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Contour Airlines Name Change Policy

Before submitting your details, you should check it at least two times because if any mistake is found in your reservation, Contour Airlines will not allow you to board the flight. This airline gives you the option to change or correct your name after the confirmed ticket. You can change your name by visiting their official website, going directly to the airport, and calling their customer service staff. If you make changes within 24 hours of booking, you will not need to pay the additional amount.

Contour Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy Fees

Contour Airlines allows you to change or correct your name after the confirmed ticket. If you fill misspelled your name on a ticket so, you can fix it. Contour Airlines offers a free name change if you correct your name within 24 hours of booking. If you change or update your name after 24 hours of booking then, then You will have to pay additional charges. All corrections and changes charges are not the same; it depends on your modification and ticket type. You should contact their customer service staff for further information.

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Contour Economy Ticket Name Change Fees

You can change your name only once within 24 hours of booking; otherwise, Contour Airlines does not give you the option to change your name after 24 hours of booking on economy tickets. Economy ticket is the final ticket; before you submit your personal details, you should check at least two times.

Name change/correction charges for flexible rate

Anyone who purchases a flexible fare ticket has more freedom to change or correct their name after booking the ticket. You can change your name anytime without paying extra fees. Flexible-priced tickets have fewer rules than other types of tickets.

Why is a name change important for your flight reservations?

The name change is very important because, without a correct name, you can not board a flight. There are some importance of name change.

  • Easily find your details.
  • Without the correct name, you will face more problems at the airport.
  • If you fill misspell your name on a ticket, you cannot transfer your ticket to other passengers.
  • No need to pay more money to fix your problems.

Conditions allowed under name changes

Contour Airlines allows you a name change option after the reservation but you will have to fulfill Contour Airlines name change conditions. Here are some conditions mentioned.

  • You should correct or change your name before 48 hours of departure.
  • Contour Airlines allows changes for minor mistakes.
  • You can change your surname if you are married or divorced before departure.
  • Submit legal documents or government ID proof.
  • Correction charges are different; It depends on your ticket type and destination.
  • This airline does not give you the option to change your full name.

Documents required for name changes on Contour Ticket

You will need to submit documents at the time of correction. Mentioned below are some specific documents that are required at the time of name change or correction after reservation.

  • Name change request form.
  • Marriage or Divorce certificate.
  • Payment receipt.
  • Reservation ticket. 
  • Or other Government ID proofs.

Via Online 

Contour Airlines gives you the option to change your name by online method, so you can correct your name by visiting their official Contour Airlines website.

Through website:

  1. Visit the Contour Airlines website.
  2. Find the “My trip” option and click it.
  3. Complete your login process.
  4. Then, hit the “edit passenger detail” button.
  5. Check your eligibility and fees.
  6. Now, fill in your correct name and submit legal documents.
  7. You should re-check your details before clicking the “save changes” button. 
  8. Pay the fees and print your new E-ticket.

Via Offline

If you are uncomfortable changing your name through online, don't worry; Contour Airlines gives you an offline option. For name correction, you can directly go to the airport ticket counter or call their customer care staff; they are available 24*7 hours daily.



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