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Volaris Airlines Manage reservations

You can do a lot just by clicking the "Manage my booking" option. It is an online process where you can manage your ticket, such as cancellation, seat upgrade, flight change, name and date change, and request for additional luggage.

It is a time-saving process. You can manage your booking through online mode. Here are some benefits of manage booking.

  • Upgrade your reservation: With the help of a "Manage booking" option, you can change your flight date and upgrade your services.
  • Manage personal data: sometimes you make a minor mistake in your name at the time of booking, so Volaris airline gives you the option "manage my booking", where you can change your name and update your contact number.
  • Cancel or refund: The flight cancel or refund process is done after sending the cancel or refund request through the "manage my booking" option.
  • Special services: For demanding a wheelchair or pet booking, you can send special service requests through this option.
  • Upgradation: if you want to travel within your comfort zone, then you can purchase an extra seat ticket by just clicking this option.

Making The Most Of Volaris Airlines Manage Booking

  • Manage your information: Before departure, Volaris gives you the option to change your details after booking the flight. If you fill in the wrong name in your ticket, then you can change your name after paying the correction fee. This is done by the "Manage my booking" option.
  • Check-in online: This airline allows you to check-in up to 72 hours before departure through online.
  • Baggage and services: you can upgrade your baggage limit and meal or extra services. It's cost-effective and time-saving through the online method.
  • Flight notification: If your flight is delayed or cancelled by the airline, you will get a message on their online portal. You can check it after the click of "manage my reservation."
  • Extra legroom: you can upgrade your extra legroom after paying the additional charges.

Volaris essential features Manage my reservation

Volaris Airlines is the best airline for domestic and international flights. This airline provides more services to their passengers during the flight. There are some features of ”Manage my reservation.”

  • Change flight:  

Sometimes, you do not reach the airport on your departure time due to many reasons like traffic jams, bad weather reports, and any emergency situation so that you can change your flight.

  • Update services:

If you're unsatisfied with their regular services, this airline gives you an option for upgrade services.

  • Change your personal details:

Don't worry about accidentally entering the wrong name during booking; you can change your name by clicking on the "Manage Booking" option.

  • Print boarding pass:

You will require a boarding pass to enter the flight. This airline gives you the option to print your boarding pass through an online method.

  • Cancel or change flight:

In case of an emergency, you cannot reach your destination. This option allows you to cancel or change your flight with the consent of this airline.

How to access Volaris Airlines Manage Reservations?

 You can manage your Volaris reservations through an online or offline method. The online method is best all the time because it saves you time.

  • Via Volaris Official Site – Online Method

    • Visit the website.
    • Go to “my booking.” option.
    • Fill in your name, email, surname, and PNR number.
    • Hit the “Retrieve Reservation” button.
    • Make changes according to your interest.
    • Submit your legal documents.
    • Make payments
  • Via official app

    • Go to the play store or Apple store.
    • Complete the login process.
    • Click the “My booking” section.
    • Enter your flight details like name, PNR name, surname, and email.
    • Hit the “Edit” button.
    • After making changes, click the save changes 
    • Complete your payment process through gateways.
  • Via customer service:

Call their customer service number, and they will help you manage your reservation 8143878929  in Mexico or +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) in the US.

  • Email: otherwise, you can email them to manage your reservation.  

How to use Volaris Manage Booking?

Volaris allows its travellers to manage their Booking via website, phone call, AAP, and email. You can change or cancel your flight and update your personal information, seat, and meal.

There are a few steps to use to Manage Booking.

  1. Visit the website or app, enter your personal details, and click the “My booking” section.
  2. Verify your flight details, like name, seat type, and departure date. Otherwise, If there is any mistake in your details, then you can change your details.
  3. You can select a seat according to your interests.
  4. Upgrade your special services.
  5. This airline allows you online check-in 72 hours before your departure time. 
  6. Pay your additional service charges.

Volaris Flight Change Rates And Policies

You will have to change your flight when you can not reach the airport for various reasons. Volaris Airlines gives you the option to change your flight. If your flight is changed by the airline, then you will not have to pay any fee to rebook your flight, but if your flight is missed due to your reasons, then you will have to pay some additional charges. For more information, you will have to visit their official website.

Flight change policy and fares

The cost of all flight modifications is not fixed; It depends on your ticket type and destination. If you want to know more about the flight change policy, call their customer care number or visit their website.

  • For national routes within Mexico: 

  1. If your flight change is done more than 15 days before departure, you must pay around 850mzn + fare difference.
  2. If the flight change is done less than 15 days from departure. Then, you will have to pay approximately 1100 mzn + difference fare.
  • For international routes:

  1. If your flight change is done more than 15 days before departure, you must pay around 85 mzn + fare difference.
  2. If the flight change is done less than 15 days from departure. Then you will have to pay around 110 mzn + fare difference. 
  • Flight changes will be free.

If your flight changes are done within 24 hours of booking, then it will be free.

Flight Cancellation Policy And Fees

For flight cancellation, you will have to follow its policy at the time of flight cancellation. All charges for flight cancellation vary; It depends on your ticket type and destination.

  • If you cancel your basic type ticket, this airline does not give you permission to change or cancel your ticket after a confirmed ticket.
  • This airline gives you the option to change or cancel flights only for Plus and flexible ticket types, but you will have to pay additional fees.
  • Fees: $100 to $400 apply for cancellation if the flight cancellation request is sent after 24 hours of booking. If a flight cancellation request is sent 24 hours after booking, they incur fees of around $100 to $500.
  • Refund policy: Some tickets are non-refundable, and some are refundable. It depends on your ticket type. Will you get a refund or not?
  • Cancellation flight: You can cancel your ticket after the booking through the website, app, phone call, and email. Without paying the cancellation fee, you can not cancel your flight. 
  • You must notify the airline after getting the refund or confirm the flight cancellation within 24 hours.

