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The national airline of Ireland, Aer Lingus, is based in Dublin. Initially established by the Irish government, the airline underwent complete privatization in 2006 and 2015. At the moment, the entire airline is owned by the International Airlines Group. World-class services are offered by Aer Lingus Airlines to cater to all of their passengers' demands, big or small, and their flexible policies make it easy for people to travel with them. The pros of this travel include the Aer Lingus baggage policy, to name just one. The following advice goes into great detail about Aer Lingus's baggage policy, so make sure you read and understand it before moving forward.

Aer Lingus Baggage Policy

The baggage policy of Aer Lingus is rather simple. Customers of this airline are entitled to bring one luggage and one small personal bag on their flights at no extra cost. However, carry-on baggage allowances may differ for each passenger's bag, and small additional Aer Lingus baggage fees can be needed to move the desired bags. Passengers on Aer Lingus are allowed to bring a total of three bags.

Aer Lingus Baggage Fees

Aer Lingus charges varying luggage fees for different ticket classifications. Travelers need to be fully aware of the baggage fees before heading to the airport. All passengers would be responsible for the advertised fees at the time of purchase. Different amounts of baggage can be checked. The details of each ticket and the weight limit for checked baggage are listed below.

For short-haul flights (intra-Europe flights)


  1. Low Fare:Travelers with low tickets will be responsible for the cost of each item of luggage they bring.
  2. Plus Fare: Travelers who pay an additional fee may bring one piece of luggage.
  3. Flexible Fare: Travelers who have a flexible fare are permitted to bring up to two pieces of luggage with them.

Long haul flights (to/from the USA)

Travelers with inexpensive or economy tickets are permitted to bring one 23-kg bag on this airline. With Aer Lingus, travellers with flexible fares are entitled to two pieces of 23kg checked baggage at no additional cost. On Aer Lingus flights, travellers purchasing Business Class tickets have the option to check up to three pieces of baggage totalling 23 kg in addition to their carry-on belongings.

Overweight Baggage Fees

  • If a traveller brings more luggage than the free baggage allotment specified on their ticket, they could be charged the Aer Lingus excess baggage fee when they book with this airline. 
  • Low-cost ticket holders will be charged a baggage price for each piece of checked baggage. Passengers on Flexi fares are allowed to bring one bag up to 44 pounds/20 kg; if this amount is exceeded, there will be an additional fee that is calculated per kilogram after 20 kg.
  •  If modifications are made online, overweight baggage costs at Aer Lingus for bags weighing more than 20–32 kg / 44–70 pounds will vary from 6–12 EUR. If the baggage change is done offline, the cost will go up; at the airport, it is 15, 12, or 20 EUR.                                    

Aer Lingus Baggage Rules

The kind of fare a traveller purchases has a significant impact on the cost of their Aer Lingus luggage. If a traveller needs to pay more to carry excess baggage, it will be indicated on the ticket.

  • In order to notify the airline of any changes, passengers wishing to add additional baggage to their reservation must do so at least 24 hours prior to departure. On the official website, passengers can determine how much luggage they will be bringing, or they can bring it with them when they board the aircraft. Everything went easily and without hiccups. If you wish to prevent any last-minute complications with their flight, we highly advise making the modifications online.
  • It is permitted for travellers to check bags containing Aer Lingus alcohol. Alcohol in hand luggage is allowed for up to five litres per traveller; however, the alcohol concentration must not be more than 70% of the beverage. In order to prevent spills in your luggage, bottles should be well covered.
  • Make sure you make a check before you leave the airport, as there may be restrictions on shipping some electronics. Weight and size restrictions apply to the baggage listed below as well, according to Aer Lingus regulations.

Aer Lingus Baggage Weight

Customers of this airline should be aware that the weight of their luggage from Aer Lingus is entirely based on the kind of ticket they purchased.

