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Scandinavian Airlines

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Scandinavian Airlines, also referred to as SAS, is the flag carrier of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. It operates flights to up to 125 destinations and has a fleet of 68 aircraft. Passengers must abide by the luggage policy of Scandinavian Airlines in order to provide a hassle-free and pleasurable journey. Let's examine the guidelines related to Scandinavian Airlines baggage policy. We will learn about the allowed weight, dimensions, and fees for oversize baggage. Let's go ahead and begin.

What is the carry-on policy on SAS Airlines?

According to  scandinavian airlines baggage policy, each traveller is allowed one carry-on bag and one small personal item with SAS. Maximum dimensions for a carry-on: 55 x 40 x 23 cm (21.5 x 15.5 x 9 inches) Maximum weight for a carry-on: 8 kg (18 lbs) personal object, such as a laptop bag or purse Fits in the overhead bin; no gate inspection is permitted Before packing, measure your carry-on to prevent oversize charges. If bins are full when you board, be ready to put your bag in the hold.

SAS baggage weight allowance

A free cabin bag measuring 55 x 40 x 23 cm and weighing 8 kg is always allowed on board, along with one personal item, such as a handbag or laptop bag measuring 40 x 30 x 15 cm. On flights inside Europe, checked baggage is not free when you choose the lowest "Go Light" cost; nevertheless, baggage up to 23 kg is always free on all other routes and on long-haul flights. Unless you have extra checked baggage, sports equipment is carried free of charge.

SAS airline carry-on size and weight limit

Your hand luggage must not be larger than 55 x 40 x 23 cm (22 x 16 x 9 inches) to fit in the overhead compartment above the seat. Portable handles, pockets and wheels are included in this measurement. You can check the dimensions of  sas airlines carry on size on the  ticket counter and the size control screens at the departure gate if you are not sure of its size.

SAS checked baggage allowance 

The booking class and frequent flyer status determine how many checked baggage are permitted on SAS: 

  • Economy Class: Up to 23 kilograms (51 lbs) of free checked baggage Two complimentary checked baggage up to 23 kg (51 lbs) are offered by SAS Plus/Premium Class. two complimentary checked bags up to 32 kg (70 pounds)
    As per business class every SAS Diamond and Gold Members: Free additional checked luggage according to status To prevent overweight penalties, weigh baggage at home and make necessary adjustments to the contents.
    Utilise the allowances offered by your fare class to the fullest.

SAS baggage fees 

Exceeding size and weight limits results in excess SAS baggage fees: :

Fee TypeCost
Additional Checked Bags€35-€200 per bag
Overweight Bags€150 per bag
Oversized Bags€200 per bag
Airport Check-In€35-€50 per passenger

Avoid SAS baggage fees by booking desired SAS baggage allowances upfront and keeping bags under weight limits. Pre-purchase extras online for discounted rates if needed.

Tips for flying SAS with Checked Baggage 

To make SAS baggage allowance  procedures simpler, use these suggestions: 

  • At home, weigh your bags and repackage if necessary. Place contact information-filled ID tags both inside and outside of luggage. 
    Pay additional allowances in advance at a discounted rate online. 
    Get to the airport early to allow for more luggage. Prepare receipts in advance and print bag tags. Acknowledge size limitations to prevent carry-on gate check costs. 
    Carry little money or coins in case you need to pay additional fees. 
    Use the SAS mobile app to monitor your bags. Steer clear of forbidden items such as lithium batteries. Identify luggage by taking pictures of it. 
    The chance of confusion and SAS baggage costs is reduced by careful planning and packing.


How early should I arrive at the airport to check bags at SAS?

Aim for 2-3 hours before your flight on international routes for luggage, security, immigration etc. 

What is the maximum checked baggage weight as per sas baggage weight allowance ? 

Business Class passengers have a maximum baggage allowance of 32 kg (70 lbs). Lower for the economy. 

Can I combine my checked baggage with other SAS bookings? 

Yes, those who have made the same reservation can combine their free luggage with one person's luggage. 

Does SAS allow hand luggage to be checked at the gate? 

According to  sas baggage weight allowance, hand luggage must fit in the main compartment. Oversized items are accepted as checked baggage for a fee. 

What if my bags exceed the SAS weight limits? 

Overweight bags are subject to an additional baggage fee. You may have to remove the items or pay.



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