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Southwest Airlines understands the special bond between pet owners and their beloved pets; that's why they offer flexible options for travelling with your furry friends. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about Southwest's pet policy, including size restrictions, fees and much more.

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Major Highlights of Southwest Airlines Pet Policy
Carry-On Southwest Pet Policy
Cargo Pet Policy
How Can I Travel With a Service Dog on Southwest Airlines?
How much Does Southwest Airlines Charge Pet Travel Fee?
Southwest Pet Carrier Requirements
Pet travel restrictions on Southwest Airlines
What Are The Rules of Southwest Dog Policy?
Southwest Airlines Pet Breed Restrictions

Major Highlights of Southwest Airlines Pet Policy

Southwest Airlines permits its passengers to travel with their pets under the Southwest Animal Policy. Here are the major highlights of Southwest Airlines pet policy.

  • Southwest Airlines allows small domestic cats and dogs to fly in cabin class with their owners.
  • As per the pet policy, airlines will not accept your pets in the cabin class if you book an international flight.
  • If you wish to travel with your pet, you must notify the airline 15 days prior to scheduled departure.
  • The airline allows up to six pets on each flight.
  • The pet reservation is subject to a first come, first serve basis.
  • Pet charges will apply to you, which depends on your fare type.

Carry-On Southwest Pet Policy

As per Southwest dog policy, the airline allows domestic dogs in the cabin class with their owner. You can bring your pets, such as dogs and cats, to the cabin class. Your furry friends must be at least eight weeks old. However, you can not bring your pets in cabin class; the airline does not accept pets on international flights. Southwest Airlines will charge a carry-on pet fee. In the cabin class you may travel with your service pet in the cabin class, but you must meet the pet reservation requirements. Flying with a dog Southwest Airlines, you can make an unforgettable memory with your dog.

Cargo Pet Policy:

Southwest Airlines does not accept animals in the cargo area. In that situation, you must contact the customer care team.

How Can I Travel With a Service Dog on Southwest Airlines?

Under the Southwest dog policy, airlines accept service dogs on the flight. To travel with a service dog, you must complete some documentation work and fulfil the requirements. You can not share your pet carrier with other pets. You may purchase an additional seat for your service pet. Flying with a dog Southwest Airlines, keep in mind that your pet should complete its training. If your dog does not complete a full training session, the airline will not accept it as a service dog. You will have to contact the airline executive for a service dog reservation.

How Much Does Southwest Airlines Charge Pet Travel Fees?

As per the Southwest Airlines pet policy, pet travel with Southwest Airlines is subject to a pet travel fee. If you travel with your furry friends, you will need to pay the pet reservation fee. The fee depends on your pet's weight and class type. The airline will charge you approximately 100 dollars for each trip with your pet. You may pay the pet reservation fee at check-in or ticket counter.

Southwest Pet Carrier Requirements

Here are some pet carrier requirements that you must meet at the time of purchasing a pet carrier for your lovely pet.

  • Southwest Airlines offers you the option to purchase your pet carrier from their official store.
  • At the official Southwest Pet Carrier store, you may purchase it for approximately 58 dollars, including tax.
  • Your pet carrier should not be more than "17" long x 9.5" high x 10" wide."
  • Only soft-sided and hard-sided pet carriers are allowed on Southwest Airlines flights.
  • The pet carrier must be well-ventilated and leakproof.
  • You may carry only one pet carrier.
  • However, as per the Southwest animal policy, you may carry two small pets in a single pet container.

Pet Travel Restrictions On Southwest Airlines

There are certain pet travel restrictions that you must keep in mind while making a pet reservation with Southwest Airlines.

  • Airlines will not accept animals without their owner under the Southwest cat policy
  • Minor passengers can not travel with their pets on the flight.
  • The airline does not offer a passenger the chance to reserve a seat in the exit row for safety reasons.
  • You may not carry your pet as checked baggage
  • Not more than six pets are allowed to travel on each flight.
  • The Southwest animal policy states that your pet should not be under eight weeks old.
  • Your pet should be harmless and maintain good behaviour during the flight.
  • During an emergency, the airline will not provide an oxygen mask for your pet.

What Are The Rules of Southwest Dog Policy?

There are some rules for dog reservations with Southwest Airlines.

  • The Southwest dog policy states that your dog should not be under eight weeks old.
  • Only domestic dogs are entitled to travel in cabin class.
  • You may fly with your small dog in the same class.
  • Service dogs can travel with their owners but will be subject to specific rules.
  • Your pet carrier size should not be larger than 17" long x 9.5" high x 10" wide.
  • You will have to pay the dog reservation fee at the check-in counter.

Southwest Airlines Pet Breed Restrictions

Southwest Airlines does not clarify any pet breed restrictions for pet reservations. But in certain situations, the airline will deny your pet's boarding request for reasons such as excessive scratching, barking, growling, biting or lunging at the airport.


If you intend to fly with Southwest Airlines with your pet, such as a cat or dog. Southwest Airlines is the perfect option for you. This airline enables you to carry small dogs in cabin class. They do not accept your pet as checked baggage or cargo. Your pet reservation is subject to a first come, first served basis. As soon as you arrange your trip and reserve a seat for your pet.



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