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How To Change Name On Qatar Airways Ticket?

Hey! If you want to change your name on a Qatar Airways flight ticket or transfer your ticket then don’t worry it’s a very simple process to change your name on a Qatar Airways ticket. You can change your name from both online and by call procedure. You can choose your suitable method for changing.

What Are The Qatar Airways Name Change Rules?

  • To modify your name online, visit the official website of Qatar Airways then tap on Manage My Booking, here you can see options for changing your name, date, and destination. Select the change name option and enter the basic details.
  • In the last pay the charge of changing name, your confirmation details come into your email box.
  • You can also change your name by phone call. If once you connect with them, they will ask for you some basic details, provide them with the required details, and pay the fee for change.
  • Finally, you have got the confirmation at your email address.

Qatar Airways Name Correction Policy

Yes, Qatar Airways provides a policy to their passengers to correct their particular queries and it is so essential for the passengers of Qatar Airways to know the correction policy of Qatar Airways.

Here are some rules of Qatar Airways correction policy:-

  • Only the spelling of your surname, first and middle name, PTC, and Title can be corrected.
  • Remove your FFP numbers before you submit your Qatar Airways name correction request.
  • Your spelling can be fixed.
  • If you missed any personal details, you can add them in the correction.
  • If the correction that you made to the PNR does not match the EMD, it will not be reissued.

Common Terms Of Name Change Correction Policy

If you are a passenger of Qatar Airways, and you want to correct your name then you have some terms and conditions which is very important for you to know during correction:-

  • You can correct a maximum of 3 characters.
  • You can correct your queries just 1 time.

The limit is for:

  1. The sum of your middle\first\ last names.
  2. And also applies to your space and character.
  • The count of 3 characters excludes modifications, removal, and addition of- DOB, Infant, and PTC.

How To Change Name On Qatar Airways Flight Tickets?

You can change your name online very easily you have just to follow some procedures which is given below:-

  • Go to the official website of Qatar Airways.
  • Select the Manage “My Booking”.
  • Here you will find every option of correction, select the name correction.
  • Enter your booking details.
  • Enter your last name and booking number.
  • Tap on Retrieve Booking.
  • Now make the modification which you want.

If you were not able to modify via online then you can also modify your name with a phone call.

Try to connect with Qatar Airways assistance by calling.

Provide them required details of the booking and the modification term which you want to modify. You got your correction details at your email box.

What Are The Limitations Of Name Change/Correction Methods?

The facility of name change on Qatar Airways comes under a few limitations. You need to know all these limits if you think of correction.

Here are some rules of correction at Qatar Airways:-

  • A person can’t fly by using 2 names, 2 tickets, and 2 passports.
  • Your DOB can’t undergo verification.
  • Your booking must be ticketed and your trip is partly used.
  • Your check-in has been made and offloading baggage shouldn’t be possible.


1. Are There Restrictions To Changing The Name Of Qatar Airways?

In some cases, the name correction facility is not available for use. Here below are some restrictions of correction:-

  • Speculative reservation should not be applied to this Qatar Airways name change policy.
  • If you deliberately made a mistake in your details, it can’t be entertained.
  • Details of any existing passenger name record can’t be modified.
  • The carrier can revoke the PNR whether not ticketed and issued another booking.

2. Is Qatar Airways Misspelled Name Policy Available?

If your particulars may not be correctly spelled, then you can see towards misspelled name policy.

  • Omitted letters should be corrected.
  • Under the misspelled name policy, the passengers can fix typing errors.
  • You can correct transposed or interchanged letters.
  • Your interchanged and incorrectly organized names can be put in order.
  • You can fix omissions in the middle of the name.

3. What Is Qatar Airways Name Policy for Legal Changes?

As for the legal name change policy, you can change your family or surname, middle and first name, adoption, divorce, marriage all these things are permitted to change.

The carrier can verify your birth date in your original documents like passports, and local authority-issued papers.

4. Are There Any Limitations for Legal Name Changes?

Sometimes the Qatar Airways correction of name for legal requirements should not work when the passengers must legally correct, and no additional scenario is entertained like QR, interline, codeshare, and 157 plate or stock.

Connecting On Social Media For Help

You can also connect with Qatar Airways on social media platforms to solve your queries and doubts. The most important thing was that you can also get assistance with the help of social media platforms.

  • Facebook- www.facebook.com
  • Twitter- twitter.com/qatarairways Instagram- www.instagram.com

5. When Can I Not Correct/Change the Name On the Qatar Airways Ticket?

Here are some conditions besides the conditions given above that you have to prevent while modification of your name and other things.

  • You should not be able to use the correction facility if once you have checked in.
  • If your itinerary includes the codeshare carriers and interline segments then the correction policy has become limited.
  • If the passenger name record is partly flown then this feature never be used.



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