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Frontier flight change policy

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The price of changing or cancelling plans usually rises as your travel dates get closer. You can still change your arrangements with Frontier Airlines, though, even in last-minute situations. There might be a cost, but it's usually less than with other large airlines. Frontier flight change policy is relatively flexible as it allows you to change your flight time or date.

How to change a flight on frontier airlines? 

Changing your flight with Frontier Airlines is relatively easy. You can change the date, time and/or destination of your Frontier flight online/mobile app, phone or travel agent. 

Change the date, time or destination of your Frontier flight online: 

  • Click on Manage Trip (Flyfrontier.com/travel/my-trips/manage-trip) 
  • Press the Review/Change button . (My Trip) 
  • Enter the following information: your last name 6-digit flight confirmation code (this will appear as an alphanumeric code such as FLY789 or C5CEKG in the upper right corner of your confirmation message). Press Search (flight information will be displayed) Select your flight and follow the instructions to change it 
  • Confirm changes 
  • Pay the difference (if any) 
  • Your new ticket will be sent to you immediately. as payment is received.

When is a Frontier Change flight Free? 

You can change your Frontier flight for free - 

  • If you change more than 60 days before departure or up to 24 hours after purchasing your ticket to a flight that departs at least 7 days later. 
  • If you purchased the WORKS package or the Flight Flexibility option, you can change your flight ticket without penalty. 
  • If Frontier cancels your flight and the alternative flight offered to you is not suitable for you, you may reroute at no additional cost. 
  • If your Lima flight is changed and the new flight doesn't suit you, you can change your itinerary free of charge, as long as you don't change your itinerary or class of travel. 
  • If you are unexpectedly summoned to a grand jury or receive orders from the military, you can change (or cancel) your itinerary for free. 
  • If you become seriously ill (or a family member becomes ill/dies) and you have documentary evidence to prove it and Frontier Airlines approves, you can change your flight itinerary free of charge.

How to change your Frontier airlines ticket before travel ? 

If you change your WORKS ticket before the day of travel: You will not be charged a penalty. Simply apply the purchase value of your ticket to a new ticket and pay the difference if applicable. If you switch to a regular ticket, you may be charged a penalty depending on the fare rules of the ticket.

Frontier Same Day Flight Changes

According to frontier same day flight change policy, if you’re changing your ticket on the date of travel, you have the following 2 options:

Standby travel 

If you are a Frontier Miles Elite member and complete standby travel, you can travel on a flight that departs earlier or later in your travel date (based on seat availability) at no additional cost. You must still follow your original route. This means that if your original route was a direct flight, you cannot add a connecting flight to the new route and vice versa. You can also change your route at the airport ticket office or gate. The only risk associated with a flight standby is that if you are unable to travel on your preferred flight and miss your original flight, you will need to purchase a new ticket - Frontier does not provide additional transportation. Frontier Airlines determines the order of boarding.

Same-day confirmed flight changes 

You also have the option of transferring to a flight that departs earlier or later on the same day of travel. It's free for Frontier Miles Elite members and WORKS ticket holders, but there's a charge for others.

Frontier Change Flight Fee 

Frontier change flight fee is based on when you make changes to your ticket according to the table below. 

Frontier Airlines Change Fee


Flight Change Time

Flight Change Fee

Up to 24 hours after purchase


60+ days prior to departure


59 – 7 days prior to departure

USD 49

6 or fewer days prior to departure (incl. same day)


According to the Frontier flight change policy: You will not be charged a flight change fee if: 

  • You change your ticket within 24 hours of purchase and your flight departs 7 days or more. afterwards. 
  • You change your ticket 60/60+ days before departure. You purchased the WORKS package or the Flight Flexibility option. 
  • You are an elite member of FRONTIER Miles. 
  • You will be charged a flight change fee: If you change a regular ticket between 59 and 7 days before departure, you will pay a change fee of USD 49 per passenger, one way. 
  • If you change your regular ticket between 0 and 6 days before departure, you will be charged a change fee of $99 per passenger per direction. 

Frontier Change Fee for Standard Tickets

Frontier change flight fee for regular Frontier Airlines tickets depends on when you change the ticket and what ticket you purchased (WORKS package tickets can be changed for free). If you change any regular ticket between 59 and 7 days before departure, you will pay a change fee of $49 per passenger per direction. You will be charged a change fee of $99 per passenger, one way. standard ticket 6 days or less before departure (including the same day). 

Frontier Change Fee for Award Tickets  

Frontier Airlines charges a change fee for award tickets, which depends on when the change is made. If you change an award ticket: 60 or 60+ days before departure, you will not pay a change fee. Between 59 and 7 days before departure, you will be charged a $49 flight change fee. You will be required to pay a flight change fee of USD 99 within 6 days of departure.


In short, Frontier Airlines is committed to providing its passengers with a flight change  policy that prioritises flexibility, convenience and customer satisfaction. Since many fares do not pay for changes, we have several flexible options and customer support, we strive to make changing your travel plans as smooth as possible..


1. How can I change my flight date on Frontier? 

Ans. You can change the date of your Frontier flight by phone or online through the My Trips/Check-in tab, as long as you do so before the check-in offices close for your flight. 

2. How can I change my Frontier Airlines flight time? 

Ans. You can change your flight time with Frontier Airlines: 

  • Call Frontier Airlines or your travel agent. 
  • From the main page via the My Trips/Login tab. 

If your new flight is more expensive, you will have to pay the difference. 

3. What is the phone number for Frontier Airlines? 

Ans. Frontier Airlines changes the flight phone number on the official website (open 24/7 and toll-free in the US and Canada). 

4. How do I change my Frontier Airlines flight? 

Ans. You can change your Frontier Airlines flight by phone (call Frontier Airlines or your travel agent) or online using the My Trips/Check-in tab on the home page.