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If you are an American Airlines passenger and you have some doubts or you want to know some information about American Airlines' pet policy of 2024 so, don’t worry here on this page you will find full detailed information about rules and fees for flying with your dog, cat and all other pet on American airlines whether it is a small or big pet. All doubts would be clear here about the American airline pet policy.

American Airlines Dog Policy 2024:-

  • American Airlines only allows those cats and dogs to travel in the cabin who are at least 8 weeks old.
  • The combined weight of both pet and carrier should not be more than 20 lbs (9kg).
  • The fee for a pet traveling in a cabin is $125.
  • Dogs and cats can be transported with American Airlines cargo, which is known as American Airlines cargo.
  • American Airlines accepts only 2 pets as checked baggage.
  • If your pet is traveling with cargo then its weight must not exceed 100lbs (45kg) and it should be at least 8 weeks old.

If your pets are traveling in a cabin then your carrier must not exceed (45cm-28cm-28cm) this guideline is for your soft-sided carrier, and hard-sided carrier must not exceed (48cm-33cm-22cm).

In Cabin AA Pet Policy Emotional Support Animal

If you want to travel with ESA then, you have to follow some rules, because American Airlines doesn’t want any dangerous issues caused by your pet.

Some rules of American Airlines for your emotional support animal:-

Your ESA should only be allowed if its size is small enough, so far it can be brought into the cabin as a pet and treated as carry-on luggage.

  • If your ESA is too large for the cabin, it must be travel in American Airlines cargo
  • If your dog is fully trained, then it must be flown into the cabin without any additional charge.
  • You can fly with a large ESA dog if the airline has no size restriction.
  • ESAs only fly with American Airlines if you pay a fee for it according to American Airlines, it will not be accepted as free of charge.

Checked Baggage Pet Policy

As we all know American Airlines is a major US airline and it charges for all checked bags in domestic flights, except with certain loyal status membership.

Many international routes allow free checked bags, but some destinations to the Caribbean and Central America do not allow any free checked luggage anymore.

American Pet Policy Contact Number:-

If have any doubts or queries after reading all these paragraphs, then you have another option to contact directly with American Airlines.

You can contact their dedicated 24-hour animal desk at 1814-387-8929 or you can also visit on their official website – PetEmbark@aa.com.



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