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About Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Have you made your reservation with Southwest Airlines but are worried about the flight seat? No need to worry. Southwest Airlines' seat selection policy allows you to select your desired seat as per your wishes. To get a better boarding position, choose a Business Select Seat fare; this fare will provide you with the highest priority compared to other fares. If you are facing any issues with seat selection, here you will get all the information that will help you choose the most comfortable seat.

Highlights of Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Southwest Airlines' seating policy allows you to reserve your seat in advance. Before choosing a seat, you should watch the boarding position by visiting the Southwest Airlines website. They allow one passenger to carry two small bags in cabin class without incurring extra charges. You can select a better seat if you review the boarding position.
Take a look at the highlights of Southwest's seat selection policy.

  • Southwest Airlines does not assign seats randomly to its passengers.
  • As per the open seating process, this airline reserved your seat as per your wishes.
  • Once you get your boarding pass, you can select a seat.
  • Airlines will not book emergency seats for passengers who are senior citizens, pregnant ladies or less than 16 years of age.
  • You must visit "Southwest Airlines" to select the seat.
  • The class of 12A seats is perfect for legroom.
  • In the A, B and C classes, you can not select these seats before departure.

How Much Does it Cost to Select a Seat on Southwest Airlines?

Under the Southwest Airlines seat selection policy, you can not choose a seat in advance until you receive your boarding pass. If you want to select a seat in advance, the airline will charge you approximately 30 to 40 dollars for each booking. The seat selection fee will be based on your selection of seats. This airline reserves an A-list seat for those passengers who have a Southwest Airlines membership. If you do not choose the seat before departure or after boarding, the airline will randomly allot you a seat.

How to Select Seats on Southwest Airlines?

Most of the passengers don't know how to choose comfortable seats. Let's check out the points below that will help to solve your query regarding seat selection.

  • Open your browser and browse "Southwest Airlines."
  • Select the "check-in" option under the "Manage Booking" option.
  • You will need to fill in your details, like your full name, confirmation number, and email or contact number.
  • When you fill in the required details, you will get your boarding pass.
  • After receiving your boarding pass, you can now choose the seat as per your wish.
  • With the help of a seating map, you can easily select a seat.
  • If any charges apply on you, you must pay the charges under the seat selection policy.

What are the Guidelines for Getting a Preferred Seat on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines diversifies flight seats in three zones, which are A, B and C, and 1 to 60 seats are available in each zone. Southwest Airlines passengers have various choices during seat selection. Here are some important tips for selecting the best seat.

Pay For Better Boarding Order:

You should pay for a higher class, such as Business or First class. The airline provides you with seats between A1 and A15. These seats are more comfortable. Generally, higher-class seats are more expensive, but you will get more flexibility.

Select Your Seat Wisely:

You should buy the early bird check-in; you will get a chance to select your preferred seat. The airline allows you to select the seats 36 hours before departure, but you will have to pay between 15 dollars and 25 dollars.

Check-in Exactly 24 Hours Ahead:

If you have a "wanna get" fare, you can check in 24 hours before departure. Once you have received your boarding pass, you can choose the comfortable seat of your choice.

How Can I Pick the Best Seats on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines provides you with various options for selecting the best seats. As per the airline, the A1 to A15 seats are best for enjoying your journey hassle-free.

Earn Elite Status:

Elite status members have the option to choose the best seat according to their wishes. A-list is available for Elite members. To know more about the elite status, you can contact us at +61 (1800) 718568.

Check-in 24 hours before the departure:

This is the best and easiest way to check in 24 hours before departure. Because of this, you can select comfortable seats.

Purchase A1 to A15 Boarding:

To get the best seat, you can purchase A1 to A15 boarding. You can buy it on the departure day; it may cost approximately 15 to 30 dollars. If your flight is round-way, you must pay the per way.

Buy The Early Bird Check-In:

Southwest Airlines imposes a 15 to 25-dollar charge if you wish to purchase an early bird check-in. The airline allows you 36 hours before departure. If you want to enhance your boarding position, you should purchase the early bird check-in.

What is EarlyBird Check-In?

With EarlyBird check-in, you can choose the seat 24 hours prior to departure. The early bird check-in is subject to the availability of seats. As an EarlyBird check-in passenger, you will get the benefit of an early boarding position. You can adjust your carry-on luggage on overhead bin storage. The EarlyBird check-in price starts at 15 dollars.

How does EarlyBird Check-In work?

If you purchase EarlyBird, the airline will check you automatically, and the boarding position will wait for your seat selection. They will assign your boarding position 36 hours before your scheduled departure. Remember that EarlyBird check-in is not fully sure you will get a better seat; it will be subject to the availability of seats.

How to get a free EarlyBird Check-In on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines provides you with a free EarlyBird check-in if you purchase a Business Select seat at any time fare or upgraded boarding. For example, if you fly with a Business Select fare, the airline will give you the highest priority and allow you to board between the A1 to A15 groups. Generally, the Business Select seat fare has four types of fares, including Anytime, Wanna Get Away, and Wanna Get Away Plus.


Enjoy a hassle-free journey with the comfortable seat selection policy of Southwest Airlines. If you earn elite status, purchase an A1 to A15 boarding or early bird check-in so you can easily reserve a seat in advance prior to departure. You will get more benefits under the EarlyBird check-in fare type, including you will get access to select your boarding position 24 hours prior to departure. Southwest Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world. Southwest Airlines' seat selection policy allows you to enjoy your trip with an unforgettable experience. If you want to travel with a comfortable seat, you should select the Business class seat.


1. Who can get priority boarding on Southwest Airlines?

Ans. Southwest Airlines allows priority check-in for those passengers who choose the business class seat. Business class passengers have the option to choose the best class.

2. Does Southwest Airlines assign seats?

Ans. Southwest Airlines does not assign seats randomly to passengers; you can select the seats when you board the plane.

3. How Can I get a seat first on Southwest Airlines?

Ans. If you want to get the first seat on Southwest Airlines, you should check in 24- hours before the departure or purchase the Early Bird check-in.
If I want a window or aisle seat, which group can I choose?
You should select the group B boarding position; it is the best option to get a window or aisle seat.



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