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Your Guide to Booking Terms on Google Flight Search

 You can typically book with an airline or online travel agency directly from their website when you conduct a Google flight search. Sometimes you can "Book on Google," which allows you to stay on Google and finish the airline or travel agency transaction. Google is not a party to the transaction; it merely serves as an intermediary to securely transmit your information to the airline or travel agent. If you're signed into your Google Account, you may use the contact and payment details that are saved there to finish the booking swiftly and securely.

What is Google Flights?

Google Flights is a search engine for online flights that makes it easier to buy airline tickets from independent vendors. After a takeover, Google introduced it in 2011. It is currently included in Google Travel.

What's new at Google Flights?

The next time a frequent user visits Google airfare flights to view airline timetables and compare trip costs, they may notice a new feature. In addition to price tracking notifications and an existing price guarantee option, Google has now formally revealed a new feature: advice on when to book a flight at the lowest cost. Additionally, the massive search engine has some information there about whether you should follow or avoid the winter holiday crowds.

For travel leaving from US airports on December 20, 2023, to January 5, 2024, it revealed the most sought-after locations on Google Flights thus far this year. Here are some specifics about the previous features along with what to anticipate from the new one: 

The best time to book:

According to Google Flights, customers can already determine whether the current search results are expensive, normal, or cheap in comparison to previous averages for the same trip. However, as of this week, consumers will be able to view the normal time frame in which costs have been lowest for searches with dependable trend data. Google stated in the announcement that users may then more effectively determine whether to book now or later.

Price tracking:

Google noted that its price tracking function "can do most of the heavy lifting for you" for users who wish to wait for reduced tickets before making a reservation. If airfare costs "significantly" decrease, those who have enabled price tracking will receive automatic notifications, according to Google. It can be configured to follow prices on "any dates" or for particular days. To use this, users need to be signed into their Google accounts.

Price Guarantee:

Users may occasionally see a price guarantee logo appear on flight results, though this is not guaranteed. Google promises to track the price of these flights every day leading up to takeoff if you book one.

"We'll use Google Pay to reclaim you for the difference if the price drops. Google stated in the release that these price assurances are a part of a test initiative accessible for a limited number of Book on Google itineraries leaving from the United States.

How to search multiple airports at once?

There is no restriction on where you can search with Google Flights. You may now easily view flights from nearby airports and those that you would be willing to depart from. 

To search for multiple airports, start typing in the search bar. 

In this instance, including more airports made it possible for us to locate a ticket for $176 as opposed to the $228 that the initial search turned up.

Booking through Google Flight Search

You can submit an airline reservation request on Google's Flight Search website. To use the Google Flight Search booking service, you need to be at least eighteen years old. You will make a binding booking request to the relevant airline or online travel agency by filling out the required fields on the Google Flight Search booking request screen and submitting it by clicking the "Book" button. You will also be agreeing to and granting Google permission to share your booking request information with the airline and/or online travel agency listed on the booking request screen.

Google acts as an intermediary only, and we cannot control whether your booking request is accepted by the airline and/or the online travel agent.

  • Review all of the information you have entered carefully before finishing and submitting your booking request. Before finishing and sending your booking request, you will have a chance to check and update the information you have submitted.
  • For reservations made using Google Flight Search, all airline tickets are electronic tickets, or "e-tickets." The airline and/or online travel agency will provide you the relevant reference and e-ticket number immediately along with the booking confirmation email. All bookings are kept in the airline's or online travel agency's global distribution system.
  • Under the terms of our contract, Google's only responsibility is to forward your booking request to the appropriate airline and/or online travel agency; we won't offer any other booking-related services. To be more precise, Google is not required to offer the aforementioned transportation service. When you make a reservation through Google Flight Search, you enter into a contract with the airline and/or online travel agent; Google is not a party to this arrangement.

How to use Google Flights?

First, you'll want to navigate to Google Flights. Extra trip-related options like activities, lodging, vacation rentals, and a shortcut to the awesome "Explore" tool are all available on the toolbar. But for now, we'll concentrate on using the program to make travel reservations.                            

All of the fields and drop-down menus on this page are relatively easy to decipher:

  • Departure (where you want to fly from.
  • Destination (where you want to fly to)
  • Date(s) of travel
  • Round-trip flights, one-way flights or multi city trips
  • The number of passengers (but here's why you should search for a single ticket, even if you're traveling in a group)
  • Ticket class: economy, premium economy, business class or first class

If you know where you're going and when you want to be there, all you have to do is plug in that information and hit the blue search button.

Why are Google Flights cheaper?

Price guarantee is a trial program that can be found on a few Google airfare flights itineraries. Google's algorithms are certain that the price you find for select flights is the best deal available before the flight leaves. We'll keep an eye on the cost of those flights until the first flight on your schedule leaves. We will make up the difference if the price reduces. Price guarantees were offered up until now on a limited number of Google itineraries. We've extended our program to include some itineraries that you can purchase on the website of an airline or travel agency but locate on Google Flights.

