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About Lufthansa Flight Change Policy

Lufthansa allows passengers to make changes to their flights, including date, time, and destination, subject to seat availability and the fare conditions of their ticket.

  • There is a cost to modify most fares (Economy Saver excepted).
    For Flex tickets, there is no cost to change your flight. 
  • In all situations, including with Flex tickets, you are required to pay the fare difference. 
  • Via the Lufthansa website or mobile app, customer support, or your travel agent, you can modify your flight online.
  • Most of the time, you are entitled to a rebooking or refund if Lufthansa cancels a flight or makes significant schedule modifications.
  • In order to get help with flight adjustments if you made your reservation through a travel agency or other third-party website, get in touch with them directly.

How Lufthansa Name Change Guidelines Can Affect Your Ticket?

The name on the aircraft ticket should precisely match the name on the traveler's true report (visa, ID card), as per Lufthansa name revision strategy. Travelers ought to continuously guarantee that their names are fittingly placed on the ticket while reserving a spot.

The rules for changing the name on a Lufthansa ticket are as follows, and they must be followed:

  • The flight should have the LH flight number and be controlled by Lufthansa Carriers. 
  • There may just be one change name Lufthansa, per ticket. 
  • As indicated by Lufthansa name change on ticket strategy, changing the traveler's name is unapproved. 
  • The Lufthansa name change strategy just applies to individual reservations.
  • The name on a Lufthansa ticket might be changed as per the agreement in the event that a gathering booking does as such.
  • In a blended PNR that likewise incorporates flying fragments from different aircrafts, any mistakes made by Lufthansa in regards to the name on the ticket can't be acknowledged or completed.

Which Types Of Modification Is Permitted By Lufthansa Name Correction Policy?

The sorts of adjustments listed below are those that are permissible under the change name Lufthansa policy.

Legal Name Change

If the following conditions apply, you may change passenger name Lufthansa in accordance with the legal name change.

  • Because of reasons like orientation reassignment, separate marriage, lawful prerequisites, as well as the requirement for another visa or official ID, the carrier grants travelers to adjust their names.
  • If the lawful Lufthansa name rectification process was effectively finished between the booking date and the day of the flight, you might demand a change.
  • For any lawful changes, the individual voyaging should be confirmed utilizing the latest, genuine documentation that anyone could hope to find.

Misspelled Name

Each change isn't viewed as a name rectification by Lufthansa Carriers. The accompanying changes are allowed under 

Lufthansa name change strategy:

  • The underlying name, center name, or last name might be changed by up to two letters. Model: Seelna to Selena
  • You can also request that nicknames be altered as well. Example: John to Johnathon
  • The name of Lufthansa might be rectified when it shows up mistakenly or rearranged by the Lufthansa Organization Backing. Peter/William to William Peter

Travelers who bought tickets in Brazil or India can reach out to the Lufthansa administration division to look for Lufthansa name remedy and changes. 6 +1-800-865-1848

Restrictions To Change Name On Lufthansa Ticket

  • The initial name, middle name, or last name cannot be changed by more than two letters.
  • Passengers with their first and last names reversed, nicknames or legal name modifications are exceptions.
  • Changes were made to the middle name in the passenger's entire name.
  • In the event that the voyager hasn't had a name change because of marriage or separation, the subsequent family name might be added or eliminated.
  • If there is an incorrect or missing input, titles like Mr., Mrs., or Ms. and academic titles like Dr. or Prof. cannot be changed, deleted, or added.
  • The ticket can't be moved, and another ticket should be given before another traveler might load up.
  • On the off chance that a renewed individual loads up a ticket rather than a prior traveler, the past ticket will be repaid.

How Can I Request A Name Change On My Ticket With Lufthansa?

