policy On Aer Lingus

      You are allowed to bring your sports equipment to Aer Lingus. But there are some rules that you must follow. You can carry your sports equipment as carry-on or checked baggage, depending on your route and arrival location. If your equipment exceeds the size or weight limits for carry-on baggage, you will have to pay the checked baggage fee. It is essential to check the specific requirements for your sports equipment to avoid any trouble at the airport.

      Golf Bags

      • Gold bags are allowed on the flight as checked baggage.
      • You may carry one golf bag with golf clubs.
      • Only one golf bag can carry passengers on the flight.
      • You can bring soft bags on the airline, but the airline will not pay for any damage.
      • If you are travelling in a group with golf equipment, you must contact the Aer Lingus representative in advance. 


      • To bring your bicycle, follow the rules for transporting sports equipment.
      • Remove the tires, pedals, and other adjustable parts before packing.
      • Pack the bicycle in a sturdy cardboard box.
      • Carry it as checked baggage. 
      • The airline accepts a maximum of 10 bicycles per flight.

      Trekking Gear:

      • The airline permits you to bring your trekking gear under the Aer Lingus sporting equipment policy.
      • Your trekking gear should be properly packed.
      • Carry the trekking equipment within the maximum weight and size limits.
      • It will be transferred to the cargo area or treated as checked luggage.

      Diving Items:

      • You may bring diving equipment, such as a gas cylinder.
      • You will need to remove the gas from the cylinder.
      • Under the Aer Lingus baggage policy carry on, before packing, make sure it is empty.
      • It should be packed tightly.

      Note: if you carry your sport equipment on the flight, you should review the Aer Lingus sport items policy or connect with the help support team. 

      Musical Instrument Policy on Aer Lingus

      Under the Aer Lingus baggage policy carry on, you can bring your musical instrument into the cabin if it meets the size and weight limits. If it's within (L24*W*40*H55) cm and weighs less than 10 kg, you can bring it on board for free. Otherwise, you will have to pay an excess baggage fee, which depends on your fare and route type. To avoid damage, musical instruments should be packaged securely. You may purchase a window seat that allows you to transport larger musical instruments such as a guitar, bass, cello, etc. Keep in mind that musical instruments should not be larger than 75 kg. 

      Aer Lingus—Missing and delayed Baggage Policy

      As per the Aer Lingus lost baggage, you should immediately notify Aer Lingus representatives at the airport if your luggage is missing. They will help you fill out a report to find your luggage. You need to bring the information, including your luggage tag and your boarding pass when you visit the baggage tracking department.

      Under the Aer Lingus missing baggage policy, the same procedure will apply to Aer Lingus lost baggage. According to the Aer Lingus baggage tracking option, you will get a tracking number from the baggage department when you file a complaint about your delayed or lost luggage. With the help of your tracking number, you may get an update about your luggage.    

      What should I do if my luggage is still missing after 72 hours of complaining?

      If your luggage is still missing after 72 hours of reporting, you should connect with the airline executive. You should ask about your luggage status to the available executive. If they do not give you any update about your lost or delayed luggage, In that situation, you can ask for a refund or compensation to recover your loss. However, if the travel agent or agency makes your reservation, you will have to connect with them.     


      If travellers meet the Aer Lingus baggage policy, they are allowed to bring up to one handbag at no additional cost. However, they can check up to three bags, each weighing up to 32 kg. With the sport equipment carry-on policy,you can travel with your sports equipment. The Aer Lingus baggage policy helps you avoid last-minute hassle. 


      What is Aer Lingus baggage allowance?

      Aer Lingus baggage policy allows passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item for free. Passengers can check baggage free of charge,, which depends on the fare type and route. 

      What are the size and weight limits for carry-on baggage?

      As per the Aer Lingus baggage policy carry on, your carry-on bag size dimensions should not exceed 55 x 40 x 24 cm (including handles and wheels) and weigh no more than 10 kg.

      What should you do if your baggage is lost or delayed?

      According to Aer Lingus missing baggage policy, If your baggage is lost or delayed, report it to Aer Lingus staff immediately and fill out a lost or delayed complaint form. Keep in touch with the airline executive for updates about your luggage. 

      How can you track your baggage if it is lost?

      As per the Aer Lingus baggage tracking option, you can track your baggage by contacting the Aer Lingus baggage services department and providing them with your baggage receipt or reference number. According to Aer Lingus lost baggage rule, they will assist you in finding your luggage and update you continuously.




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