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Are you flying with Hawaiian Airlines? However, owing to unforeseen circumstances, you must change your flight. Do not worry! With Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy, you may be permitted to change your reservation in the event of an emergency or other unexpected circumstances. In this tutorial, you will know about Hawaiian Airlines rescheduling flights, as well as how to cancel your Airlines booking.

About Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Policy 

In the event that unanticipated events force you to change or reschedule your Hawaiian Airlines flight. Hawaiian Airlines enables you to reschedule your trip before it departs. These are the main points that you must keep in mind when you need to switch Hawaiian Airlines flights.

  • Passengers travelling in the main cabin or other higher-fare classes are exempt from paying flight change fees.
  • If you use your Hawaiian Miles points to book an award ticket, the airline will not charge you a fee for changing your travel.
  • Hawaiian Airlines allows passengers to change or reschedule their flight itinerary up to one hour before the scheduled departure time.
  • However, during the risk-free period, you may change your Hawaiian Airlines reservation at no cost.

24 hours Hawaiian Airlines Change Ticket Policy 

Hawaiian Airlines 24-hour flight change policy allows you to reschedule your travel plans for free within 24 hours. To comply with Hawaiian Airlines' 24-hour change flight policy, you must make your reservation one week before your scheduled departure. The Hawaiian 24-hour policy applies to all passengers.

How Do I Request A Flight Change? 

You can change your flight using the official Hawaiian website / App, contact a live agent, or visit the airport help desk. Let's look at the choices below, where you can quickly change or postpone your flight without a problem.

Hawaiian Airlines Website: 

  • Go to Hawaiian Airlines' official website at https://www.hawaiianairlines.com.
  • Select "My Trips" and input your six-digit Hawaiian Airlines reference code and last name.
  • Select the flight from the "View My Trips" menu.
  • After that, select the 'Change My Flights' option.
  • Following that, instructions will appear on your screen, which you must follow to change your flight.
  • If the Airlines cost applies to you, you must pay, fee based on your fare type. 
  • Airlines will notify you via email about your new flight.

Speak With Live Agent: 

According to changing flights on Hawaiian Airlines rules, if you need to change your flight while offline, you can contact a live representative. It is the easiest way to change your flight without worry. Simply contact Hawaiian Airlines' toll-free number and chat with a live agent. After connecting with the agent, attentively follow the IVR directions and press the appropriate key on your dial pad. To proceed with the flight change, you must enter your booking data as well as your last name. If a fee applies to you, pay it.

Via Mobile App

You can change your reservation through the Airlines app. If you made your reservation online, you may use the Airlines app.

  • First, you will need to download the Hawaiian Airlines app.
  • To begin your flight procedure, log in to your account.
  • Then, navigate to the "My Trips" icon and click the "Flight Change" button.
  • Find the new flight and fill out the needed information.
  • The final step is to pay the flight change charge.

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Beneficial Tips For Changing Flights Free Of Cost

Under the changing flights on Hawaiian Airlines reschedule flight policy, here are some pointers to bear in mind if you want to change your flight for free.

  • Make your Hawaiian reservation at least a week before your planned trip.
  • Make adjustments to your booking during the 24-hour risk-free period.
  • You should book your flight with a higher fare or in the main cabin class. Hawaiian Airlines does not charge a flight change fee for main cabin or upper-class passengers.
  • You should make your modifications using your Hawaiian Airlines mile point.

Can I Change My Flight At the Airport?

Yes, under Hawaiian Airlines reschedule flight policy, you can change your flight by visiting the airport. You must include both your booking details and personal information. First, go to the ticket counter or help desk and connect with airline representatives. Give the available representative your booking information as well as your six-digit reservation code to postpone your flight trip. 

Same-Day Hawaiian Airline Flight Change Policy

You can reschedule or change your flight on the day of departure under the Hawaiian Same-Day Flight Change Policy. Hawaiian Airlines charges a fee for same-day flight changes. The same-day flight change option is perfect if you need to change your ticket at the last minute. To modify your flight schedule, you must travel along the same route as your initial booking.

Stand By Change Flight Hawaiian Airlines 

Hawaiian Airlines stands by changing flight policy for travellers who desire to take an earlier or later flight on their departure date. If you request a standby flight change, the airline will add your name to the next available flight, but it will be subject to certain terms & conditions. 

Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Fee

Hawaiian Airlines will charge a flight change fee if you rearrange your flight after the 24-hour risk-free period has expired. Your fare and route type determine the flight change cost.

International Flights 

  • The airline will charge you between $50 and $300 if you fly internationally.
  • If you change your flight using travel credit points, you will have to pay roughly $50.
  • If your flight is scheduled from the United States to Japan, you will have to pay $300.

Domestic Flights

  • If you're flying within North America, Hawaiian Airlines will charge you $200.
  • If you use your Hawaiian Airlines points to change your flight, you will have to pay $50.
  • If you alter your flight within the neighbouring nation using your Hawaiian miles account, you will have to pay $30.


Passengers may be able to change their reservations in the event of an emergency, such as the death of a relative, a critical illness, or other unanticipated circumstances. Hawaiian Airlines change of flight policy allows you to change your flight without a problem. If your Hawaiian Airlines reservation was made by a travel agent, you will need to contact them.