Within the allotted time, passengers can request a name change on a fare ticket through the mentioned methods:

Via Online/website

  • To get to the reservation under "Oversee Booking," enter the traveler's last name and the six-character booking reference code.
  • To modify the name on your booking with Lufthansa, click the "Name Change" button in the upper right corner of the site.
  • Peruse the bearings prior to mentioning a Lufthansa flight ticket name change to the first, center, or last name of up to two letters.
  • Remember that the site just handles tickets that have been straightforwardly reserved with Lufthansa.
  • Select the wrong names, then, at that point, type the right names in their place. Confirm that the name matches the movement papers. 
  • To handle the solicitation, transfer the papers to the site with the refreshed name. 
  • Save the information you've entered.
  • Your program will take you to a checkout page. Pay the Lufthansa name change expense as per the solicitation.
  • Passengers could be responsible for covering any applicable fare variations and additional fees.
  • The new ticket is dependent on supply. The amended ticket is for a lesser or identical class of cabin.
  • A request confirmation will be sent to your registered phone number or postal address.

At The Airport

The travelers can arrive at the airport early to submit Lufthansa name change on ticket and other requests for seat changes or selections, special dietary needs, etc.

Here is how to make a name change request at the airport:

  • Get to the air terminal's assistance/help work area. 
  • Inform Lufthansa as to whether you need the traveler name on the ticket changed. Give the flight number, ticket/PR reference code, or booking ID. 
  • Share any name-related missteps and give the legitimate name as it shows up on true papers. 
  • The specialist will ask regarding the reason why the change was made.
  • Notice the legitimate defenses, like reception, marriage, separation, incorrect spellings, or name changes. 
  • Duplicate of marriage or separation orders, government provided IDs, and different papers ought to be submitted. 
  • Pay the Lufthansa name change charge and any extra expenses for evolving classes, tolls, and so on.

Via Call

You can reach one of the Carrier's call leaders at +49 69 86 799 799 or dial +1-800-865-1848 for consolidation work area assuming that you really want help presenting the Lufthansa flight ticket name change demand utilizing elective channels. To modify the name on a Lufthansa ticket, follow these means:

  • Go to the "Associate with us/Help and Contact" tab and pick the Lufthansa telephone number. 
  • Give the ticket number or the code for the booking affirmation. 
  • Educate the specialist concerning the name's incorrectly spelled characters. Give your name precisely as it shows up on your authority ID and travel papers. 
  • Pay the material charge contrasts and the name change cost. 
  • The aircraft sends and calls the enlisted number to affirm the name change.

Via Live Chat

  • Go to the site's "Associate with us" choice. Select to talk with the internet based visit specialist. 
  • Either select a choice from the rundown or put in your solicitation. "Name change" ought to be placed.
  • Give the ticket code or the PR for the booking. 
  • Submit to the headings shown on the screen. Pick the fitting concern class.
  • V in the exchange box seen on the entryway, type the new name. 
  • Send the solicitation in. Pay the suitable toll contrasts and the Lufthansa ticket name change cost. 
  • Affirming your solicitation to change the name Lufthansa airplane will be shipped off the location or telephone number you gave.

Lufthansa Change Fee

The Lufthansa change expense for departures from the US normally goes between USD 199-750 for every traveler, contingent upon your movement class. The change charges apply notwithstanding any contrast between your unique and new passage.

Lufthansa Change/Rebooking Fee—Economy Class (Flights to/from the U.S.)

Economy Saver

Economy Light

Economy Basic

Economy Basic Plus 

Economy Flex 

Not permitted

USD 199 + applicable fare difference 

USD 300 + applicable fare difference 

USD 300 + applicable fare difference 

Free (the fare difference, if any, will apply)

Note Economy Light fares are only available for flights originating from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark to the United States.


Lufthansa Change/Rebooking Fee—Premium Economy (Flights to/from the U.S.)

Premium Economy Basic

Premium Economy Basic Plus 

Premium Economy Flex 

USD 300 + applicable fare difference

USD 300 + applicable fare difference

(the fare difference, if any, will apply)


Lufthansa Change/Rebooking Fee—First Class(Flights to/from the U.S.)