Save money by booking flights with points and miles

The best time to use points and miles to save money on travel is during peak season. The secret to using points for peak-season travel is to make your reservation far in advance. Given that most airlines issue award space up to a year in advance, this is especially true with regard to airfare. Flights during peak season fill up rapidly.

Airline’s Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of the airline you book a flight with, including its conditions of carriage and any other terms you may view during the booking process using the hyperlinks on Google Flight Search ("Airline Terms and Conditions"), apply to any flight you book through Google Flight Search. The terms and conditions published by the airline are not under Google's control. The terms and conditions of the airline may include clauses about liability, additional booking and fare requirements, payment, delays, cancellations, and rejected boarding, as well as provisions on passengers' transportation and baggage (including dangerous products). It is your duty to become familiar with and abide by the terms and conditions of the airline.

Flight documents

The specific airline's terms and conditions will contain information about the documentation required to demonstrate your right of carriage. These rules may differ from one airline to the next. It is your obligation to have with you all required identity documentation and all appropriate, valid travel documents for your trip.

Cancellations and changes

The airline's terms and conditions apply to any changes or cancellations made to any flights you book using Google Flight Search. In addition to the additional terms and conditions of online travel brokers, many airlines reserve the right to alter schedules and cancel confirmed reservations. Such cancellations or changes to the schedule are outside Google's control and responsibility. In order to cancel or modify your reservation, or if you have any problems, please get in touch with the airline or online travel agency.

Carriage and check-in

Be aware that certain restrictions of carriage, such check-in closing times, are outlined in the airline's restrictions and Conditions and must be followed; otherwise, the airline reserves the right to deny carriage

How to check for carry-on bag policies?

If you are a heavy packer, you will need to plan ahead. Many airlines save costs by charging extra for baggage. You're used to this with big airlines, but some ultra-low-cost carriers will charge you for carry-ons larger than a backpack or handbag.

It can be difficult to track which airlines charge what, but Google Flights can also help with that.

Basic economy flights will show on the search results page, with the little "no luggage" icon next to the $247 price tag in green.

When you click through to the final booking page, Google will remind you again that you are  booking a basic economy flight; it'll show you current price and its limitations while also displaying economy and first-class booking options next to it.

Means of payment

During the booking process, you will be requested to pay with your Google Payments Account. If you don't have a Google Payments account, you can still pay using a credit or debit card. You must accept the payment terms outlined in the Google Payments Terms of Service. If you do not already have a Google Payments account, you can create one by following this link, which also has further information about Google Payments.

When paying for a booking, you must follow the Google Payments Terms of Service. Please read the terms carefully before making any purchases. The Google Payments Privacy Notice describes how your personal data is managed and safeguarded when you pay for a booking.

Add-on Fees

Airlines may charge for additional services like airport check-in, priority seating, in-flight entertainment (if available), food, drink, and snacks, among others. Any charges for these additional services are not included in the price of your flight ticket as listed on Google Flight Search unless expressly stated differently, and must be arranged with and paid directly to the airline.

Additional information

Please visit the airline's website and refer to the terms and conditions for more details about your booked flight, your airline, and in particular the airline's liability for passenger injuries, baggage damage, and delays resulting from the carriage of passengers or baggage. For more details regarding your flight, please get in touch with the airline or an online travel agency.


The decision by Google to offer free referrals on its travel comparison site will have far-reaching effects in the future.

It would be interesting to observe how the move is supported by antitrust authorities in court cases, how it may affect the relative power of airline websites and OTAs in Google, and how it may lead to the probable demise of current flight metasearch players as we know them.


1. Are the prices on Google Flights accurate?

Ans. When looking for flights, Google Flights is a reputable, authentic, and trustworthy website. Its prices are often correct and correspond to those of other online travel agencies (OTAs) and airline websites.

2. Are the prices on Google Flights the lowest?

Ans. The main online travel agencies and airlines provide prices to Google Flights. However, some websites, such as Momondo, search through hundreds of smaller OTAs, so occasionally they can find lower costs. We advise beginning your search on Google Flights to get the best deals by allowing you to narrow down your options for dates and locations.

3. How do you use Google Flights?

Ans. A global distribution system, or GDS, is used by Google Flights, an online travel agency, to access the inventory provided by airlines and online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Orbitz and Priceline. You, the customer, are then presented with those pricing. Google Flights displays round-trip costs with taxes included and notifies you of any additional baggage fees. You do not book using Google Flights; instead, you can choose to book through an OTA or directly with the airline after you have chosen a flight.

4. Does Google Flights utilize cookies to make the flights I'm looking for more expensive?

Ans. The internet is home to a persistent notion that OTAs and airlines watch your online activity through cookies and utilize that information to raise the price of a flight you may be interested in. That is just not the case, though. The cost of the flights is not under Google Flights' control. It merely displays the costs as provided by the airlines and OTAs.



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