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      Would you like to explore your dream destination with your beloved pet and have an unforgettable experience? Fly with British Airways and make lovely memories with your beloved pet.The pet size and weight restrictions, approved carriers, and costs for bringing your pets on board are all covered in this article. For hassle-free travel with your furry companions, here's everything you need to know about pet policies.  

      Overview of British Airways Pet Policy

      British Airways provide the safety and comfort of all passengers, including pets. To maintain this safety , airlines permit pets to travel as cargo baggage in the cargo space. However, assistance dogs are welcome in the cabin class, whereas other pets, including emotional support animals, are not allowed in cabin class.

      • As per the pet policy British Airways, the airline does not accept pets in the cabin class except the assistance dog. 
      • British Airways charges a pet reservation fee.
      • Pet fees are determined by the size of the kennel, the weight of the animal, and the distance covered.
      • However, you may travel with your beloved emotional support animal, but the airline will transfer your pet to the cargo area. 
      • British Airways does not allow pets on flights if the temperature in any city on the itinerary is expected to be below 45°F (7°C) or above 85°F (30°C).
      • Make sure the pet carrier should be big enough for your pet to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
      • You will need to inform the airline about your pet reservation.  

      British Airways Pet in Cabin

      To maintain the safety standard on the flight, British Airways does not permit pets to travel in cabin class with their owner. However, the British Airways Pet in Cabin Policy allows assistance dogs in cabin class with their owners. 

      British Airways Pet Travel — Checked Baggage

      In accordance with British Airways animal policy, pets are not permitted to travel in the checked baggage section of the aircraft due to safety purposes. 

      British Airways Pet Travel — Cargo

      Under the British Airways pet policy, British Airways permitted a variety of pets, such as cats, dogs, hamsters, tropical fish, birds, rabbits, ferrets, monkeys, snakes, cold-blooded animals, and other animals, to travel in the cargo space. 

      • You must present a health certificate issued by a licensed vet ten days prior to your planned departure. 
      • You will need to attach the relevant documentation to your pet carrier.
      • Your arrival destination and pet weight will determine the pet cargo fee.
      • As per the pet policy British Airways, pregnant pets are not permitted to travel in the cargo compartment.
      • Pets should not be under ten weeks old.
      • If you purchase a domestic flight ticket, you must arrive at the airport two hours before your scheduled departure. 
      • You must arrive at the airport four hours prior to your planned departure time.

      What Are The Pet Carrier Requirements? 

      There are some pet carrier requirements that you must meet while you travel with your beloved pets. 

      • The pet crate should provide proper ventilation on all four sides.
      • The pet crate must have food and water bowls secured inside and easily accessible from the outside. 
      • Select a pet crate that fits properly. It should be the same length as your pet's nose tip to tail base, plus half of the height from ground to elbow. Your pet should stand without touching the top of the container.
      • Series 100 crates are only accepted on flights of the United States and Canada.

      Can I Travel With an Assistance Dog?

      Yes, you are entitled to travel with your assistance dog in the cabin compartment. According to British Airways animal policy, you cannot book tickets online for your assistance dog. Instead, make your reservation offline by contacting British Airways agents at least three days before your scheduled departure. At the airport, personnel will reserve your assistance dogs. Remember to bring an assistance dog training certificate before travelling.

      Eligibility Criteria for Travel

      • The food and drink must be arranged inside the pet carrier.
      • Your furry friend must be ten weeks old.
      • Except for the assistance dogs, other pets are not allowed in cabin class.
      • Animals that can travel in the cargo compartment include dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, rabbits, ferrets, primates, snakes, cold-blooded animals, tropical fish, and other creatures.
      • You must notify BA representatives three days before the travel date.
      • Provide a pet health certificate and other required documents.   

      Documentation Requirements

      If your flight route is international or you want to travel with assistance pets, you must be required to submit some documents by visiting the airport. Airline representatives will need your pet health or vaccination certificate for your pet reservation. Keep in mind that needed documents should be accurate.    

      How To Make An Assistance Dog Reservation?

      To make a pet reservation for your assistance dog with British Airways, contact them at least three days before your flight. Give them the information about your assistance dog and any required paperwork, and once they have your dog's details, representatives will book your pet's reservation. Confirm the details of your flight and make sure you arrive early on the day of departure for a smooth journey.

      British Airways Animal Policy On Emotional Support Animals

      Emotional support dogs are no longer permitted on flights operated by British Airways. However, with British Airways pet travel policy permits you to travel with your emotional support animal, but the airline will transfer your pet into the cargo compartment. 


      The pet policy British Airways provides clear guidelines for pets, managing their safety and comfort. Passengers are eligible to travel with their beloved pets. However, as per the British Airways pet policy, pets are not permitted in cabin class except assistance animals. Other animals will be transferred to the cargo area by the airline executive. 


      1. Does British Airways allow pets on the flight?

      Ans. Yes, British Airways allows pets on the flights, but there are some terms and conditions that you must follow, during a pet reservation with British Airlines.

      2. What types of pets are eligible to fly on British Airways flights?

      Ans. British Airways permits different types of pets, including cats, dogs, birds, and other small animals, in the cargo area.

      3. Do British Airlines apply any restriction on pets?

      Ans. Yes, under the pet policy British Airways, airline apply size restrictions for pets traveling with British Airways. They must be able to fit comfortably in their pet carrier.

      4. Can I bring an emotional support animal onboard a British Airways flight?

      Ans. Emotional support animals are permitted on British Airways flights, but they must meet specific requirements and make a reservation in advance.

      5. How far in advance do I need to inform British Airways if I'm traveling with my pet?

      Ans. If you are travelling with a pet, please tell British Airways at least three days in advance.



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