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When flying with Virgin Atlantic, you will need to know the baggage allowance , which is key to a smooth journey. The Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance explains how much luggage you can bring, both checked and carry-on, and any fees that might apply. With the help of these rules, you can pack properly and avoid hassle at the airport.

In this guide, we will cover the basics of baggage allowed in Virgin Atlantic Airlines, including the number and size of bags allowed, weight limits, and extra charges. 

What You Need To Know About The Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance?

Under the Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance, you are entitled to bring one handbag and personal items free of charge. To bring your luggage free of cost, you must meet certain terms & conditions. The size of your handbag should not exceed 23*36*56 cm (9*14*22) inches. Keep in mind your luggage size should be under the carry-on hand luggage restrictions, and it should be able to easily fit under the seat or overhead the bean. However, you may purchase an extra baggage allowance at the time of making a reservation. 

Carry-on Baggage Allowance:

Virgin Atlantic Airlines permits you to bring one handbag and one personal item free of charge. The carry-on baggage allowance is subject to specific terms & conditions. Here are some major highlights about the baggage allowed in Virgin Atlantic.

  • As per the Virgin Atlantic carry on size rules, the airline will not accept your bag as a cabin bag if your luggage size is more than 23*36*56 cm (9*14*22) inches.   
  • Your hand luggage should be comfortably fit in the front of you or under the seat. 
  • There is no need to pay an excess baggage fee if you meet the cabin baggage requirements. 
  • If you travel in Economy class (Light, Premium, Classic & Delight), you may carry up to 10 kg without paying the extra charges. 
  • The airline will transfer your luggage as checked baggage or cargo space if you carry more than the carry-on baggage requirements.  

Checked Baggage:

According to the Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance policy, all tickets are eligible for free baggage allowance except the Economy Light ticket. Let’s examine the checked baggage allowance on Virgin Airlines. 

  • You can not combine your baggage allowance with someone who is traveling with you.   
  • Per passengers have their own specific check baggage allowance limit, which is eligible for only one passenger. 

Economy Classic or Delight Tickets:

  • You may check one bag free of charge.
  • Luggage weight should not be more than 23 KG.
  • The maximum dimension should not exceed 90*75*43 cm (35.5*29.5*16ins)  

Premium class Ticket:

  • You are eligible to check up to two bags without paying the excess baggage fee. 
  • The checked baggage weight should be less than 23 kg.
  • The luggage dimension should not be more than 90*75*43 cm (35.5*29.5*16 inches).

Upper Class:

  • The upper class gives you more flexibility than a Premium class ticket. You can check up to two bags. 
  • The maximum check baggage weight can be up to 32 KG for each check bag. 
  • Check baggage size should not exceed 90*75*43 cm (35.5*29.5*16ins).

Children's Baggage Allowances:

  • If seats are reserved for children, the same above baggage allowances will be applied. 
  • For infants, the airline provides a one checked baggage allowance, except for the economy light ticket. 
  • However, you may bring a baby stroller without paying the extra baggage fee.  

What Additional Items May You Bring With You?

There are some additional items that you may bring with you in cabin class. 

  • Handbag, pocketbook, and other small items that can easily fit under the seat.
  • Overcoat or Wrap
  • A walking stick or Umbrella (keep in mind that it should not be sharp)
  • Small camera
  • Infant food items
  • Duty-Free goods 
  • Laptops
  • Mobility Items
  • Headphones 
  • Or other small items 

What Are The Prohibited Items For HandBags?

Virgin Atlantic Airlines will not accept your handbag if any prohibited items are found in your hand luggage. Let’s know the prohibited items at the points below.

  • Smart bags 
  • E-cigarette    
  • Matches box
  • Flammable items 
  • Any weapon items 
  • Sharp items such as (blades or knives)
  • Chemical liquids 
  • Harmful sprays
  • Hammers 
  • Or any other sharp or harmful items. 

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Fees

According to Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance, you may add extra baggage allowance prior to your planned departure. If you purchase an extra baggage allowance at the airport, you can get up to ten bags. As per the Virgin Atlantic baggage fee rules, additional luggage fees are not transferable or refundable. The fees depend on whether your flight originates in the United States or the United Kingdom. The following additional luggage costs apply:

  • 1st bag: 65 GBP (75 USD)
  • 2nd bag: 100 USD or 65 GBP
  • 3rd bag: 140 GBP (200 USD) 
  • 4th bag: 200 USD or 140 GBP

Extra, Overweight, and Oversized  Virgin Atlantic Baggage Allowance 

Virgin Atlantic Airlines will charge you an excess baggage fee if you bring extra, overweight, or oversized luggage. The additional baggage fee will be based on your fare and route type. 

Extra Baggage:

If you need to add extra baggage, you may do so online or at the check-in counter. You can add up to seven bags if you increase your baggage allowance through Manage Booking. Whereas the airline permits you to get up to 10 extra bags, but it will be subject to excess baggage fees. You may add up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure. The excess baggage fee can be up to 140 GBP or 200 dollars, depending on the number of carried baggage. 


The maximum weight you can carry in the Premium class is up to 23 kg, whereas you may carry up to 32 kg in the upper class. Remember that you can not share your baggage allowance with someone. 


If your luggage size is less than 90*75*43cm (75.5*29.5*25.5 in), you may carry your bag as a checked baggage. Whereas, the airline will not accept your luggage as checked baggage, if your luggage size is more than 190*75*65 cm. But there is no need to worry, you may transfer your bag in cargo space. 


Baggage allowed in Virgin Atlantic policy allows you to add extra bags to enjoy your trip hassle-free. The extra baggage allowance depends on your fare type & class type. You may get an extra baggage allowance if you purchase an extra baggage allowance at the airport. Under the Virgin Atlantic International baggage allowance rules, you may add the extra baggage allowance, but it will be subject to certain terms and conditions.  


Can I add extra baggage?

Yes, as per the Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance policy, you are entitled to add an extra baggage allowance to meet your travel requirements. 

How much weight can I carry in cabin class?

Virgin Atlantic Airlines allows you to carry up to 10 kg without inducing the extra charges. As per the Virgin Atlantic carry on size restrictions, your luggage should not exceed the 23*36*56 cm (9*14*22) inches.

How much extra baggage can I add on Virgin Atlantic Airlines?

According to baggage allowed in Virgin Atlantic rules, you are eligible to bring up to 10 bags. 

Can I check my luggage without incurring the excess baggage fee? 

No, under the Virgin Atlantic baggage fees policy, the airline will not allow you to check your luggage without incurring the extra charges. The airline will charge you between 65-140 GBP.  


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