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You should always have backup plans because emergencies might happen at any time. You should be aware of when the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy is applicable to you in the event that you need to cancel your airline ticket for any reason. Turkish Airlines allows you to cancel your ticket before it is booked. There will be a cancellation fee if you have a non-refundable ticket. If you need to cancel your flight reservation for whatever reason, the information below will be beneficial for you. 

Overview of Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

As per Turkish Airlines cancel flight policy, you may cancel your flight at no additional cost if the airline cancels it for unavoidable reasons, including uncontrollable conditions, technical malfunctions, or other specific causes. The main points of the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy are outlined below.

  • If you buy a ticket straight from turkishairlines.com, you can cancel and get your money back.
  • Only tax will be refunded if you cancel a non-refundable ticket, according to Turkish Airlines cancellation policy.
  • Certain tickets cannot be cancelled by the airline, but adjustments are still possible.
  • Depending on your fare type, the cancellation cost for a group booking may change.
  • Turkish Airlines does not permit post-booking ticket cancellations for pet reservations.
  • You can ask for a refund if the airline rescheduled your travel and the new reservation does not suit you. 
  • An award ticket cannot be cancelled less than 24 hours before departure.

Turkish Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy

If a traveller cancels their reservation within 24 hours of making the reservation or one week prior to the scheduled departure, Turkish Airlines does not impose a cancellation fee. In the event that Turkish Airlines operates your flight, you will get a complete reimbursement to your bank account after a 24-hour cancellation period. Electronic vouchers, travel credit vouchers, and eGift certificates are not subject to the 24-hour cancellation period.

How To Request a Flight Cancellation On Turkish Airlines?

There are several ways to cancel a reservation with Turkish Airlines, such as through the airport, "Manage Booking," or by getting in touch with customer service directly. You can quickly cancel your ticket using the methods below.


  • Visit this link "https://www.turkishairlines.com/,”
  • Go to the “Manage My Booking” tab. 
  • Next, input your phone number or email address that is currently active by clicking the "Sign-in" option.
  • Once you press the submit button, a form will open on its own. Fill out this form with your last name and Turkish Airlines booking number.
  • After that, choose the reserved flight and press the "cancel" button.
  • You will be taken directly to the costs page if you decide to cancel your ticket within the following 24 hours after making your reservation.
  • Use gateways to pay your cancellation fees.


Non-restricted fare tickets cannot be cancelled online by Turkish Airlines; in that situation, you must contact customer service representatives. Turkish Airlines provides assistance to its customers. The customer support staff can cancel your reservation if you are unfamiliar with the online cancellation procedure. Under the Turkish Airlines cancel flight rules, give the airline representative your flight details as well as your personal information when you get in touch with them. You can get help with cancelling your ticket over the phone. If you are not qualified for a free ticket cancellation, you will be required to pay a cancellation penalty.

At Airport:

If you reside nearby, you can visit the Turkish Airlines office/airport. Visit the ticket counter or help desk at the airport for assistance. Once you've located help, ask them to cancel your ticket. Verify that you have your payment receipt, reservation confirmation, and personal data. The refund procedure for Turkish Airlines takes seven to ten days.

Cancellation Charges Turkish Airlines

There is a cancellation fee for both domestic and international flights operated by Turkish Airlines. Whereas, if you cancel your reservation within the allotted 24-hour period, there will be no charge. Mention the cancellation fees found in the following table. 

Domestic Flight:

Fare Type 1-12 hours prior to departure More than 12 hours prior to departure 
Business Flexible Charges apply to TRY 300Free of charge
EcoFlyNot allowed Q/T/L/V/P/W/U classes are not permitted for refunds. 
ExtraFlyTRY 200 charges apply TRY 150 charges apply
PrimeFlyTRY 150 charges applyFree of charge

International Flight for branded flights

As per the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy international, overseas flight passengers are also entitled to the flight cancellation fee. 

Fare TypeFlight Cancellation Fee/ Conditions 
Economy class - Eco FlyAfter cancellation, only tax will be refunded 
Economy class - Extra FlyThe cancellation option is not available, but after paying the 70 dollars, changes can be made.   
Prime FlyCancellation fee 140 dollars. 
Economic class exceptional - EcoFlyCancellation and refund are not permitted; - only get a tax refund.  
Economic class exceptional - ExtraFlyCancellation and refund are not permitted; - only get a tax refund. 
Economic class exceptional - PrimeFlyThis fare is subject to cancellation fee 

What Is the Turkish Airlines Refund Policy?

Turkish Airlines offers its customers greater options with regard to refunds. If a traveller cancels their flight and satisfies the terms of the refund policy, this airline will credit the passenger's bank account with the entire refund. Take a look at the details regarding Turkish Airlines refund policy below.

  • If you used your credit card to make the reservation, Turkish Airlines will return the money to you within seven working days.
  • With the exception of taxes, your EcoFly fare is not refundable if you cancel it.
  • On the other hand, if you pay with cash for your Turkish Airlines ticket, you will receive your refund in your account between 7 and 20 business days later.
  • If you paid with cash or a check for your reservation, you need to get in touch with Turkish Airlines customer service.
  • Make sure that all of your flight and personal information is correct before requesting a refund.
  • If you decide to cancel your reservation during the risk-free period, Turkish Airlines will not charge you a cancellation fee.

Turkish Airlines No-Show Policy

All fare categories are covered by the Turkish Airlines No-Show policy. The fare type determines the No-Show penalty. Turkish Airlines will keep your ticket money if you don't check in or board your aircraft by the check-in deadline. To reduce the likelihood of a No-Show, check out the below information. 

  • Notify the Turkish Airlines agents before the check-in deadline. 
  • It is best to cancel your reservation before your departure if you decide to change your itinerary. If not, the airline will forfeit the cost of your flight ticket, and you won't receive a refund.


Turkish Airlines offers a very accommodating cancellation policy, allowing any customer to cancel their reservation up to the day of scheduled departure. Turkish Airlines allows you to cancel your reservation without paying additional fees, but you have to abide by the terms and restrictions of the free cancellation policy. However, depending on the kind of flight booked, Turkish Airlines charges a cancellation cost. Get in touch with the airline officials if you need to cancel your flight for whatever reason.  


Does Turkish Airlines allow free cancellations?

If your reservation was made one week prior to your planned departure and you cancel it within the 24 grace period, as per the Turkish Airlines 24 hour cancellation, you are entitled to cancel your reservation free of charge. 

 What happens if I cancel my flight ticket with Turkish Airlines?

According to your ticket type, Turkish Airlines will impose a penalty if your ticket is not eligible for a free cancellation. If your reservation is eligible for free cancellation, you can cancel your flight without having to pay an additional price.  

How can you obtain a full refund for a flight cancellation from Turkish Airlines?

Not every traveller who travels with Turkish Airlines receives a complete reimbursement. The only passengers who receive a full refund from the airline are those who fulfil the free cancellation rules. However, all Turkish travelers are subject to the 24-hour rule.



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