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Are you worried about your extra baggage? If yes! There is no need to worry! EasyJet baggage policy has you covered with clear guidelines on cabin and checked baggage, plus rules for handling excess items. This introduction will provide a full explanation of Easyjet baggage policy, helping travellers to prepare comfortably for their journey and prevent any unexpected penalties or hassles at the airport. Whether you're a frequent flyer or planning your first trip with EasyJet, understanding these rules is critical for a pleasant and hassle-free journey.

About Easyjet Baggage Policy

With Easyjet baggage policy, all passengers are entitled to upgrade their baggage allowance prior to their scheduled departure. You will be responsible for an excess baggage fee if you do not meet the Easyjet baggage policy requirements. The baggage allowance is subject to certain size & weight restrictions. You can not carry more than 15 kg in cabin class. Before planning a trip with Easyjet, you should review the baggage policy. 

Carry-on Easyjet Baggage Guidelines 

Let's know about the Easyjet baggage policy with the help of the points below. 

  • Bring one personal belonging and one cabin bag without incurring extra charges. 
  • If you carry a small carry-on bag, its size should be no more than 45* 36* 20 cm, including wheels and handles. 
  • The airline allows you to carry up to 15 kg if you lift yourself.
  • The airline permits you to bring one large cabin bag, but its size should not be more than (55*45*25) cm. 
  • If you book a flex ticket or have an Easyjet Plus membership, you are eligible to bring one large cabin bag hassle-free. 
  • All passengers are entitled to bring two cabin bags, the first small cabin bag and the second large cabin bag.  

Carry-on Baggage Allowances:

Carry-on baggage allowances allow all passengers to bring one small bag on board. Here are some major highlights of carry-on baggage allowances. 

Small Cabin Bag:

  • As per the Easyjet baggage size requirements, your small cabin baggage should not be larger than (45*36*20) cm, including wheels & handles. 
  • Your handbag should fit under the seat or in front of you.  
  • Remember that your hand luggage weight should not exceed 15 kg.  
  • The small handbag may be a laptop bag, small trolley case, or other small bag whose dimensions should be under the Easyjet baggage size requirements. 

Large Cabin Bag:

  • Only Easyjet Plus members or Flexi ticket holders can bring large cabin bags. 
  • As per the Easyjet baggage size requirements, the cabin bag, including handles and wheels, should not be more than (55*45*25) cm. 
  • The large cabin bag can be a large rucksack or trolley case under the maximum dimensions. 
  • It should easily fit overhead in the bin. 
  • Keep in mind that a large carry-on baggage weight should not be more than 15 kg.

Hold Luggage Easyjet Baggage Requirements

EasyJet Airlines allows all passengers and infants to purchase up to three hold luggage. You can purchase up to 32 kg. You can combine your entire weight allowance if you're taking the same flight and booking with your relatives or friends. This implies that provided no single item weighs more than 32 kg, the entire weight allowance may be divided among the total number of bags reserved.   

Excess Baggage Fees Easyjet




Small Cabin Bag
(45*36*20) cm



Large Cabin Bag

(56*45*25) cm

From £ 5.99

Hold Luggage
(less than 15 kg)

£ 6.99

Hold Luggage
(Up to - 23 kg)

£ 40

£ 9.49

Airport Cabin Baggage Fee

£ 48

Sports Equipment 

£ 37

£ 47

Large Sports Equipment

£ 45

£ 55

What Are The Restricted Items on EasyJet Airlines?

Due to safety concerns, Easyjet Airlines will not accept restricted items on board. If you do not follow the guidelines,. Here are key points about the restricted items. 


You may carry liquid, but its volume should be less than 1000 ml in a sealed pack. 

Food & Drinks:

At the departure lounge, you may purchase alcohol. Its volume should not be more than 70%. However, you may also purchase food and carry it in a cabin class. 


Only a limited number of cigarettes are allowed on the flight. However, you may carry a lighter on the flight with the airline official's permission. You can not smoke during the flight. 

Sharp Object:

The airline will not permit you to bring any sharp objects into the cabin class.  However, you may carry some sharp objects, like blades less than 6 cm. 

Dry Ice:

You can not bring more than 2.5 kg of dry ice in cabin class. The airline will punish you if you use dry ice during the flight without getting permission from available officials.  

Other Harmful Items:

Before packing your bags, you should review the list of restricted items. If you bring the prohibited items in your luggage, you will be punished, or the airline will seize your items.  

I Have An EasyJet Membership, What Is My Carry-on Baggage Allowance?

If you have an Easyjet membership, you are entitled to bring one small cabin bag and one large cabin bag free of charge. However, large cabin bags are subject to the availability of space, so you should book large cabin baggage in advance. Keep in mind your small carry-on bag should not be more than 15kg; you will have to lift yourself.  

How Can I Add a Large Cabin Bag to My Booking?

When you book your flight at the time, you have the option to add your large cabin baggage. You may also add the large cabin bag after the check-in. If you use the mobile app for booking, you can add a large cabin bag through the “Add Extra” option. 


Under the Easyjet baggage policy, all travellers are eligible to bring one small cabin bag free of charge. The cabin small & large bags are subject to specific weight & size restrictions. The airline allows you to bring up to 15 kg in cabin class, but you will have to lift it yourself. You will be responsible for an excess baggage fee if you carry more than the Easyjet baggage allowance.   


How Much Can I Carry on Small Cabin Baggage?

Under the Easyjet baggage policy, you can bring up to 15 kg in cabin class within the maximum size limit. 

How Many Bags Can I Carry in Cabin Class?

You may carry one small bag and one large cabin bag free of charge. Keep in mind that Easyjet Plus members can carry large cabin bags overhead in the bin. 

How do I add large cabin baggage?

You may add cabin luggage through “Manage Booking” or use the “Add Extra Luggage” option on the airline app. 

What is the maximum carry-on weight limit on Easyjet Airlines?

As per the Easyjet baggage guidelines, you can carry up to 32 kg. The carry-on extra baggage is subject to baggage fees EasyJet.


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