  • Each piece of hand luggage must weigh roughly 10 kg or 22 lbs in order to be transported for free, according to Aer Lingus' baggage allowance.
  • Baggage allowance for economy class tickets is up to 70 pounds, or 32 kilograms.
  • One bag and one personal item may be carried in hand luggage, and the bag must fit either immediately in front of the passenger or in the space above it.
  • When flying with Aer Lingus Airlines, passengers are allowed to check up to 20 kg or 44 lb of luggage. Cheap economy tickets do not qualify for free baggage allowance. 
  • In contrast to Economy Class, Aer Lingus offers a flexible fare that allows travellers to bring up to two bags for the duration of the trip and up to one bag for the plus fare.
  • On Aer Lingus, long-haul travellers are allowed to bring 23 kg or 50 pounds of luggage. As stated on the ticket, travellers on flexible price are allowed to bring up to 46 kilograms of luggage, while travellers in business class are allowed to bring up to 3 pieces of luggage, or 69 kg total.

The baggage policy of Aer Lingus is both lenient and strict. Weigh your bags before you travel to the airport, as no haggling is anticipated. Penalties may be imposed for breaking Aer Lingus baggage policies.

Aer Lingus Baggage Size

There are entirely distinct regulations pertaining to baggage dimensions under Aer Lingus' baggage policy. Should they wish to avoid incurring additional costs for their travels, they should follow the rules set forth by the airline. Below is a list of the restrictions:

  • One carry-on bag or two regular baggage are permitted for travellers on Aer Lingus. 
  • There is a luggage compartment above or below the front seat where your carry-on items must fit.
  • 25 x 33 x 20 centimetres is the perfect baggage size.

What items can be allowed for the carry on luggage in Aer Lingus?               

  • Passengers are permitted to check one piece of luggage for long-haul flights, as long as the total dimensions (length + breadth + height) do not exceed 62 inches/158 cm.
  • Travelers with flexible or business class tickets are permitted to bring a third piece of luggage, however it cannot exceed 55 inches (140 cm) in length, breadth, and height. The first bag will be the same size as previously stated.
  • There is one exception to the Aer Lingus baggage limit, though: musical instruments. Though they ought to be sufficiently small, they are comparatively smaller. (Only in cases when the gadget fits firmly in the opening above or in front of the passenger seat).
  • Aer Lingus's baggage policy states that while a typical amount of baby food or diapers may be brought on board, customers are not permitted to check additional luggage for their infants.


Since you can never be sure until the day, it's best to be safe and acquire a bag that complies with all regulations. If you must take a chance with Aer Lingus, use a soft-edged bag, such as a backpack, as this will allow you greater wiggle room when haggling with the sizer. If not, you would be better off spending money on a suitable bag. This can be used not only for any upcoming flights with Aer Lingus, but also for flights with a number of other airlines.


1. In an Aer Lingus flight, how much luggage may I bring?

Ans.  Any one piece of luggage cannot weigh more than 32 kg (70 lb). One complimentary checked bag up to 23 kg (50 lbs) is allowed with reservations for Smart or Flex fares. You may buy an extra bag or two. Three complimentary 69kg (150lb) baggage are included with Business Class reservations.

2. Can I check two bags with my luggage?

Ans. Subject to the overall dimension restriction (length + width + height), any number of bags may be used; however, the combined weight of all bags cannot exceed the specified maximum. Therefore, you are allowed to carry up to four bags in your case, but you shouldn't go above the 20 kg restriction.

3. How may Aer Lingus help me save money?

Ans. You can further cut down on your travel expenses by packing light and avoiding checked luggage fees. Aer Lingus also offers a comprehensive frequent flyer program known as AerClub. If you sign up for this reward club, each time you travel on an Aer Lingus or one of their partner airlines, you will accrue points.

4. Can my bag weigh more than 23 kg?

Ans. Each bag in Premium and Economy can only hold a maximum of 23 kilograms. You will be required to pay an overweight baggage fee at the airport if your bags weigh more than that. The maximum weight per bag in Upper Class is 32 kg.



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