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American Airlines Name Change Policy

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Only ticket adjustments are permitted by the airline. Per the American Airlines name change policy, the entire name cannot be changed but you may change your last name or make a minor change in your name. You must follow the American Airlines name correction at the time of correction in your name. Here you will get everything about the name correction policy. 

American airlines name change policy 

In accordance with American Airlines' name change policy, you cannot change your name or receive a refund if you have a nonrefundable ticket. Unless American Airlines offers you a refundable fare with it. You are allowed to make changes to American Airlines flight tickets 24 hours before departure. In addition, American Airlines allows you to transfer tickets from one flight to another before departure.

Payments depend on your travel class, the availability of alternative flights, the reason for the transfer and your preferences. 

Normally, a name can be corrected with just a few characters. If you want to change the full name, cancel the current order and make a new one. And if your ticket has an R warehouse, you must follow the instructions for large name correction.

 AA*/code division You need new PNR information to make corrections to flight segments and the best flight segments of other airlines. Because you are not allowed to make changes to the same PNR.

And if your ticket has R in stock, you must follow the instructions for large name correction. AA*/code division You need new PNR information to make corrections to flight segments and the best flight segments of other airlines. Because you are not allowed to make changes to the same PNR.

How does American Airlines handle name changes?

The American airline has strict rules for people who want to change their name. You must follow specific requirements to ensure that your name appears where it should be. They should consider different options to change the name in the PNR as needed. 

Under this profile, American Airlines passengers can make minor and major name changes to a reservation that has not yet been used. This is from the paper of the same name. It also has the following sections according to the American Airlines Reservation Policy: 

  • Minor Name Changes: It would help if you could only make minor changes to American Airlines or American Eagle tickets. As long as the same PNR is used, changes can be made - correct typos, vocabulary, etc. 
  • American airlines change passenger name: Let's say you booked a trip from the R collection. Your PNR must also be linked to AA/Oneworld codeshare and non-Oneworld codeshare flight segments. Due to software limitations, you cannot change your name on the same ticket. 
  • American airlines change name on ticket: American Airlines does not allow you to change the ticket name. This event seems to give the ticket to someone else if you couldn't fly. Also, people with a non-refundable ticket cannot change their name in the PNR information.

How to Change the Name on American Airlines Flight Tickets? 

There are many ways to change the name on your airline ticket. Speaking of American airlines change passenger name methods, you can change your name on the official website, by calling customer service, at the airport, or using social media tools such as - 

Online Name Change (By going to the AA's official website) 

The first step is to launch American Airlines' official website. 

  • Proceed to the homepage and select the Reservations tab after that. 
  • To access your reservation, enter the proper credentials. 
  • Select the reservation that you wish to oversee and then tap on the American Airlines bookings. 
  • To alter a box, tap on it, then select the "change flight" option. 
  • Once the new name has been entered, hit the edit button. 
  • The updated e-ticket will eventually arrive in your registered email address.

Offline Name Change (Within AA Customer Support) 

To do this, you must first locate the airline's official phone number in order to speak with an actual person. To speak with an agent, call the American Airlines customer service number.

American Airlines Name Change Fee

If you want to change your name during your trip, you can do so with American Airlines for a $150 fee. But if you want to do a big-name change, you have to pay extra. To avoid costs, you can make a small name correction, such as adding three characters to the last name and first name. But it would help if you made sure the name on your passport or other government-issued photo ID matches the name on the ticket. 

It is not possible to change the date of birth or gender. The American Airlines name change fee is $25 for minor changes and up to $200 for major changes. International flights can be charged up to USD 200. 

Depending on the type of travel, name correction fees can be up to USD 700. Loyalty Program members can save money on fees. If you're a frequent flyer on American Airlines, check their low-fare calendar to see when the airline's cheapest prices are. If you plan to change your name after flying with the airline, you must pay the full amount. 

