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Do you want to travel to your favourite international location with your furry friends? The good news is that with Allegiant Air's pet policy, you can travel with your pet. This airline permits only small dogs and cats on their flights. As per the Allegiant pet travel guidelines, they do not allow pets in checked bags or transported in cargo space. Domestic pets, such as dogs or cats, can travel in cabin class with their owner.

Pet Carrier Requirements

  • If you are planning to travel with your lovely pet, you should know about the pet carrier requirements. Here are some guidelines for Allegiant pet carrier requirements.
  • As per the Allegiant Air pet policy, pet carrier size should not exceed 9H * 16W * 19D.
  • This airline allows 2 pet carriers per passenger. Pet carriers would not be considered carry-on baggage.
  • Pet carriers should be properly waterproof and comfortable.
  • Allegiant Airlines will not accept a pet carrier if it is not fully ventilated.
  • Allegiant Airlines applies a pet fee of 100 dollars per pet carrier.
  • You will need to get FAA approval.
  • Pet carriers can be hard or soft, but keep in mind that it should be waterproof.
  • In a single pet carrier, two small pets can adjust in a single pet container, if they are small.

Pet Types And Restrictions

Follow the information below, which will provide you with beneficial Allegiant Air pet travel tips. Allegiant Airlines' pet policy allows you to make pet reservations hassle-free.

Pet Restrictions:

  • Before making a pet reservation with Allegiant Air, you must know about the pet restrictions. Mention the restrictions on pets in the points given below.
  • You cannot carry a pet carrier whose size is more than 9H*16W*19D.
  • In the cabin class, emotional support animals are allowed if they meet normal pet reservation requirements.
  • Allegiant Air will not treat your pet as carry-on luggage. They will be considered as extra baggage.
  • Each passenger can carry one pet carrier on the flight.
  • Your pet's health report should be good.
  • You can not carry more than two pets in the cabin class.

Pet Types:

Allegiant Airlines only allows domestic animals, like small dogs or cats, on its flights. Service animals can also travel on the flight with disabled passengers. If you carry restricted animals, the airline will not allow your pet in the aircraft.

Pet Fees And Reservations

As per the Allegiant pet fee rules, if the passengers wish to travel with a pet, it will be subject to the Allegiant pet fee. Basically, they impose a 100-dollar pet fee per pet carrier. The 100 dollars pet fee is only for one-way, which means if your flight is round way, you will have to pay 200 dollars. This airline does not impose a pet fee on service dogs if pets travel with disabled passengers. A pet fee will apply to you if your flight is to/from the USA or within the USA/Canada.

Steps To Book Your Pet Ticket Via Call

Allegiant Airlines allows you to bring a pet on the flight, but you must follow the Allegiant pet reservation process. You will have to get FAA approval before travelling with your pet. To make a pet reservation, you must contact the Allegiant Airlines customer support team by phone. Just call their pet reservation departments and request them for a pet reservation. Remember that you must contact the pet reservation department at least one week before the departure. You can not make a reservation on a departure day.

Allegiant Air Pet Check-In

The pet check-in rules are different from normal check-in. Under the Allegiant Air pet policy, if you travel with your pet, you must check in at the airport or gate counter at least one hour before departure. At the airport, they start the check-in process at least four hours prior to departure. You will need to finish the paperwork if your flight/destination is international.

How to Travel with Service Animals on Allegiant?

  • Follow the below guidelines for travelling with service animals on Allegiant.
  • Allegiant Airlines allows service animals on its flights with passengers with disabilities without charging a pet fee.
  • If you travel with a service animal, you will have to fill out a DOT Service Air Transportation form.
  • You will have to submit a hard copy of the DOT Service Air Transportation form at the ticket counter.
  • Allegiant Airlines allows per passenger two service animals on the flight.
  • If the service animal is less than 2 years old or its weight is less than 30 lb, it can be seated under the seat or passenger's lap.
  • Your pet should be under your control during the flight.

What is the Allegiant ESA pet policy?

The Allegiant in-cabin pet policy does not allow emotional support animals in the cabin class free of charge. Before January 11, 2021, Allegiant Airlines allowed emotional support animals on their flights free of charge. Currently, airlines do not allow emotional support animals on flights free of charge. However, you can carry a pet; if it meets the pet reservation requirements, you will need to pay a pet fee.


The most important part of life is travel, which becomes even more enjoyable when you travel by air. But sometimes travelling with your pet becomes impossible. Don't worry; Allegiant Airlines makes it easy; you can travel with your pet hassle-free. This airline does not impose a pet fee on service animals if they travel with disabled passengers. However, you must pay the pet fee if the pet travels in cabin class.


1. What is the Allegiant Air pet policy for military personnel?

Ans. According to the Allegiant Air pet policy, the airline allows active duty military members to carry one pet in cabin class.

2. Allegiant Air small pet rules?

Ans. Allegiant Air permits only small cats and dogs on the flight, but it will be subject to a pet fee. This airline does not allow small pets as checked baggage or to be transferred into cargo space.

3. Can I carry a pet for free on Allegiant Airlines?

Ans. No, Allegiant Airlines applies a pet fee to each passenger of 100 dollars each way. However, airlines do not charge disabled passengers who travel with service animals.

4. What is the maximum size of pet carriers?

Ans. Under the Allegiant pet carrier requirements, your pet carrier size should not be more than 9H * 16W * 19D.

5. How many pets can I carry on an Allegiant flight?

Ans. As per the Allegiant Air pet policy, the airline allows passengers to carry only two small pets in one container.



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