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 Would you like to travel more happily and explore your ideal location with your cherished pets? The good news is that you may bring your animal companions on cabin class flights with JetBlue pet policy. In this guide, you will know about the pet size and weight restrictions, approved carriers, and costs for bringing your pets on board.

About Jetblue Pet Policy

JetBlue Airlines is one of the best airlines if you are a pet person. With Jetblue pet policy, you are entitled to travel with your pet hassle-free. Here are a few major highlights of the pet policy. 

  • JetBlue Airlines welcomes only small cats and dogs in the cabin class. 
  • As per Jetblue pet policy in cabin, you will have to qualify for the cabin class pet requirements. 
  • Your pet should comfortably fit under the seat or in your lap. 
  • You will need to connect with JetBlue Airlines officials for pet reservations. 
  • The airline will not accept your pet as cargo or checked baggage. 
  • You are permitted to travel with your service animal if your pet meets the specific requirements of the service animal policy. 
  • The airline accepts only six pets on each flight, so you must make a pet reservation as soon as possible.
  • The airline does not provide bulkhead or exit-row seats.  
  • The pet reservation on JetBlue Airlines is subject to additional charges.  

What are the Guidelines For The JetBlue pet policy in cabin?

If you travel with your beloved pet in cabin class, you will have to meet the specific requirements for Jetblue pet policy in cabin. Here are some guidelines about the pet policy for cabin class. 

  • The airline will charge you 125 dollars for each way.
  • In cabin class, passengers are entitled to bring two small pets under the JetBlue pet policy. 
  • You can not book a bulkhead or exit row seat if you are traveling with your furry friend.
  • Your pet carrier should not be more than 17L* 12.5W* 8.5H
  • As per JetBlue pet policy in cabin, you will need to submit the pet vaccination certificate. 
  • You can bring only small pets in cabin class, including cats and dogs. 
  • Your pet container will be considered as a personal item. 
  • However, you may purchase a pet carrier at the airport. 

Can I Travel with an Emotional Support Animal On JetBlue Airlines?

Yes! On specific flights, you may travel with an emotional support animal as per JetBlue emotional support animal policy. You will need to contact an airline agent if you travel with your emotional support animal. The airline may charge you a pet fee, which depends on your fare & route type. You will have to finish all documentation work and meet all the requirements for an emotional support animal.   

Traveling With Service Animals On JetBlue Airlines 

JetBlue Airlines allows you to travel with your service animal in a cabin class. You will need to present some original documents about your service animal; if you submit some fake documents, the airline will deny your boarding request. You will need to notify the airline officials prior to your planned departure and qualify for all requirements. You should book the pet reservation at least 1-2 weeks prior to your scheduled departure. 

What should you know before making a service animal reservation? 

Here are some key points that you must keep in mind while making a service animal reservation. 

  • As per Jetblue dog policy, the airline welcomes only trained dogs. 
  • The airline officials check your pet behavior at the airport for safety concerns.  
  • You must send the pet reservation request at least 48 hours prior to your planned departure. 
  • The pet reservation works on a first come-first basis. 
  • You will be required to complete the DOT service animal transport form. 
  • If you fly to London Heathrow or London Gatwick, you must have an Animal Reception Center Approval in advance.
  • Under Jetblue dog policy, during the training, the airline will not accept service dogs on the flight. 
  • You may adjust your pet in your lap or fit comfortably under the seat. 

JetBlue Airlines Allows Dogs In Cabin Class?

You are only allowed to bring small pets on flights with JetBlue. According to the Jetblue dog policy, large or restricted dog breeds are not allowed on the flight. The only pets allowed on JetBlue Airlines flights are small cats and dogs, according to the Jetblue pet policy.

JetBlue Pet Fee

Under the JetBlue pet policy, the airline will impose a pet reservation fee that you must pay at the check-in or ticket counter. Generally, JetBlue Airlines charges 125 dollars for each way. Without paying the fee, the airline will not accept your pet on a flight. Before the revised policy, the airline did not charge an emotional support animal fee. However, with the latest Jetblue emotional support animal policy, the airline charges a JetBlue pet fee. 

Can I Bring A Pet As A Checked Baggage?

No, as per the Jetblue pet policy, the airline does not accept pets as checked suitcases on flights. Only small cats and dogs are eligible to travel in cabin class under the JetBlue pet policy in cabin. You will need to get FAA pet carrier approval to travel with your beloved pet. 


In conclusion, JetBlue Airlines pet policy provides a pet-friendly travel experience. Only dogs and small cats are allowed in the cabin class on the airline. You and your pet may travel in comfort with JetBlue. To guarantee a trouble-free journey with your pet, always review the most recent information on pet policies before your travel with your furry friend. 


Does JetBlue Airline Accept Pet On The Flight?

You are permitted to travel in the cabin class with your cherished pets, in accordance with JetBlue pet policy. However, there are certain guidelines that you have to adhere to. In cabin class, only cats and small dogs are permitted.

Can I Bring Pet Without Paying Pet Fee?

No, JetBlue Airlines will charge you a pet reservation fee, which is 125 dollars for each way. 

Can I Bring Household Birds In Cabin Class?

No, as per the JetBlue pet policy in cabin, the airline accepts only small cats and dogs; the rest of the pets are not eligible to fly on JetBlue Airlines. 

Service Animal Is Eligible For Travel On JetBlue Airlines?

Yes, you are entitled to bring your service animal to cabin class but it will be subject to certain guidelines. You will have to notify airline representatives for service animal reservations.