Refund and Eligibility Options

After cancelling the ticket, it is not confirmed whether you will get the refund or not; it depends on your ticket type and destination. Volaris Airlines mentioned all the details in their policy regarding refund policy.

  • After the cancel ticket, you must send a refund request to the airline.
  • Before getting a refund, contact their Volaris phone number. 
  • If Non-refundable tickets are cancelled, you will get a refund after the cancellation flight.
  • If your ticket is cancelled within a specific time according to the refund policy.
  • If a flight is cancelled due to medical reasons, you must submit a medical certificate; after document verification, they will refund you.

What is the Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy?

Volaris allows you to change your name after booking. Sometimes, you make a mistake at the time of booking, like filling the wrong spelling of your name or name changed by the court. This airline allows you to change your name, but you must follow its name-change policy. This airline does not give you the option to change your full name. If you change your name within 24 hours of booking, then you will not pay any correction fees.

Name Correction vs. Name Change

Name Correction vs Name Change means that if you make a small mistake in your name, then it will come under name correction. But if you want to change your surname, it will come under a name change. Correct a major mistake; you will have to pay extra charges because major name changes are too difficult.

Name Correction policy

  • This is a free replacement to correct a minor error.
  • If you want to update your name, then you will have to call their customer care number; otherwise, you can go directly to the airport.
  • After the document verification, they will change your name.
  • You must complete your corrections 24 hours before departure.

Name change policy 

  • You can change your last name if you get married or divorced before departure. But you will have to pay extra charges.
  • You will have to submit a legal document which is issued by the court, like a marriage or divorce certificate.
  • The management of your flight must be under Volaris Airline.

What is the Pet Policy for the Different Cabin Classes on Volaris Airlines?

This airline allows only small cats and dogs in the cabin. If you're planning to fly with your pet, remember that you'll need to read the pet policy and follow the appropriate rules. Before the departure/ booking, you must inform Volaris Airlines and tell them your pet's accurate details. Your pet must be healthy and submit your pet's latest medical reports to the airline. When IATA approves your pet request, then you can travel with your pet.

  • Pet travel in a cabin

  1. Allow only small dogs and cats.
  2. Your pet and its cage's combined weight should be up to 10 kg.
  3. Your pet should fit in your front seat without any problems.
  4. Submit your pet's health certificate.
  • Pet Cargo Trips

  1. Only allow pets that do not fit in a cabin class seat.
  2. Your pet and its cage's combined weight should be up to 45 kg.
  3. Submit your pet's health certificate.
  4. After the IATA is approved then, your pet is allowed in cargo.
  • Service animals

  1. This airline allows your pet in service class passengers.
  2. In service class, animals are permitted in the cabin without taking additional charge.

How to proceed with the cancellation of a Volaris flight? – 24-hour cancellation policy, fee and refund?

The 24-hour flight cancellation policy is different from other general cancellation policies. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours after the reservation, then you can get a full refund without a deducted cancellation fee.

  1. If you book a ticket online, you can cancel your ticket quickly within 24 hours after booking. Go to "manage my booking," fill in the required details, and cancel your ticket.
  2. If you cancel a non-refundable ticket over 24 hours, then you will have to pay cancellation fees.
  3. Send a refund request to the airline if you are eligible for a refund after cancellation,
  4. You can get a refund after the cancellation if you book the flight's official website. 
  5. Furthermore, if you book your ticket seven days before departure after you cancel your ticket, you will get a full refund.

Have you missed your flight with Volaris? What to do next?

There are many reasons when you miss your flight, like traffic jams, emergency cases, lousy weather reports and health issues. So, after the missed flight, you should quickly contact their customer care staff.

  • Missing your flight

  1. If you miss your flight due to a traffic jam, emergency, or personal problem, you should immediately contact Volaris Airlines through a phone call or directly visit the airport.
  2. They allow you to rebook your flight after the missed flight; otherwise, you can cancel your flight, but you will have to pay extra charges if you are eligible.
  • Delayed flight

  1. If your flight is delayed by Volaris Airlines, they will update you through the website, phone call, email, and app.
  2. In case of flight delay or cancellation by the airline, they will rebook your flight on the next available flight.
  3. They will provide you food or compensation if you are eligible for compensation after a flight delay.
  4. If you are covered under travel insurance, please find out what you will get after a flight delay.

How do you manage group reservations with Volaris Airlines?

Volaris Airlines gives you the best option to manage your group reservation. If you want to manage your group reservation, then you will have to visit the Volaris group site; you can manage the reservation four days before departure; otherwise, if you want assistance, then you should call their customer care number. This airline does not give you persimmon for amendments if your name is not registered in your boarding pass. 

  • For managing group reservations, you will submit legal documents.
  • Changes allow up to 4 hours before departure.
  • Name changes are not permitted on return flights once the journey has commenced.

How to manage group reservations online?

Following the steps of managing group reservations online.

  • Visit the volaris group website.
  • Complete login details.
  • Enter details of all passengers in your group.
  • Click the “Edits” button.
  • After completing the change, hit the “save changes” button.
  • Then, make a payment.
  • After the confirmed edits, the airline sends you mail regarding this.



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