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      Planning a trip with your furry friend? If yes! United Airlines will be the best choice for you. With United Airline pet policy, you may fly with your beloved pet and enjoy a smooth journey with them. You should review United Airlines carry on pet policy, whether you book a domestic flight or an international flight. In this guide, you will get all updates about the United Airline pet policy.

      United Airlines Pet Policy: Major Highlights

      United Airline pet policy welcomes pets on their flights. Passengers can fly with their furry friends, but they must qualify for the pet reservation requirements. Let’s examine the United Airline pet policy from the points below.

      United Airlines Carry on Pet Policy

      • United Airlines allows small cats and dogs to travel in the cabin with their owners on flights.
      • The pet carrier must fit under the seat in front of you or overhead the bean.
      • The pet carrier should not exceed more than 18 pounds, including pet weight.
      • The dimensions of the carrier must not exceed 15.5in x 12in x 7.5in.
      • A pet fee will be charged for each pet that travels in the cabin compartment or cargo area.
      • Passengers can carry up to two pets, which depends on the availability of space.

      Cargo Pet Policy

      • United Airlines transfers pets in the cargo area who do not meet the cabin and checked baggage requirements.
      • If your pet does not qualify for the cabin or check baggage size and weight requirements, it will travel in the cargo area.
      • Only cats and dogs are entitled to travel in the cargo compartment.
      • You will be required to submit some essential documents for travel in cargo space.
      • If you travel within the United States, your pet must be eight weeks old.

      Checked Baggage Pet Policy:

      • Passengers can bring their pets as a check-luggage if they do not meet the pet cabin class requirements.
      • Your pet must qualify for the United Airlines Pet Carrier requirement.
      • The carrier should be large enough for the pet to stand, sit and lie down easily.
      • United Airlines will charge you a check baggage fee if your pet travels under the check baggage policy.


      • United Airlines applies certain restrictions on certain pet breeds, such as dogs and cats, that may not travel on the flight due to safety concerns.
      • If you fly to/from the United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, Tahiti, South Africa, Panama, India, Cuba, Guam, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia, you can not travel with your pet.
      • During times of high temperatures, the airline will not accept your pet on the flight.
      • The pet reservation is subject to availability of space.

      Documents Required:

      • If your route is international, you will need to submit some additional documents, such as health certificates, vaccinations, and other required documents.
      • As per government rules, United Airlines does not accept your pet on some restricted international routes.

      How To Make A Pet Reservation With United Airlines?

      If you wish to travel with your beloved pet on a United Airlines flight, you must contact the airline representatives. You will have to share your pet's information, such as its weight and size, with the available representatives. United Airlines allows you to make your pet reservation when you book your flight.

      Does United Airlines allow service animals on flights?

      Yes, United Airlines welcomes service animals on flights, but it will be subject to terms & conditions. Under the United Airlines service animal policy, you will have to connect with United Airlines representatives or visit the airline office if you want to travel with a service animal. The airline allows only dogs under the United Airlines service animal policy.

      The service dogs must be fully trained by a certified trainer. You will have to fill out the "Department Transportation Form." In this form, you must submit some required information, such as pet breed, weight, size, colour and other required information. However, the airline will not charge a pet fee for service dogs under the United Airlines service dog policy.

      What types of dogs does United Airlines permit on flights?

      Under the United Airlines carry on pet policy, only cats and dogs are eligible to fly with United Airlines. Except for cats and dogs, the airline does not accept other animals on flights. There are three types of dogs allowed on the flight.

      Service Animals:

      United Airlines permits service animals in cabin class with their owners. Service dogs can fly with their owners free of charge. The service animal helps someone with a disability. You must complete the paperwork for your service animal reservation and connect with airline representatives.

      Therapy Animals:

      If your pet needs training or therapy, United Airlines pet policy allows your pet on the flight. You must submit the doctor's appointment letter or other required documents. You will have to notify the airline representatives 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

      Emotional Support Animal:

      You may travel with your emotional support animal; United Airlines applies some terms and conditions for those passengers who travel with their emotional support animal. You will have to present documents that show your pet is covered under the emotional support animal policy. To make an emotional support animal reservation, you must inform the airline executive at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

      Does United Airlines welcome pets in the cabin class?

      Yes, as per the United Airlines carry on pet policy, you may travel with your pets in the cabin class. To travel with your pet in the cabin class, you must qualify for the cabin class terms and conditions. Your pet weight & size should be under the carry-on restriction. You may pay the fee at the check-in or ticket counter.

      5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Pet Carrier

      1. You should keep in mind the below tips when you purchase a pet carrier for your beloved pet.
      2. Choose a large carrier that is comfortable for your pet; they can easily stand, turn, and lie down.
      3. Make sure the pet carrier has enough ventilation holes for all sides of the carrier.
      4. It should be easily lockable, so that it can comfortably be transported on the flight.
      5. According to your pet, select a carrier type such as hard-sided or soft-sided.
      6. Purchase is a pet carrier that meets the carry-on pet policy requirements.

      Can I Purchase an Additional Seat for My Pet?

      Yes, under the United Airline pet policy, passengers can purchase additional seats for their pets. To purchase an extra seat, you will have to notify United Airlines representatives at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure. You can not book an emergency window seat for your pet due to safety reasons.

      What Is United Airlines Military Pet Policy?

      Under the United Airlines Military pet policy, military member spouses can travel with their pets as cabin bags or checked baggage, which depends on the pet weight & size. Ensure that your pet qualifies for size and breed restrictions. You will need to bring some essential documents for your pet reservation. Before making a pet reservation with the airline, you should review the United Airlines military pet policy.

      United Airlines pet reservation fee

      United Airlines permits pets in their aircraft, but it will be subject to the pet reservation fee. Under the United Airline pet policy, you will be charged a pet reservation fee by the airline. The airline charges approximately 125 dollars for each trip. The pet reservation fee applies to all travellers. However, as per the United Airlines service animal policy, you may travel with your service pet without incurring extra charges or pet fee. The United Airlines pet reservation fee applies to each trip.

      What documents are required for pet reservations?

      As per the United Airlines carry-on pet policy, you will need the important documents for a pet reservation, such as a recent health certificate from a licensed Vet, a pet vaccination, and other essential documents. You must attach your information to your pet carrier, which shows your contact information.


      Final thought is that United Airline pet policy offers a pet-friendly travel experience. The airline only welcomes cats and dogs on the flight. With United Airlines Carry On pet policy, you and your beloved pet can travel together hassle-free and make joyful memories. Before planning your trip with your pet, you should review the United Airline pet policy.



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