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      No single item of checked luggage may weigh more than 2kg or measure more than 204cm (about 6.69 ft) in total dimension. Within these restrictions, it must be repacked into separate boxes or containers. It should be remembered that without consent, Cathay Pacific will not accept any checked luggage that exceeds the given limitations.

      Cathay Pacific Excess and Overweight Baggage Fees

      • If your luggage exceeds the Cathay Pacific baggage weight allowance, you must pay a price that differs according to the route.
      • Most routes charge between USD 60 and USD 150 for each overweight item. Luggage weighing more than 32 kg will not be accepted.
      • Items that are size 158cm (the total of its width, height, and length) are subject to a USD 200 tax. Items longer than 203cm (about 6.66 ft) will not be accepted.

      Baggage charges by weight

      • 1 tiny personal item is complimentary.
      • 1 normal carry-on bag is also included.
      • Personal item dimensions: 6L x 12W x 16H
      • Standard ticket dimensions are 22L x 14W x 9H inches.
      • Premium Economy and Economy Carry-on luggage of up to 15 pounds is permitted.
      • 10kg for business up to 22 pounds.
      • Up to 33 pounds equals 15 kilograms for a first-class ticket.

      Extra Baggage charges by Piece - Flights to/from/via the America

      • The check-in luggage allowance for Cathay Pacific flights depends on the route and category of ticket.
      • For most flights, economy travelers can check in two items weighing a total of 30 kilograms. You can check in two articles of 23 kg each on flights to, from, or via the Americas.
      • You can check in two articles of 25 kg each on premium economy class flights to, from, or via the Americas.

      Extra Baggage Charges on direct flights, from Hong Kong, and Auckland, 


      • Each overweight or oversized article incurs an extra cost.
      • More than 50 pounds (23 kg) and up to 70 pounds (2 kg) include $250 to $1,430.
      • More than 62 inches or 158cm in entire dimension and up to 80 inches or 203cm in total dimension costs $250 to $1,430.
      • One piece equals 15 pounds or 7kg in economy class.
      • Premium economy class: 2 items weigh 5 pounds or 7kg apiece, with a total weight of up to 35 kg.
      • Business class: each component weighs 15 pounds or 7kg.
      • Each item must exceed 22 x 14 x 9 inches (55.9L x 35.5W x 2.8H cm).

      Cathay Pacific Sports Equipment Policy

      Cathay Pacific allows a wide range of athletic and sports luggage on flights. These things can be transported for free as long as they do not exceed your luggage allowance.

      • The following items count as one "piece" with total measurements of 158cm or 62 inches.
      • At least one bag, knapsack, or backpack.
      • A single snowboard and boots
      • A single golf bag comprising clubs and golf shoes.
      • Properly packed weapons
      • One well-packed bicycle
      • Appropriately packed fishing gear, including two rods, one reel, one landing net, one set of fishing boots, and a tackle box.
      • A single sleeping bag or bedroll.
      • One set of snow skis, as well as ski poles and boots.
      • One water surfing board at the weight specified above.
      • One duffle bag or type 22 bags, both of which are soft-sided and zippered bags with side panels that readily open with a zipper.
      • Avalanche backpack reservation
      • One pair of normal or slalom water skis.

      Special baggage musical instruments

      • Depending on its size and shape, you can travel with your musical instrument as checked luggage, carry-on baggage, or cabin-seat baggage.
      • Cathay Pacific requests that musical instruments be kept protected in fully packed hard cases with rounded edges to avoid damage. You need to purchase an extra seat, depending on your instrument size.

      Hand Baggage

      • As part of your hand baggage allowance, you may bring small musical instruments such as flutes or violins on the plane. Please keep them in a hard case that can be properly placed in the overhead locker.
      • The total weight, including the case, must not exceed 7kg (151lbs).
      • The dimensions of a hand-carry musical instrument shall not exceed 93 x 39 x 24 cm or 6 x 15 x 9 inches in (L + W + H) for the entire travel.

      Checked Instruments

      Large musical instruments, such as a guitar or cello, that exceed the limitations mentioned earlier or the cabin baggage allowance must be checked. Please keep in mind that check-in luggage has weight and size restrictions. These include the instrument's protective casing.

      Purchase an Additional seat for a musical instrument

      If you do not want to check bigger musical instruments, you may keep them on a paid seat. You must keep your instrument in a protective case while our ground crew secures it in the canvas bag provided.

      • To avoid strain or injury, we recommend that travelers loosen their instrument strings at the time of travelling.
      • Dimensions, including the casing, shall not exceed 136 x 48 x 44cm or 54 x 19 x 17 inches.
      • In this situation, the weight cannot surpass 32kg.

      Delayed, Lost, or Damaged Baggage Policy

      Lost Bag

      Please notify the airline as soon as you find your luggage is missing. They will do everything possible to reconnect you with your stuff as quickly as possible.

      Please talk with employees at the baggage service desk; they will gladly assist you with your situation. Please keep your report reference number handy for future reference.

      Track the status of your report on our delayed baggage report website by entering your unique reference number.

      Damaged Items

      While airlines try to handle all of your items with full care, accidents can occur.

      At the airport: 

      Please communicate with our baggage service counter staff about your damaged bags. The baggage service desk is located in the airport's arrival hall.

      By phone:

      Contact the baggage service hotline number, and they will help you with filing a damaged luggage complaint. It is important to note that you must report within seven days of receiving your luggage.

      Items Left on Board

      • If you've left your items aboard our plane.
      • Please notify the local baggage services office if you have left an item on board.
      • You may also use the lost and found portal to file a report.
      • Please contact the operating carrier if you left an item on a codeshare aircraft.


      Q1 What is the Cathay Pacific baggage policy in a nutshell?

      Cathay Pacific basic tickets allow for two pieces of checked luggage per passenger with a total weight of 30kg. If you go in premium economy (35kg) or business class (45kg), your weight limit rises.

      Q2 What is Cathay Pacific the baggage allowance for lap infants?

      Infants who are not in their own seats are allowed one luggage weighing no more than 23kg, as well as one car seat and one stroller.

      Q3 What is the Cathay Pacific baggage allowance on U.S routes?

      Economy travelers can check in two articles weighing a total of 30kg. You can check in two articles of 23kg each on flights to, from, or via the Americas.

      Q4 What are the Cathay Pacific baggage fees for extra bags?

      A 1kg additional bag will set you back more than INR1000. It is determined by the aircraft route and luggage item.



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