First Basic

First Basic Plus 

First Basic Plus II 

First Flex

USD 450 + applicable fare difference

USD 450 + applicable fare difference

USD 750 + applicable fare difference

(the fare difference, if any, will apply)

Lufthansa Same-Day Change

You can change a Flex ticket (in Economy or Business Class) to a prior trip around the same time of movement without paying any extra charge. Immediate changes are accessible just on non-stop flights and are likely to situate accessibility on a similar travel class.

You can rebook to a prior trip around the same time when you check in (on the web, through the versatile application, or at an air terminal registration counter/machine), if you haven't really looked at your stuff or requested exceptional help for your unique flight.

What Documents Are Required For Lufthansa Name Change?

To seek a name change or correction on a Lufthansa ticket, travelers must submit the following documentation:

  • A government-issued form of identification (such as a passport, license, or voting credentials)
  • Documents such as a marriage certificate legal notification, or divorce document are used to validate name changes.
  • Passport and Visa.

Receipt for the Name change.

You have the option of opening and printing out your passenger receipt using the following link. Your passenger receipt will be available for you to download after your ticket has been issued and for up to 90 days after your journey has been completed.

  • Download your passenger receipt
  • Your trip took place more than 90 days ago? Request your passenger receipt using the online form below.
  • Request your passenger receipt
  • You can download the passenger receipt below. If you want to request a VAT invoice for your flight (business travel), please find more information here.

What Are The Rules For Lufthansa Name Change On Ticket?

The underlying name, center name, or last name can't be changed by multiple letters.

  • Travelers with their first and last names turned around, monikers or lawful name adjustments are special cases.
  • Changes were made to the middle name in the passenger's entire name.
  • In the event that the voyager hasn't had a name change because of marriage or separation, the subsequent family name might be added or eliminated.
  • In the event that there is wrong or missing information, titles like Mr., Mrs., or Ms. also, scholarly titles like Dr. or on the other hand Prof. can't be changed, erased, or added.
  • The ticket cannot be transferred, and a new ticket must be provided before another passenger may board.
  • If a new person boards a ticket instead of an earlier passenger, the previous ticket will be reimbursed.

What Is The No Last Name Policy For Lufthansa?

Lufthansa's no-last name strategy requires guaranteeing your first and keep going name on the ticket is exact. Contact their client assistance at +49 69 86 799 799. On the off chance that the line is occupied, you can likewise pick to call a movement master right hand at +1-800-865-1848 to illuminate them regarding what is happening, logical requiring an official ID showing your complete name.

Upon approval, you can proceed with boarding using only your first name, adhering to Lufthansa's policy. This process ensures a hassle-free travel experience in line with the airline's specific requirements.


If you would like to correct a date on your Lufthansa AIRLINEs ticket, it's a simple process that you can complete by calling +1-877-500-0930 or +1-800-572-2296. Whether you follow the necessary processes, you can make sure that your ticket accurately represents your date of travel and that there are no problems throughout your journey—even whether there is a small spelling error or a big change to the date.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has the Lufthansa change fee been eliminated?

Ans. Lufthansa change fee had been eliminated until May 31, 2022, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, starting June 1, 2022, the regular fare conditions will apply.

2. Is Lufthansa change fee waiver over?

Ans. Yes, Lufthansa change fee waiver ended on May 31, 2022.

3. Can I change my Lufthansa flight?

Ans. Yes, you can make changes to most flight tickets from the U.S., except Economy Saver. 

4. What is the Lufthansa change fee like?

Ans. The Lufthansa change fee ranges from USD 199-750 per passenger for flights to or from the United States, depending on your fare type. However, no change fee applies to Flex tickets. If you’re requesting a flight change, you must also pay the difference between the old and new fares (if any) in all cases, regardless of your fare type.



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