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Have you made plans for an outing? Why not! It's crucial to take a break from the frantic daily grind. When you own pets, you don't really have much to do, as pets are welcome to fly in cargo or in the cabin on all airlines. 

Let's explore Volaris' pet travel policy!

About Volaris pet policy

Volaris pet policy allows your pet in-cabin provided it follows the guidelines, if not then you can check your pet in the cargo hold.

Some breeds of cats and dogs are not allowed; hence, check the restrictions by breed before your trip. When arranging your travel, you can include a pet in your cabin or check-in. On the "select your seat" step, look for the "travel with your pet" option.

Volaris Pet Policy for In-Cabin Pets

Small dogs and cats are welcome to fly in the aircraft's cabin with Volaris. The kennel's dimensions should not exceed 17.5" length by 12" broad by 7.5" high, and the pet's weight cannot surpass 22 pounds.

 Proof of a pet's most recent rabies vaccine must be provided no later than 30 days and no later than 12 months before departure. It also requires a current certificate of health.

How much does Volaris charge for pets travelling in the aircraft cabin?

Volaris pet fees on national routes within Mexico during the low season is:

– Up to MXN 1,650 online.

Volaris pet cost on national routes during the high season is:

– Up to MXN 1,900 online.

Volaris pet fees on international routes (USA-SAM, MEX-SAM, USA-CAM, MEX-CAM, SAM-CAM, MEX-USA, and intra-CAM) during the low or high season is:

– Up to USD 192 online.

Volaris Pet Policy for Checked Pets in the Cargo Hold

Volaris Airlines pet policy allows larger and heavier dogs to be transported as checked baggage in the cargo hold. According to Volaris pet cargo policy, the following conditions apply to pets traveling as checked baggage in the cargo hold:

  • Pet Age. The dog must be at least 16 weeks old.
  • Pet Reservations. You can book your pet at the time of booking your flight (by phone or online). When booking online, look for the ‘Travel with Pet’ option on the ‘Select Your Seat page’. Reservations for pets are subject to space availability.
  • Pet Weight. The maximum weight of the dog and its carrier must not exceed 100 lb/45 kg.

How much does Volaris charge for pets travelling as checked baggage?

According to Volaris pet travel policy, Volaris pet fee on national routes within Mexico is up to MXN 1,750 online.

Volaris pet fee on international routes (USA-SAM, MEX-SAM, USA-CAM, MEX-CAM, SAM-CAM, MEX-USA, and intra-CAM) is up to USD 190 online.

How to Add a Pet to a Volaris Flight?

As per Volaris pet travel policy guidelines, pets can be added to your Volaris flight reservation either by contacting Volaris customer service at +52 (55) 1102 8000 in Mexico or +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) in the US. 

You can do the same online as well through the airline’s website at the time of booking or later. To do so at the time of booking, follow these steps:

  • Select the ‘Travel with Pet’ option on the ‘Select Your Seat page’.
  • Follow further steps to complete the booking. 
  • If you’ve already booked your flight online, go to their website, volaris.com. 
  • Access your flight booking via My Trips or login to your Volaris account if you have one. 
  • Select the Travel with Pet option, and follow the steps to add your pet.

 Regardless of how you add your pet, you will be asked to provide some basic information, such as your pet’s breed, size, weight (with the pet carrier included), vaccination record, and health certificate.

Emotional Support Animals (ESA)

Volaris pet policy allows emotional support animals only—cats and dogs—to travel for free in the passenger cabin with or without a carrier.

Pet Travel Requirements for Emotional Support Animals

There are some fundamental requirements for ESA to travel in the aircraft. According to Volaris pet policy, your emotional support animal must meet the following requirements:

  • a certification from a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist with clinical licensure.
  • The certificate has to be granted no later than a year after the departure.
  • The certificate must specify that the passenger is receiving professional care and that the passenger needs the emotional support animal to travel with her or him.
  • The certificate should be on the specialist’s letterhead and must include the license number.
  • The weight of the emotional support animal along with the pet carrier cannot be more than 26 lbs.