American Airlines will waive the fee if you legally changed your name, but you may not be eligible for a free name change unless you have a legal reason. If you are married or divorced, you can still change your last name for free. To avoid the name correction fee, contact the airline's customer service. They will provide you with the help you need and understand.

American Airlines name correction policy 

American Airlines' name correction policy differs from others by classifying various name change and correction requests into two groups according to travel routes. Both categories of name corrections, namely minor and major name corrections, deal with similar name changes and correction requests, the only difference being their relevance to two different routes. Here we discuss both the categories separately, their detailed instructions and the different types of name change and correction requests included in these categories. Types of Name Changes/Corrections The American Airlines Name Corrections Policy identifies the six most common passenger name changes and correction requests and allows them on American Airlines tickets. First, we will discuss each of these types in detail. They are as follows: 

  • Last name correction American Airlines name correction policy allows you to correct a last name without limiting the number of characters that can be corrected at one time. Travellers can request to change their last name, which may include changing one or more characters. Take JONSON for JOHNSON or GONZALEZ's or GONZALEZ. Passengers may also request to remove a prefix or suffix from their last name, such as GOODING JR - GOODING, in accordance with this name correction policy. 
  • Correction of first names Not only adding or removing characters from first names, the American Airlines name change policy also allows full name changes without restriction. An authorised change may include changing a nickname to a full name or vice versa. Take for example: BOB ROBERT or ROBERT BOB. The name change policy also accepts change requests where the requested first names are completely different from the original first names on the tickets, such as DEMI VIVIAN and PAULA CARLA. But the surnames must be the same in such cases. 
  • Addition or Deletion of Second or Second Surname Passengers may add or delete their second surname to match their national ID, e.g. GONZALEZ - PEREZ GONZALEZ or PEREZ VALENZUELA - VALENZUELA. 4. Full Family Change American Airlines name change policy allows full family changes if passengers experience any of the life events listed below, a. Marriage b a Divorce c. an Adoption The only condition in this case is to support said name change request with supporting legal documents. 
  • Add or Remove Another Name Adding another name or a shortened version of it to an American Airlines flight ticket is optional. Therefore, the name correction policy allows passengers to add or remove other names on their American Airlines tickets without any problems.

Tips For Smooth American Airlines Name Changes

To recap, here are some key tips for ensuring seamless name changes on eligible American Airlines ticket reservations:

  • Double check the accuracy of all passenger names when first booking flights. Typos happen but do complicate situations.
  • Use your full legal name matching your government ID rather than nicknames or shortened names.
  • Request name changes well in advance of departure dates whenever possible. This prevents unnecessary stress.
  • Clearly communicate reasons for any name change requests to American Airlines ticketing agents as required. Provide supporting documents to help approval.
  • Carefully review all American Airlines name change policies before initiating requests. Know change/reissue fee amounts expected.
  • Reach out for assistance from an American Airlines ticket agent with any complex situations unable to resolve yourself online.


At American Airlines, we understand that flexibility is key to providing exceptional customer service. Our name change policy is designed to meet the diverse needs of travelers and guarantees a seamless and effortless travel experience. Whether it's a small repair or a major change, you can count on us to help you every step of the way. 


1. Can I change the name on my American Airlines ticket? 

Yes, American Airlines usually allows minor name corrections (such as correcting typos). However, the ticket may not be transferred to someone else's name. However, according to American airlines' name change policy, people with a non-refundable ticket cannot change their name in the PNR information.

2. What is considered a minor name correction? 

Minor fixes include changes to correct typos, change surnames due to marriage or divorce, or adjust initials for full names. Changes should usually not exceed a few letters. 

3. How to correct a misspelt name on a ticket? 

You can request a name correction by contacting American Airlines directly through their customer service number or by managing your reservation online through their website. 

4. Do I have to pay to correct my name? 

American Airlines generally does not charge for minor name corrections, but it is always best to confirm current policies directly with the airline as they are subject to change. What documents do I need to send to change my name due to marriage or divorce? You may need to provide legal documents such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree to confirm the name change.