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Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection

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This is the best airline for domestic or international destinations. They provide quality services to their passengers. If you arrive 3-4 hours before departure, you can enjoy multiple services like lounges, bars, restaurants, WiFi, parking, and ATMs. Lufthansa Airlines allows seat selection in advance, and their customer service support is outstanding. They are available 24*7 hours every day. Its ticket price is very affordable.

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection Policy

This airline is the largest airline in the world. They operate all flights very smoothly. Lufthansa makes a seat selection policy that is helpful for their passengers who want to reserve their seats in advance. You can select your seat even before departure. Select the seat as per your wish. You can upgrade your meals or other services at the time of booking.

  • You can reserve your seat up to 52 hours before departure.
  • If you do not reserve your seat at the time of booking, Lufthansa will automatically allocate a seat.
  • They offer you the option to choose a comfortable seat as per your wish.
  • Once you reserve a seat, you can enjoy your seat with more legroom.
  • This airline demands a fee if you book a seat with more comfortable or more legroom. They have some seats for which you do not have to pay any fee for seat reservation.

You can reserve seats both online and offline method.

Seat selection process with Lufthansa

This airline allows seat selection in advance. If you want to fly with Lufthansa so you can book your seat in advance, keep in mind that you must book your ticket 52 hours before your flight departure. You can select the seat as per your wish. It allows you to book your seat both online and offline.

Online process:

  • Firstly, visit the website or login app.
  • Fill login details.
  • Then Select the flight where you want to go.
  • Select the seat map and select the seat as per your wish.
  • After this click, you will be able to see the seat along with its fare.
  • This is the final step to making payment for booking a seat.

Offline process :

  • Call at Lufthansa After accepting the call, you will be able to talk to a live agent of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Press that button on what they tell you.
  • Then, select a language.
  • Request them to reserve a seat reservation when their live agent is active.
  • When they ask you anything related to your seat selection process, let them know.
  • Make online payment after submitting all the details.

At Airport :

  • Don't worry if you are not comfortable online or phone call process, so you can book your seat from the airport.
  • Go to the airport and reach the ticket counter.
  • Then, request them for seat reservations.
  • Tell them your details and what they ask you.
  • Make payment after all details are submitted.
  • Once your seat reservation process is complete, they will send you an email to confirm your seat reservation.

Types of seats on Lufthansa

They have four types of seats. Every seat is comfortable for you. Before selecting a seat, you should have information about every type of seat. Some seats provide more legroom and more luxury services.

Economy class seats:

If you book an economy class, then you will enjoy extra legroom, a personal entertainment screen, better views outside of the plane, and more delicious food & drinks. This is available mostly on the shortest route.

Premium economy class seat :

Premium economy seats offer you more comfortable seats. After departure, you will enjoy extra legroom, highly stretchable seats, more quality food and drinks, and a personal entertainment screen.

Business class seat:

If you book Business class seats, Lufthansa Airlines gives more preferable extra services to its class passengers. You will enjoy a lot during the flight, like a 12-inch personal television, extra legroom, wifi, more options to choose food & drinks, and you can carry two hand packs without paying any cost. It is comfortable when your route is long distance.

First-class :

This seat is more comfortable during the flight. You can stretch your seat around 6.5 ft., and you will enjoy a 15-creep digital screen with sensors and a handset. They serve you the best quality food & drinks. Lufthansa Airlines gives you the same service as they provide business class passengers.

Lufthansa Seat Selection Guidelines

If you make a plan for a trip with Lufthansa, then you need a reservation seat, so if you book your ticket before departure, you will follow Lufthansa seat selection guidelines. If you book your seat in advance, then you will not have to face the problem of rushing to the airport and waiting to book your ticket.

  • You can not book your seat after 52 hours from departure.
  • If you book a more comfortable seat, then you will have to pay an extra amount.
  • You can book your seat through a website, app, phone call, and directly at the airport.
  • It is a free reservation if you book business or first class.

Lufthansa Airlines seat selection fees

  • Before choosing a seat, you should know the price of each type of seat. If you want to know more details about seat selection prices, then visit their official website or call their customer care number; they will help you.
    If you book your seat within 23 hours, your seat selection process will be free.
  • Pay charges if you want more facilities and extra legroom.
  • If you book economy class, you will have to pay an additional amount of between 14 euros and 39 euros, depending on your destination.
  • For a premium economy class seat booking, you will have to pay around 39 euros to 55 euros.
  • Pay fees ranging from 29 euros to 115 euros if you choose a seat with extra legroom. This depends on your ticket type and destination.

Lufthansa Customer Service

Lufthansa has the best customer service. They are available for their passengers 24*7 hours a day. You can contact them through various methods online or offline.

  • Visit the website.
  • Click the contacts section in the navbar.
  • Send them your problem. They will answer your question within a few seconds.
  • Otherwise, you can directly call their mentioned customer care number.

Terms and conditions for seat selection on Lufthansa Airlines

  • If you book a standard seat and your destination is a short or long haul, then you can choose economy and premium class.
  • It allows only economy class for preferred seat booking, whether your long haul or short haul destination.
  • If you want a select seat with extra legroom, you can book only economy class, long or short, to your destination.
  • If you want to enjoy extra spacious seats with long destinations, then you should book business class seats.

Frequent questions

1. Can I choose my seat on Lufthansa?

Yes, you can select your seat with Lufthansa through online or offline mode.

2. How are Lufthansa seats selected when booking through United?

You cannot select your seat on the United website as its flights are operated only by Lufthansa. But you can call the number for United booking, which is mentioned on the Lufthansa website. They will charge $200 per seat selection.

3. When can I select a preferred seat on board?

You can select your preferred seat up to 23 hours before your departure schedule.

4. Does Lufthansa allow seat selection?


5. Is Lufthansa blocking middle seats?

During the corona, Lufthansa blocked middle seats, but now they allot you a middle seat.

6. How can I reserve a free seat on Lufthansa?

If you book your seat within 23 hours, your seat selection process will be free.



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