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      Are you a pet person? Then Allegiant Airlines will be the best choice for you. Airlines understand that pets are family, which is why they offer Allegiant pet policy that ensures a smooth and enjoyable trip for both you and your furry companions. Experience top-notch service, comfort, and convenience when you fly with Allegiant. With the help of the information below, you may know how to make a pet reservation without incurring too many charges.

      What Are The Major Highlights of Allegiant Pet in Cabin Policy?

      Small dogs are allowed in the cabin class on Allegiant Air, subject to certain restrictions. Remember that if your destination is abroad, airlines won't let you bring your pet on the flight. Before you fly in cabin class with your pet, you should be aware of the following terms and regulations of Allegiant pet policy.

      • You are allowed to bring dogs and cats on your trip.
      • As per the Allegiant Air pet policy, pet carriers should not be larger than 9" H x 16" W x 19" D.
      • A maximum of two pets are allowed on the flight. 
      • You will be charged about fifty dollars by the airline.
      • Pets must have eight weeks on them.
      • During the trip and at the airport, pets should stay in their carriers. The airline will not allow passengers to board if they do not follow the guidelines.  
      • If you are travelling with your pet, the airline will not let you buy exit row tickets.
      • You must carry your pet health certificate, if your flight is international. 

      Allegiant Air Pet Policy— Checked Baggage 

      Pets are not allowed on Allegiant Airlines as checked luggage, as per the Allegiant pet in cabin policy. Large, heavy pets that weigh more than the cabin baggage allowance requirements will not be considered as checked baggage. Pets are not transported by Allegiant Airlines in the cargo hold. Only small pets are allowed in the cabin class. 

      What Are The Pet Carrier Carry-on Guidelines?

      Before planning a trip with your furry friend, you should be aware of the pet carrier requirements. Follow the guidelines below when purchasing a pet carrier.  

      • The airline will not accept your pet carrier if it is larger than 9H * 16W * 19D, following pet carrier requirements.
      • Each traveller on this airline is permitted to bring two pet carriers. 
      • Waterproof pet carriers are required.
      • You'll need to obtain FAA clearance.
      • Pet carriers on Allegiant Airlines are subject to a $50 pet fee each.
      • Both pets can fit in one pet carrier if they are small.

      Allegiant Air Pet Policy Emotional Support

      As per the Allegiant pet policy, travellers are entitled to travel with emotional support animals. They will have to follow certain restrictions when they travel with service animals. Allegiant Airlines does not charge a pet reservation fee for emotional support animals. You will need to connect with an airline agent if you wish to carry your emotional support animal. Keep in mind that your pet must meet the Allegiant Air small pet policy requirement.  

      How Can I Travel With Service Animals On Allegiant Airlines?

      Under Allegiant Air pet policy, service animals are permitted on flights. However, you must meet a few requirements, which are listed in the points below.

      • Service animals are allowed on Allegiant Airlines flights without paying a pet fee.
      • You need to fill out a DOT Service Air Transportation form if you intend to travel with a service animal.
      • At the ticket desk, you have to present a hard copy of the DOT Service Air Transportation form.
      • Under the Allegiant Air pet policy, emotional support, passengers with disabilities are exempt from additional fees if they travel with two assistance dogs.
      • The service animal may sit beneath the seat or on the passenger's lap if it is under two years old and weighs less than thirty pounds.

      Allegiant Air Carry-on Pet Breed Restrictions

      Under the Allegiant pet policy, there are certain restrictions on the breed of pets that are not allowed in cabin class. The airline permits only domestic pets, including small dogs & cats. If your pet meets the restriction pet breed, the airline will not allow them on the flight. The airline does not allow you to make pet reservations online with Allegiant Airlines. That's why you will have to connect with Allegiant Air representatives.   

      How Much Does Allegiant Airlines Charge Pet Reservation Fee?

      If passengers want to travel with a pet, they will have to pay the Allegiant pet fee.

      Basically, they charge a $50 pet fee for one-way flights, so if your journey is round-trip, you must pay $100. Allegiant Airlines does not charge a pet fee for service dog reservations. 

      If you are flying to or from the United States or within the United States/Canada, you will be charged a pet fee. You may pay the pet booking fee at the ticket counter or check-in area. 

      Allegiant Air Pet Check-in Requirements 

      Normal check-in procedures are not the same for pets. You must check in with your pet at the gate counter or airport at least one hour before your planned departure day in accordance with Allegiant pet policy. If you are travelling with your pet, you will need to fill out some documentation at the ticket counter because the airline management staff begins a check-in procedure at least four hours before your scheduled departure.


      Get ready to soar high with your beloved pets. As per the Allegiant Air small pet policy, only cats and dogs are welcome on the aircraft. However, you may bring the service animal on the flight, but it will be subject to certain conditions. You can book your pet reservation by connecting with a live agent. 


      1. Can I travel with my pet on the Allegiant Airlines flight?

      Ans. Yes, Allegiant pet in cabin policy allows you to travel with your pet in the cabin class. You must meet the cabin class requirements, if you want to travel with your pet in the same class. 

      2. Does Allegiant Airlines charge a pet reservation cost?

      Ans. Yes, under the Allegiant pet policy, the airline charges a pet reservation fee, who travel with their pet. 

      3. Can I make a pet reservation online?

      Ans. You will have to notify the airline agent of your pet reservation if you want to book a pet reservation. You must speak with a live agent to make a pet reservation with Allegiant Airlines. 

      4. Can I carry a pet as a cargo?

      Ans. Under the Allegiant Air small pet policy, the airline does not accept animals as cargo or check luggage. 




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