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      Do you want to discover the world with your beloved pet and make special memories? The good news is that Lufthansa Airlines allows you to make special memories with your furry friends. Under the Lufthansa pet policy, you may travel with a pet in a cabin, as checked or cargo, but you must follow the pet policy. This page will answer all your questions regarding the pet policy, and here, you will know how to make a pet reservation.        

      Pet policy Lufthansa Airlines

      Lufthansa pet policy allows pets in the cabin, as checked baggage or as cargo, based on the size and weight of the pet and route type. Here are some major highlights of the pet policy of Lufthansa Airlines.

      • According to Lufthansa pet policy in cabin, only cats and dogs can travel in the cabin class. 
      • If the combined weight of the pet and carrier is not more than 8 kg (17 lbs), small dogs and cats will be eligible for the cabin class. 
      • Larger pets can be transported as checked baggage in a special cargo hold compartment.
      • If pets' size and weight limits are more than the checked baggage requirements, the airline will be transported in the cargo area.
      • You must meet the pet carrier requirements.  
      • You will have to submit health certificates and vaccinations. 
      • Passengers must notify Lufthansa Airlines about their pet if they plan to travel with it. 
      • A pet fee will apply to you, which depends on the pet's transportation method and flight route.

      Lufthansa pet policy in cabin

      Lufthansa pet policy accepts small pets on their flight, including cats and dogs. Only small cats and dogs are permitted to fly in cabin class, as per Lufthansa pet policy. According to Lufthansa pet policy in cabin, your beloved pet and their carrier must not exceed 17.6 lbs or 8 kg in weight. For European flights, Lufthansa Airlines generally charges a pet reservation fee of approximately  67.46 euros. However, you will be charged 112.44 euros for pet reservations if you visit an international location. 

      Lufthansa Pet checked baggage policy

      If your pet is too heavy and does not meet the cabin class requirements, Lufthansa Airlines will treat it as checked baggage or move it to cargo space. According to Lufthansa pet policy, rabbits can also travel as checked baggage. Passengers can not carry more than one pet as checked baggage. On Lufthansa Airlines, pet reservations are subject to space availability. You must check in at the airport with your pet at least two to three hours before your scheduled departure. Airlines do not allow Snub-Nosed breeds on flights. Make sure to bring your pet's health certificate when you make a pet reservation.  

      Lufthansa pet cargo policy

      Lufthansa will transfer your pet to the cargo compartment if the pet is unable to meet the cabin or checked baggage requirements. To make a pet reservation in the cargo area, you will have to notify the airline 3-5 days prior to your scheduled departure. According to Lufthansa Pet cargo policy, cargo pet reservation is subject to the availability of space. The cargo space is space for larger pets and animals, such as cats, domestic dogs, hares, rabbits, fish, horses, and other animals.

      What are the requirements for pet carriers?

      Under the pet policy lufthansa Airlines, you will have to follow the terms and conditions of pet carrier requirements. 

      • The size of the container must not be larger than 125 * 75 * 85 cm, if the pet is treated as checked baggage. 
      • If the pet is travelling in the cabin class, the pet carrier dimensions should not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm.
      • Make sure the pet carrier is large enough for your pet to stand, easily turn, and lie down without feeling uncomfortable.
      • For longer flights, providing food and water inside the pet carrier.
      • Purchase a pet carrier that's sturdy, well-ventilated and leak-proof.

      Restricted pet breeds for checked baggage on Lufthansa?

      These snub-nosed dog and cat breeds are not permitted as checked baggage. As per the Lufthansa pet policy international travel, you will have to connect with Lufthansa representatives and request them for pet reservation. You must share your pet details, including breed if your pet meets the reservation requirements.

      Restricted Dog Breeds:

      • Shar Pei
      • Pekingese
      • Shih Tzu
      • Tibetan Spaniel
      • Affenpinscher
      • Brussels Griffon
      • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
      • Pug (all breeds)
      • Boston Terrier
      • Bulldog (all breeds)
      • American Staffordshire Terrier
      • Boxer (all breeds)
      • Cane Corso
      • Chow Chow
      • English Toy Spaniel
      • Dogue De Bordeaux
      • Japanese Chin

      Restricted Cat Breeds:

      • Persian
      • Scottish Fold 
      • British Shorthair
      • Himalayan 
      • Exotic Shorthair

      How can I travel with a service animal on a Lufthansa flight?

      Lufthansa Airlines considers trained animals to be service animals. They permit up to two service dogs per passenger in the cabin class. Service animals are not subject to a pet reservation fee by the airline. According to Lufthansa Airlines pet policy, service animals are not permitted to travel in cabin class during the training. To travel with your service pets, you must notify the airline in advance of your planned departure.

      You must contact the airline or go directly to the airport to make a pet reservation at least two days before your planned trip. Without completing the DOT service animal transport form, you are unable to travel with your service dog. You can get help from the customer care department by contacting them to know more about the pet reservation.

      What Is Lufthansa Pet Reservation fee?  

      Lufthansa Airlines charges a pet reservation fee for passengers travelling with their pets under the pet policy Lufthansa Airlines. If you bring your pet in cabin class and meet the cabin class requirements, the pet fee will be between 50 and 110 Euros. If a pet flies as checked baggage, charges will be between 80 and 300 Euros, depending on the pet container size and route type.

      Are emotional support animals permitted on Lufthansa Airlines flights?

      Emotional support animals are not currently permitted on flights, which are operated by Lufthansa Airlines. You may, under some circumstances, fly with your emotional support pet in the cabin class. You will need to get in touch with the Lufthansa customer service team for emotional support for pet animal reservations. 

      You must provide a pet medical report in accordance with Lufthansa Airlines pet policy, and it must be sent at least 48 hours before your planned departure. You must carry a copy of your pet reservation approval, at the check-in counter, you will have to submit it.          

      Does Lufthansa Airlines allow snub-nosed pets on the flight?

      Snub-nosed pets are not permitted on Lufthansa Airlines flights for safety reasons. Due to their short noses, these dogs can not breathe easily during the flight. If your Snub-Nosed pet meets certain conditions, it may fly with you.    


      1. Can I travel with pets on the Lufthansa flight?

      Ans. Yes, you are allowed to bring your pet on flights, which is scheduled by Lufthansa Airlines. The carry-on pets are subject to certain conditions. 

      2. Does Lufthansa impose a pet reservation fee?

      Ans. The cost of your pet reservation will vary based on its weight, size, and travel destinations.

      3. Does Lufthansa allow pets free of charge?

      Ans. Yes, Lufthansa will not charge you a pet reservation fee if you fly with your assistance or service animal.

      4. How to make a pet reservation?

      Ans. You can visit the airport or get in touch with the Lufthansa customer service staff to book your pet reservation.





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