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United Change Flight Policy : All You Need To Know!

United Airlines travellers can change flights without being charged a change fee for most types of fares. Up to the day of your trip, you can make changes to your travel schedule.

To make the process of updating your ticket easier, let us know about United's flight change policy.

United Airlines flight change policy

With the exception of basic economy tickets, United Airlines no longer levies change fees for domestic travel. What more should you be aware of is this:

  • Economy, Economy Plus, first, business, and United Premium Plus fares are all free of change fees.
  • Tickets for travel inside the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) as well as between the United States and Mexico or the Caribbean are covered by this policy.
  • Furthermore, there are no change costs for out-of-country travel from the United States.

How to change a United flight ?

United Airlines' booking website offers a handy alternative to modify your airline ticket through Manage Booking. Therefore, you have the option to modify your flight at any time after completing your reservation with United if you discover that something is incorrect as per United Airlines flight change policy You also have the option to upgrade your ticket, choose your seat, and travel much closer to your desired destination when you change flights. However, you should be informed of the flight change rules, if you are unsure about changing your scheduled travel ticket.

6 steps to change flight online

There are six easy steps to altering your flight on united.com or the United app:

  • Go to United Airlines official website. Access ‘My Trips’.
  • Enter your ticket details and your name.
  • It will show all your flights, choose the ticket that you want to make changes to.
  • Click on "Change flight."
  • Click "Edit" to make flight updates.
  • Select a new flight.

Additionally, you may be charged a fee if you want to change your flight over the phone. You can talk to an agent or use a kiosk if you're at the airport.

Your upcoming flight must:

  • utilise the same airport for departure and arrival
  • Take off no later than 24 hours from the original flight time.
  • be run by United Express® or United

You might be able to change your flight without incurring any penalties if it is more than a day away or fly standby at no cost as per United Airlines flight change policy. You can also request a flight change by calling 800-864-8331, if that is more convenient for you.

Changing reservations booked with miles

As per United Airlines flight change policy, you can modify your flight online or by contacting customer care if you purchased an award ticket using United MileagePlus miles. There is no change fee for flights departing from the United States, whether they are domestic or international.

United change policies for basic economy fares

A change fee may apply to basic economy tickets, with some exclusions. For overseas travel, basic economy tickets issued by July 31, 2021, are changeable without incurring additional fees. According to United Airlines flight change policy, tickets in basic economy are neither refundable or exchangeable.

Although basic economy tickets cannot be changed under United's flight change policy, customers can still use same-day standby.

United's standby policy

Regardless of the kind of ticket or service class they purchased, any United traveler can fly standby on an aircraft that departs within 24 hours of their scheduled departure without having to pay a standby fee. It might also be possible for you to confirm your seat in person rather than just waiting to board a separate flight.

As per United Airlines flight change policy, premier members, who possess elite status with MileagePlus, are able to verify a seat for the same day and with the same departure and arrival cities as the original ticket. If the replacement seat is in the same fare class, they won't have to pay a fee. There can be a fee variation if there are no seats available in the fare class that was purchased.

Within 24 hours of the original scheduled departure time, non-Premier MileagePlus members and general non members might be able to confirm a seat on another flight. In spite of the availability of the same fare class, there can be a fare differential.

How to get on the standby list?

According to united airlines change flight, you can get on the standby list by:

  • Using the website or app, an airport kiosk, or by speaking with a United official at the airport, you can add yourself to the standby list.
  • Click "View flight options" to do this at a kiosk, on the app, or online.
  • Check the displays next to the gate for your updated flight information, or use the United app to monitor your standby status.

Once your name has been added to the list, check the screens next to your gate for your first initial and the first three letters of your last name. As an illustration:

  • It will display "Mary Clark." as "CLA, M."
  • It will display "John Smith" as "SMI, J."
  • "Deshawn Brown" will appear as "BRO, D."

They will immediately assign you a seat if one becomes available. For domestic flights, seats are assigned thirty minutes in advance, and for international flights, sixty minutes in advance.

Standby priority

Since new clients are constantly being added, the standby list will be updated often. Premier status determines the list's priority order as per United Airlines flight change policy.

Cost to change flight united.

When you purchase a ticket with United Airlines, you may be able to modify it within 24 hours after the original purchase without incurring additional fees in certain cases. However, for Economy class travellers, there will be fees if you want to change your flight. You should be aware that the cost of changing a flight can range from about $50 for domestic travel to $150 for international travel.

In the event that your plans change, you also have the option to reschedule your flight. If you need to quickly reschedule your flight, just choose the available date and time. Therefore, depending on the fare type and routes, you may be required to pay fees ranging from $25 to $400 if you need to reschedule your travel.

United Airlines flight change same day

You can purchase a new ticket for the same price class as the original ticket, if you wish to modify a United flight on the day of departure as United's same day flight change policy. There might be a chance for Premier members to receive a complimentary upgrade. Should your initial class be unavailable, there can be a fee variation.

After the first flight, all other passengers might be able to find another one within 24 hours. Even in cases where the same cabin is available, there can be a price difference to pay. An hour before your trip, check with an agent to make sure your luggage is on the new aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions on United Flight change policy

1. If the schedule includes more than one traveller, how to change a United flight for just that person?

Ans. As per United Airlines change flight policy, Choose the specific traveller in the first phase of the change procedure to modify a trip. After that, you can keep switching flights for that particular passenger.

2. Is it possible for me to change my itinerary on the same day I depart?

Ans. According to United's same-day flight change policy, you can only do so provided the cost is reasonable and the origin or destination airports remain unchanged.

3. When I have connecting flights, can I still use standby?

Ans. For every flight, you will need to request to be added to the standby list as per united flight change policy.



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