Documentation for Emotional Support Animals

A vaccination certificate is required, which is valid. According to Volaris dog policy, certificates should include the first administration of a rabies shot or current booster dose (the validity can be 1, 2, or 3 years). A health certificate is required to ensure your pet is healthy enough to fly.

Different countries have different document requirements as volaris pet travel policy:

  • Volaris Pet Transportation Form, which is provided at the airport if you’re traveling from or to the United States,.
  • An animal health certificate from SENASICA/SAGARPA for Mexico to Central America flights. 
  • A CIS, or sanitary inspection certificate, from the ICA (Colombian Agricultural Institute) for flights from Colombia. 
  • Frequent Traveler Program for Pets Mexican passengers who are members of this program are only supposed to provide a certificate from SENASICA and fill out a form provided at the airport.

Volaris Service Animals Policy

According to the Volaris dog policy, specially abled passengers can travel with service animals in the aircraft. They need to provide and fill out some documents related to it. Most of the documents listed above for emotional support animals are required for service animals as well. 

Volaris International Pet Policy

Volaris international pet policy states that you can travel with your pet, cats and dogs, internationally. Depending on the size and weight parameters of your pet, it can travel in-cabin or as checked baggage in cargo.

The weight limit for pets in the cabin is 22 pounds (10 kilos). The larger ones can be transported in IATA-approved craters as checked baggage. 

Pet travel tips

To make your travels with a pet easy, you should keep some things in mind. Let's talk about some tips for doing so. 

Before the flight

Book your pet’s reservations as soon as possible.

Get the IATA-approved crater.

Keep all the documents required handy for a smooth process.

Make sure your pet is healthy and vaccinated. 

During the flight

Keep your pet calm and follow the flight attendants' instructions.

If in-cabin, make sure your pet is in the carrier all the time.

If in the cargo,make sure your pet carrier is properly labeled and placed. 

After the Flight

After you land, check your pet’s health.

Take it to the relief area.

Look for the country's quarantine requirements, if any.

Volaris Pet Carrier Rules

According to the Volaris pet travel policy, your pet’s carrier should be comfortable for your pet and should be strong and waterproof. It should not measure more than 44 cm long, 30 cm wide, and 19 cm high (17.5 x 12 x 7.5 inches). Your pet should be able to move, lie down, and stand up within the carrier comfortably.

The carrier should be made of a breathable material like fabric, sturdy plastic, or bubble backpacks. 

Volaris Vaccination and Documents for Pet Travel

Documents required for your pet in accordance with the Volaris pet travel policy are:

  • Vaccination certification.
  • Health certificate
  • All the certificates should show the name, breed, and age of your pet.

Pets are not allowed on board.

Breeds that are at risk of getting ill due to high altitudes and temperature conditions are not allowed or advised to travel. Here is a list of such breeds of dogs and cats, respectively. 

According to the Volaris dog policy, dogs that are not allowed on board are:

American Staffordshire Terrier

Boston Terrier

Boxer (all breeds) 

Griffon Bruxellois (Brussels Griffon) 

Bulldog (all breeds) 

Chow Chow 

Lhasa Apso 

Mastiff (all breeds) 


Pit Bull 

Canary Mastiff 

Pug (all races) 


Tibetan Spaniel 

Japanese Spaniel 

Cane Corso 

Dogue de Bordeaux (Bordeaux Mastiff) 

English Toy Spaniel 

Japanese Chin 

Shih tzu 

 According to Volaris pet policy, the cats that are not allowed on board are:

  • Burmese
  • Persian
  • Himalayan
  • Exotic shorthair 

Additionally, Volaris pet policy states that your pet should not be ill, violent, infected, or pregnant, as such pets are not allowed in regards to safety.

Your pets must be cleaned properly and should be odor-free.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do Volaris Airlines allow pets to travel in-cabin?

Ans. Yes. According to Volaris Airlines pet travel policy, you can take your pet in-cabin within the carrier. Provided it does not weigh more than 22 pounds and does not exceed size limitations. 

2. Can I take a service dog with me?

Ans. Yes. According to Volaris pet travel policy, you can take your service animal with or without a carrier in-cabin free of charge. 

3. How much do they charge for a pet?

Ans. On national flights from MXN 1,650 online to MXN 1,900 online, On international flights, up to USD 192 online.


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