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Sometimes, plans change, and you might need to cancel your Finnair flight even after booking. No worries! Finnair has a helpful cancellation policy to support travellers. Lots of folks have successfully canceled their flights and gotten refunds through this policy. To make the most of it, just understand the rules, and you'll get your reimbursements on time.

Finnair's cancellation policy is designed to give you flexibility and ease of mind. If you have a refundable (Flex) ticket, you can get a full refund by canceling within a certain timeframe. For non-refundable tickets (like all non-Flex fares), Finnair might let you change your travel dates or give you a voucher for future use if you need to cancel.

Finnair's 24-hour Cancellation Policy

Finnair's 24-hour cancellation policy lets everyone cancel their flights without any extra charges or fees if:

  • You bought your ticket a week or more before your flight, and
  • You cancel within 24 hours of booking.

This rule applies to all ticket types, even the ones that are usually non-refundable.

Note –  If you want a refund, first cancel your flight and then fill out Finnair's online refund form.

Process to cancel Finnair flight tickets

If you need to cancel your Finnair flight, you can do it in a few easy ways: online through their website, on the phone, or by talking to the travel agent you got your ticket from.

But before you cancel, take a look at your ticket's terms and conditions. That way, you'll know if there are any fees or rules about canceling.

Here's how you can cancel online:

  • Open the official page of Finnair.com in your web browser.
  • Find and click on "Manage," leading you to the Manage booking page.
  • Type in your booking reference number (like S4RT7H) and your last name from the booking confirmation.
  • Select "Search" to see your flight details on the next page.
  • Click "Cancel flights" and read the information in the pop-up.
  • Press "Continue" (your booking won't be cancelled yet).
  • Review and choose the flights and passengers you want to cancel.
  • Check the box at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click "Confirm booking cancellation" to complete the cancellation.

Finnair Cancellation Fees

If you decide to cancel a Finnair flight with a non-refundable ticket, you will lose almost the entire fare, except for refundable taxes and fees. It may seem a bit strict, but non-refundable tickets are usually cheaper than flexible ones.

Finnair does this so people know what to expect when they pick non-refundable tickets. If you want the option to cancel without a big fee, think about getting a refundable (Flex) ticket. The good news is, that there's no cancellation fee for Flex tickets, whether you're flying in Economy, Premium Economy, or Business.

And guess what? If you have an Economy Flex ticket, it won't cost you anything to cancel - it's $0 cancellation fees.

Finnair Flight Cancellation & Refund

Finnair understands that sometimes plans change, and they want to make things flexible and easy for their passengers. Here's the scoop on their refund policy:

  1. Refund Options
  • If your flight gets cancelled, you can ask for a full refund, and Finnair will handle it pretty quickly.
  • If your flight is delayed by more than five hours, you might get compensation under certain conditions.
  1. Timeline for Refunds
  • If you bought your ticket with a credit card or cash, Finnair will refund you within 7 business days.
  • For tickets purchased by check, it might take up to 20 business days.
  1. Cancelled by Finnair
  • If Finnair cancels your flight (involuntary refund), you can get a full refund if the ticket is unused.
  • If you cancel for reasons not mentioned above (voluntary refund), the refund amount depends on whether you've used part of your ticket or not.

Cancellation Within 24-Hours

If you bought your ticket 7 or more days before your flight, you can cancel within 24 hours of booking without any refund fee.

Lost Tickets

If your ticket is lost, Finnair can refund it after you show proof of loss, but there might be an administration charge.

Refund Refusal

Finnair may refuse a refund if you apply after your ticket's expiry date or if it's presented as proof of leaving the country without proper authorization.

Refund Process

Refunds will be in the same currency you used to buy the ticket, and Finnair will send it back to the credit card or payment method you used.

Payment Date

The refund payment date will be when the ticket was issued, not when the refund is processed.

Multiple Bookings

If you have more than one booking, you need to fill out a separate form for each.


Finnair flight ticket cancellation online

Here are some quick tips for cancelling your flight online:

  • If you're cancelling online through Manage Booking, there won't be any extra service fees.
  • If you can't cancel through Manage Booking, use the chatbot (Sisu) for assistance.
  • Once you've cancelled your booking, you can't reverse it, so be sure you want to proceed.
  • Your refund amount gets calculated after confirming your cancellation. It depends on the type of ticket you bought. If you're eligible for a refund, it'll go back to your original payment method.
  • To find your ticket type, check the confirmation email you got after booking. If you're not sure, look at the info at the beginning of this page about refundable ticket types.
  • If you only want to cancel for some passengers, get help from the chatbot (Sisu) to cancel specific flights in your booking.
  • If you booked through someone else or as part of a group, contact your travel agent or tour operator directly for cancellations and refunds.

Canceling The Finnair flight tickets by phone call

If you don't like online stuff, don't worry! Simply call Air Ticket Policy customer service at +1-877-563-0127 (it's toll-free). They are available round the clock. A representative will be there to help you and will ask you for information such as your last name, ticket details and why you want to cancel. Once you reveal the details, they will handle the cancellation process for you.

Cancellation of the Finnair Flight tickets at the airport

If the earlier methods don't work for you, you can always head to the airport to cancel your Finnair booking. Find the airline's booking desk, share your details with the friendly staff, and they'll take care of canceling your reservation. The airlines will keep you informed through your registered email address or phone.


1. Can I cancel my Finnair flight online without paying extra fees?

Absolutely! If you cancel online through Manage Booking, you won't face any additional service fees. It's quick and hassle-free.

2. How can I cancel for specific passengers or get help with my cancellation?

Just chat with Sisu, Finnair's helpful chatbot. Sisu can assist you if you need to cancel only for certain passengers or have any questions.

3. What if I booked my Finnair flight through a travel agent or as part of a group? How do I cancel?

No worries! Simply reach out directly to your travel agent or tour operator for cancellations and refunds. They'll guide you through the process smoothly.




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