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Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy

Southwest Airlines is known for its flexible and customer-friendly change flight policy. Unlike many other airlines, Southwest allows passengers to change their flights without paying high fees. Southwest Airlines change flight policy makes it easier for travellers to adjust their plans when needed. This guide will explain how to change your flight and what to keep in mind when making changes.

Overview of Southwest Airlines flight change policy

Travellers on Southwest Airlines are permitted to modify their flights up to ten minutes before the planned departure time. Southwest Airlines will not charge you more if the airline changes your flight for any reason. If you decide to rebook a costly flight, you will have to pay the difference in fare. You have a few options for changing flights: go to the website, open the app, go to the airport, or speak with a representative. However, you can use credit points or cash to rebook your travel.

You may now wonder what would happen if you were to rebook your flight at a less expensive price than you had originally planned. If so, you will receive credit points that you can apply to ticket upgrades or future reservations.

Southwest Airlines How to change a flight?

As per the Southwest switch flights rules, airlines offer you few options for flight change. If your Southwest booking was made online, you may change or reschedule your flight with the help of the managed booking option. Let’s know about  Southwest Airlines How to change a flight?

Via Southwest Website: 

  • Firstly, visit “Southwest.com”
  • Now, go to the “Manage Booking” option and enter your last name along with your Southwest Airlines booking number. 
  • Choose any option in the list, including cancelling or changing flights as per your desire, and go to the “Search bar.”.
  • Find the flight that you wish to change under the reservation list.  
  • The airline allows you to change your departure date or city. 
  • After deciding on your new date, click the continue button.   
  • Southwest Airlines will charge you a fare difference if your new booking is more costly than the last one. 

Speaking With Live Agent:

As per the modify southwest flight, you can contact a live agent to modify your Southwest flight. You may request a flight change at least ten minutes before your planned departure. If you find yourself in a sticky situation—including a flight change or cancellation—their representatives will help you. Go to the Southwest Airlines website to obtain the phone number. When you speak with a live agent, you must present your booking reference number, including your personal information. 

At the airport:

Changes to your flight can be made at the airport ticket counter up to 10 minutes before departure. Look for agents who can help you with a change of flight. You need to bring important documents with you at the airport, such as a confirmation number or personal information.

Southwest Airlines change flight rules for international flights?

If you would like to modify or upgrade your itinerary for international flights, you must follow the Southwest Airlines change flight procedure. When you visit the help desk or sales office, you will have to provide your Southwest booking reference number and your personal details. The airline will notify you about your fare difference if your new booking is more expensive than the last one.     

Does Southwest Impose a Flight Change Fee?

Nope! You can modify your flight with Southwest Airlines without paying a fee. Rather than charging a flight change fee, the airline charges the fare difference. The fare difference must be paid if the cost of your new reservation exceeds that of your original reservation. The cost of your new reservation will determine the difference in fare value. 

24 hour Southwest Airlines flight change policy

The 24 Southwest Airlines flight change policy permits you to change or reschedule your flight free of cost, but there is one condition: You must change your flight schedule within the 24-hour window. However, as per the modify Southwest flight rules, you will be responsible for a flight change fee, if you make changes to your travel plans after the 24 hour window.  

Southwest same day change flight policy 

Due to unexpected situations, if you need to cancel your reservation on the same day of departure, you may do so.  With Southwest same day change flight policy, you may change or reschedule your flight on the same day of planned departure. whereas, it could take some time to make adjustments to an international flight on the day of departure. Passengers on international flights should get in touch with customer assistance to make changes to their travel itinerary.  

How may you change seats on a Southwest Airlines flight?

Southwest Airlines allows its travellers to change their flight seats prior to their planned departure day. The seat change is subject to certain terms & conditions and additional costs. Let’s know how to change seats on Southwest Airlines flights.  

  • Firstly, go to the browser and visit “Southwest.com”
  • Select the "check-in" option under the "Manage Booking" tab.
  • Fill out your Southwest booking reference code along with your last name in the designated column. 
  • When you enter your information and click the continue button, you will receive your boarding card.
  • When you get your boarding pass, you may choose your desired seat. 
  • However, you may easily choose your seat with the help of a map. 
  • Pay the seat change fee, if applicable.    

Southwest Airlines change flight policy for refundable tickets. 

Southwest Business Select and Anytime fares tickets provide more flexibility when you change your flight schedule. If you qualify for the refund requirements, there is no need to pay the additional cost. If your new booking is less costly than the original one, you may get cash or travel credit points that will be used for your future booking or booking update.  

Southwest Airlines change flight policy for non-refundable tickets.

A ticket that you buy using the Wanna Get Away fare, it will be considered a non-refundable ticket, you can change or cancel your reservation; but, not sure for a full refund. If you utilise a portion of your ticket but not all of it, you can still obtain travel credit points. You can use the travel credit points to make any necessary changes to your current booking or to make new ones.


With Southwest Airlines, changing a flight is an easy process. Southwest Airlines does not impose a fee on its customers for changing their flights. If you decide to book a new flight that is more expensive than your initial reservation, they will charge the difference in fare. You can modify your flight with Southwest Airlines at least ten minutes before it departs.


1. Does Southwest Airlines offer a 24-hour window option?

Ans. Yes, Southwest Airlines offers a 24-hour window option. Within the window period, if you make any changes to your reservation, the airline will not charge you any associated fee. But you must qualify the specific requirements.    

2. Does Southwest Airlines allow date changes on Southwest tickets?

Ans. Yes, you may adjust your flight date if necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. You will have to pay additional charges if you need to change your departure date. Keep in mind that date changes are subject to specific terms and conditions.    

3. How Do I change my flight without paying a fee?

Ans. With the help of Southwest 24-hour risk-free period option, you may avoid the associated costs if you wish to change your flight. Southwest Airlines typically charges the difference in fare instead of a change fee.



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