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A pet can be a best friend, emotional support, a helper, and much more. If you want to fly with your pet and have booked a flight on Sun Country you have come to the right place. This is the article for you and your pet’s hassle free travel, let's get into Sun country pet policy!

Sun Country Pet Policy

Sun Country Airline is dog and cat friendly with some rules and regulations. Service dogs are allowed in the cabin with or without a carrier. Some pets are forbidden inside the cabin and some are allowed but inside the carrier as per Sun country pet policy. Pets can only travel domestically, i.e., within the 48 contiguous US and not on international flights or on flight to/from Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

6 Prerequisites of pet travel in Sun Country

Let's review Sun Country pet policy and understand their rules before the flight and have a serene journey:

  • Only pets accepted in the cabin are cats and dogs.
  • One carrier should have one pet
  • The carrier should be with proper aeration, and waterproof.
  • Soft sided carriers are suggested for your pets convenience.
  • The carrier dimensions should not exceed 16×10×8 and must fit under the seat.
  • Passengers travelling with pets are not allowed to take bulkhead or exit row seats. They are given a middle seat as it has the most under seat room.

Sun Country cargo hold pet policy

Pets are not allowed when you have connecting flights or lay overs that are more than 5 hours, as it will affect the health of the pet. Only 4 pets are allowed to be in one flight therefore they accept pets on first come first basis. 

As per Sun Country pet travel policy the crates for cargo hold should obey Sun Country pet policy for size restrictions. The pet inside the crate should be able to move around, sit, and lie down. 

Restricted Pets

As per Sun Country pet travel policy, only cats and dogs are allowed and rest are not. The list of animals not allowed is as follows:

  • Hedgehogs, 
  • Ferrets, 
  • Insects, 
  • Rodents, 
  • Snakes, 
  • Spiders, 
  • Sugar Gliders, 
  • Reptiles, 
  • All Birds (Household Or Non-Household), 
  • Animals Improperly Cleaned And/Or Foul Odour, 
  • Any Unusual Or Exotic Animals.

How much is the Sun country pet fee?

The pet fee varies and depends on when you are making your pet’s reservation. Only Six pets can travel on a flight so Sun Country Airline suggests booking in advance. Pet reservations are non-refundable and one pet per passenger is allowed. Passengers travelling with a service animal have to purchase an extra seat. As per Sun country pet policy you can make a reservation by calling at 651-905-2737.  For details on Sun country pet fee please refer below table:


Sun country pet fee (One way)

In advance

$75 - $125

At the airport

$100 - $199

Does Sun country allow dogs?

Yes, it does. In Fact only pets allowed are dogs and cats. According to Sun Country dog policy, only service dogs are allowed inside without a carrier. If you are bringing a service dog please get health documents which say you need service dogs help.

The service dog should be well-behaved, well trained, and leashed.


Does the Sun country have size restrictions for pets?

Yes they do. According to Sun country pet policy your pet along with the carrier should comfortably fit under the seat in your front and must remain in the carrier for the whole flight.

How much is the Sun country pet fee?

As per Sun country pet policy, pet fee ranges from $75 to $199.

How many pets are allowed per passenger?

On the basis of Sun country pet policy only one pet is allowed with one adult passenger.


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